Latest Update: Rooting thy Native Oak

“When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace
and the seeds of hope”
– Wangari Muta Maathai

Tree planting has finally arrived! Now you can make your own tree farm and continue your board industry without worrying about deforestation.

To grow trees, you will first need to learn Forestry, strike cuttings from trees, plant them in pots, then plant the survived sprouts and wait for about a week. Relevant proficiencies for this are Frontier & Wilderness, Natural Philosophy, and Stocks & Cultivars. Make sure you give a decent space for each sprout to grow.

Cuttings planted in pots by Usernm

Personal Claims now requires upkeep to the tune of 4s + (Claimed Area / 300)s per day. Do not be weary though, because this is a good silver sink to support the game, besides, now abandoned settlements won’t be a bother any more. Town claim upkeep now has a big meaning as well.

Those of you, who had built too big a claim(s) prior to this and now regretting, you can recover 75% of the invested silver (deposited in bank) when declaiming for one week. Don’t forget that this is an exception only applied until the next update which is likely coming in a week.

Good news for the new players out there is that animals in Boston or each town centre do not attack players any more, unless jorb and loftar decide to grief us again on an occasion. You can feel safe to receive your items from the mailman there without worries, although I still would not recommend you to afk anyways.

Refer to the announcement thread for the details and some other small updates.
Announcement thread

Updates: Zero Hour, Boards, Shops & Thanksgiving

Zero Hour, Nov 5th

Announcement thread

Multi-server support is finally finished, and along with this new feature comes two major updates, and some minor updates. Two new servers, Roanoke and Jamestown are now open up, and with these new servers comes a new GUI. Among the minor updates are the implementation of capes, pickaxes, and new usages for turkey feathers. Also with these are changes to crime and mining, mining on someone else’s claim will leave vandal scents.

An interesting thing to note is that the pricing of player stalls were set differently on the new servers, the stalls closer to the town bell are more expensive than the ones further away. It also appears that these new stalls are already all occupied. Late comers will once again have to wait for the devs to introduce more stalls, or attempt to buy one from the current owner.

Loads of beta keys were also given out go alongside the opening of the new servers, this has led to a dramatic increase in player population.

GamerZakh‘s vid, excited at official music being played and new GUI
(Actually, GamerZakh, you are one of the very few who said “No” to the musician :P)

Eegorevids’ vid, showing some of the new stuff such as capes, pickaxes, etc…



Boarded Up Feelings, Nov 15th

Announcement thread

The new update here features Carpentry. Yes, a Board Industry! Building 2-story townhouses and sheds to stock items sound really nice, and I’m sure many will love the new emotes you can unlock by learning skills.

Hitori, feeling boarded up “too close, but good looking”

Acquiring boards is a rather tedious and long process, filled with both rewards, and failures. In order to produce dry boards, you will need to wait 5 days to dry fresh boards through a timber pile. If you succeed you will be awarded dry boards, or moldy boards should you fail. You then can use the dry boards to build a Carpenter’s Bench which will allow you make planed boards, or wood choppings if you fail, the success rate is influenced by your Hammer and Nail skill. Afterwards you use the planed boards to build an oiling trough, and through this you can make oiled boards, which takes 2 days and will either give you an oiled board, or a warped board which can be used to make planed boards or wood chopping.

Factors such as your skill in Hammer and Nail, along with the placement of the timber piles (don’t imitate the above pic) will determine your success in the board making process. Moreover, you will need to acquire lots of boards for the various things you can now build. (Yet, no tree-planting skill exists. Boo!)

by jorb » Tue Nov 20, 2012
“My own first three piles yielded 64 dry boards, of which I have 23 left after throwing down press, trough, bench, 8 planed boards for the trough and one woodknot (which is terrible, don’t study any, they will be significantly buffed). I have 42 H&N.”

Although luck has a bit of an effect on the success rate, players soon started to enjoy figuring out the optimal placement for timber piles. This appears to be tricky, since the mold from one pile may contaminate the boards of another nearby pile. Currently it is said that you will most likely want to keep the timber piles 5 tiles away from each other to avoid contamination. The discussion is still on going, and can be seen at the above announcement thread.


Criminally Thanksgiving & Shop, Nov 22nd

Announcement thread
Announcement thread

Mushibag stealing a new table

Mushibag enjoying the table

Lots of new items for thanksgiving were given out and sold. Many enjoyed them, much suffered from them, and most re-learned what this meant. It has turned out that Thanksgiving in Salem is not a day you give or receive thanks, but a day when a lot of us realize that this is an open pvp game where players try to force you to drop thanks. It is a day players are officially encouraged to commit crimes to obtain “gifts” from those who have them.

This update was accompanied by a new tougher type of walls, along with updates to the crime debuff. The new type of walls appear to look very nice, but in order to have these walls, you will need to pay a hefty price in both time and materials. The new crime debuff update also seems to be giving some raiders a harder time. Criminals now have to walk decently far away from the crime spot in order to reduce the debuff, and regenerate their biles.

The devs are still trying to find the best balance, so if you have any good records of detailed results or logical opinions on the new debuff system and feel like it is not balanced, feel free to share it on the announcement thread and discuss.

by jorb » Sat Nov 24, 2012
“Arguing that it takes too long does not mean arguing against the system. What I primarily need to know is whether the mechanic of having to put some distance between yourself and the crime is viable. Specific numbers and edge cases (100s of leantos) can obviously be adjusted for, and do not constitute fundamental arguments about the fundamental incentives the system puts in place.

I’m not saying that it isn’t interesting to know about those edge case, but “the system sucks, I had to wait for a really long time when X, Y and Z” is not what I am primarily interested in.”

Eegorevids’ vids on the last two updates in more details. More are coming later according to him. (I won’t blame you for not showing crime debuff ;))

Encouragement from the Crown and Company

England has declared its interest in the New World. With this newest introduction of more colonies, clear guidance and additional fashions to Salem, The English Government together with the Board of Directors of Hudson Bay Trading Company have provided funds and beginner’s gears for those puritans who registered their interests in the Company. For a small sum of money, players are entitled to one of the 3 packs that provides unique items as well as clothing for the coming adventures. Be it a pioneer pack or a fisherman’s parcel, which boasts magnificent help for newbies to land whales, puritans will have a firmer foothold in Salem. Of course, all packages aren’t raider proof so be aware.

Here are a couple of screenshots of these magnificent outfits which come with the packages.
Adventurer outfit with rapier
Compliments of killertomas2 and you can check his thread here.

A very nice photo from novus. I thank you for your contribution. You can check his photo again here.

Bug fix, Logout button & Option Window

There was a bug where a knocked out criminal would not be sent home after 24 hours. This bug was most likely introduced by the last update, Criminal Thanksgiving. The bug was announced as fixed on November 28th, so unlucky criminals could have been unconscious for up to a week. Or if they were really unlucky, they were just killed and never noticed the bug.
Forum thread
Bug Tracker page

There is, with the server update, a new “:act lo” command that goes via the server instead. That has the nice advantage that error checking is made and that, therefore, if you cannot log out, you are told so instead of the client just logging out with your character remaining in game perhaps without you knowing about it.

by loftar » Wed Nov 07, 2012

Later that day he has also added in a button for the feature through the options window, so now you do not have to type the command but instead use the Logout button in the option window to properly log out. Make sure that you do NOT click the “x” button at top right of the screen to log out from the game.
Forum post

Review ~ Rise and Shiny

Rise and Shiny: Salem
by Beau Hindman @Massively.joystiq

a scene from the stream ~ The writer chose to hide the screen

A writer for Massively, Beau Hindman, chose Salem for his weekly opinion article “Rise and Shiny”, published every Sunday on Massively. His game play experience was live streamed, and joining him on the stream was Salem developer, Jorb. In this piece Beau gives us his thoughts on his first impression of the game.

The writer soon to be murdered

His tragedy was in choosing to play Salem on the Plymouth server, instead of the two newer servers. This was also complimented by having a homestead that was just a little too close to Boston.

Rocky, a character played by Eulogi or gregl26 of MM tribe, took advantage of these mistakes, and proceeded to kill him in the middle of the interview. With this done, he spawned a new character, and was promptly surrounded in Boston by the attention-seeking wannabe-Indian gangs, along with ruberneckers. He was also bombarded with offers to help, attempts of trolling, and a barrage of swearing that caused him to hide the screen for the last quarter of his streaming session.

The writer surrounded by rubbernecks

His interview was not very amusing for most of the current player base, since all of what was said is already known, and did not sound like it was worth wasting our developer’s time for. He even claimed that he did not bother to read any of the tutorial pop-ups, and went on to ask Jorb every newb question to him, as if he was obliged. Nevertheless, Beau claims this is his style and has been doing as such for years.

a screenshot from his article

His overuse of “Hardcore!” to describe basically everything is rather annoying but may serve as a good warning to happy-go-lucky newbs. We can only assume this exaggeration is due to the harsh reality of the game that the writer had to face during his livestream. His quick death, and loss of his 15$ spent on his explorer’s package, can only serve as a warning to future pilgrims.

One thing he made clear was that Salem has no clear reporting functions available. This game does not bother with common reports other MMOs have, such as “griefing”, “botting”, or “swearing”, because players should be able to deal with it themselves or by hiring others, as expected of an open PvP MMO. But if or when some abusers start to advertise illegal/ shady sites, or player abuse becomes more rampant in Boston, or in other major town hubs, a report feature will be needed to deal with them immediately. We cannot always expect jorb or loftar to be online to deal with them.

Of course, if Paradox is planning to make this a major game, or if they plan to sell silver elsewhere, then they may need to think about the game rating, which would then require them to implement age restrictions and the like sooner or later. This of course would require more in-depth reporting functions, and the possible removal of the current “free speech” model as well. Of course this is all up to Paradox, more so than the developers themselves. It also appears that the write of the article is confused as to who should be talked to regarding customer supports, and advices Salem to “hire a PR team” in his article.

Another thing he pointed out that I found important is that there is no EULA before starting the game, and no clear warnings prior to buying silver or the convenient packages at the cash shop. The picture on the left is the only notice we have at the shop currently, and there is no warning at all about the danger of losing anything you bought with real cash at the shop. I am not aware of how Consumer protection laws apply in Sweden, where Paradox Interactive resides, but most likely this seems rather unacceptable and would strike new players quite harshly who just jump in the game without enough information.

I can hear some of you screaming, “Hey, this is an open pvp game with perma-death! All players should know that!” Do not underestimate the ability we, the human-beings, are gifted with; to hear what we want to hear and to ignore or forget what we do not want to hear. When you buy something nice, you only think of using them and enjoying them, but not think of losing them. You all need to be reminded nowadays, just like every tobacco package warning tells the smokers how bad they are for health and never enough!

Overall, I cannot rate this article high. There is nothing new or worth seeing for players who are already familiar with the game. However, the events happened during the stream and the writer’s rage-ish complaints afterwards in the forums hopefully gave a good opportunity for devs and Paradox to consider a few things, unless they want to keep this game as an indie forever.

Forum thread
Forum thread

Plymouth: A Cult in the New World

The colony of Plymouth has been shocked by the recent increase in murders, which was precisely the opposite of what was expected when new colonies opened. This violence seems to be being justified religiously by the perpetrators, which to men and women of science like you, O Noble Readers, is surely a most barbaric folly, and yet it appears to have captured the imagination of certain Boston residents. Just the other day a furtive looking man smelling strongly of waffles [1] approached me and surreptitiously handed me a leatherbound book, entitled “THE FIRST BOOK OF HUSTLINGUISTICS”. This tome appears to be a religious text of the worshippers of the Oddgod, and I shall share its contents with you, since it provides both a concise account of recent events and a fascinating insight into the mind of the Cultist. My annotations and notes will be provided at the bottom of this article.


I. And so it came to pass that Moo removed Potjeh’s curse on Chief RunsLikeWind [2], thus allowing him to speak once more, spreading his heresy thickly across the lands, just as the farmer spreads manure upon the new fields. For the Oddgod moves in mysterious ways.

II. For verily, Chief RunsLikeWind did instantly attempt to graffiti the shop of the Dutch Outpost [3], now knowing himself to be untouchable. A Magic Man repaired the damage however, and was slapped by Oddgod for his good deeds, for Oddgod is an odd god.

Obnoxious Trolls

Evil Natives

III. At the same time, Chief RunsLikeWind did set up a Reservation for new Pilgrims, in order that they might cook him many Mushroom and Pumpkin Pies, and plentiful Cabbage Cakes, that his Great Spirit might bless him with Moderately Highish Humours.

Its easier to kill people if you hold them still first.

Not the real Tonkyhonk

IV. This reservation was a terrible place, for the Chief must kill once per day, lest he have to start Photoshop or kill his own kin, and thus many who refused to join the Reservation perished. Slapacookie, a loyal servant of the Chief, was slain in cold blood on the reservation itself, while attempting in vain to read a sign [4].

V. And yet the worst was not to come for the captives. For Mushibag, a bloodthirsty Knight of Jorb, battered down the flimsy fence of the Reservation, putting the Chief and his Braves to flight and butchering the captives rather than allow them to continue baking for the Tribe.

Salem: Total War

Massacre at the reservation

VI. And thus the attention of the Tribe [5] was drawn to the city of Gallows Hill, also known by the foolish as Gallow Hills, where a huge Temple to Jorb, whose high priest was Jordan Coles was under construction. Knowing that the soldiers of Gallows Hill were distracted by the new Colony of Roanoke, the Tribe marshalled their forces to attack.

VII. Chief RunsLikeWind and his braves fell upon Jordan Coles as he was working to build the Temple, immobilising him with a cunning legal trick and cleaving him in two before he could even put down his heavy burden to draw a sword [6].

Noob down

The Death of JordanColes, High Priest of Jorb

VIII. He then argued to the Crown that he had a strong Claim on a large part of the town of Gallows Hill, since Mushibag had destroyed the Reservation, and he needed somewhere to rebuild it.


Tribe’s Claim

IX. Thus Chief RunsLikeWind proved to be more of a Lawyer than a Warrior, for upon the arrival of three soldiers of Gallows Hill, the Chief lived up to his name and ran like the wind.

X. The Chief then sent many new Colonists to their deaths at the hand of the soldiers at this new Reservation, in order to distract them from his true plan, which was to break into the centre of Gallows Hill, that he might kill all of the soldiers in their sleep.

XI. Chief RunsLikeWind began to break Compost Bins in Gallows Hill, perhaps thinking that like him, the Knights of Jorb derived their power from the Earthworm.

XII. In a powerful show of strength and urged on by his braves, the Chief managed to break down part of the central Citadel of Gallows Hill, but nonetheless did not manage to breach the keep fully, for the Great Spirit was no match for Jorb, who is beloved of Oddgod.

Not quite

Siege Nearly Succeeds

XIII. For many days, the Chief continued to irritate the Knights of Jorb on the outskirts of Gallows Hill, sending hundreds of Indian children to their deaths in the damaged parts of the town.

Cannon Fodder

XIV. Seeing that he had awakened the wrath of the Knights, the chief then withdrew in search of easier targets, while keeping the claim on the outskirts of the town.

XV. At this time a man named Nyogtha of Hustlinguistics came to Gallows Hill. Being both bold and holy, he urged the knights to pursue Chief RunsLikeWind and his Braves, and was thus blessed with a Quest by the Oddgod: if he killed Chief RunsLikeWind, he would become the Champion of Oddgod, with all the fame (a little) and wealth (none) that that position entailed.

XVI. Taking up his musket, Nyogtha fired into the air, exhorting the sluggish Knights of Jorb to avenge their High Priest Coles, and three brave Crusaders joined him in his hunt:

XVII. Mushibag the Bloody, from a long line of fierce warriors, Captain America, arrogantly named after the whole continent, and Maelstrom, an experienced theologian.

XVIII. And so the fellowship of four warriors set off from Gallows Hill, following the foul-smelling trail left by Chief RunsLikeWind and his Braves, with the Wind of Oddgod behind them, and the Blessings of Jorb upon their sword arms.

The Fellowship

XIX. The Fellowship fell upon Chief RunsLikeWind and his Braves at the town of New Roanoke [7], whereupon the Natives scattered in all direction, much as flies will scatter, disturbed from a dungheap [8].

XX. Two of the Fellowship pursued the chief, while the other two followed the Brave known as Mean Mike McCoy. Nyogtha called upon the Oddgod and the Creator Jorb to bless his musket, swiftly shooting the chief in the back [9].

XXI. Mushibag called upon his beloved Jorb for aid also, and quickly Mean Mike McCoy tired of all Braves’ favourite activity, running, and was run through with Mushibag’s sword.

The Death of Mean Mike McCoy

XXII. Nyogtha, swiftly pursuing Chief RunsLikeWind, was aided by a Miracle sent from Oddgod, as he floated through the air, and was thus able to keep up with the Champion Runner of the New World.

Pursuing the Chief

XXIII. Even when another Brave joined the battle on the Chief’s side, they were no match for Nyogtha’s Oddgod-given martial prowess, and the chief was eventually struck down.

XXIV. Eyes full of the Rapture of the Oddgod, Nyogtha ritually sacrificed the Chief to the Almighty, uttering this prayer:


The Death of Chief RunsLikeWind

XXVI. These word rang out across the land of Plymouth, and all unbelievers who heard them were afraid; for they knew that the Chosen of Oddgod had arrived, and they were no longer safe worshipping their false Spirits, nor ignoring Oddgod in favour of the Lesser Gods.

XXVII. Heed this message well, and offer thanks and praise to Oddgod and his Prophet Nyogtha. Here endeth the First Book of Hustlinguistics.

[1] He then said he was an “xpireicned hnh playr” and asked “can i join ur village”. I would urge the reader to beware of any unusual requests from unknown people, especially if their name has anything to do with waffles.

[2] As we all know, this refers to the notorious child-killer Chief Poop. The heresy spoken of here is the belief in the Great Spirit, which appears to have certain similarities to both Jorb and loftar, but is rather different in other respects.

[3] He attempted to hijack the Dutch Outpost trade thread after raiding their base, but was rescued by MagicManICT.

[4] has relevance to verses IV and V. A theatrical production detailing the killing at the reservation is .

[5] It is worth noting at this point that the Tribe is not truly native to the New World, but are merely Colonists driven mad by the strange environment they find themselves in. The true natives appear to have become extinct (or they are exceptionally well hidden!) some time ago, leaving only archaeological traces of their noble hunter-gatherer existence for the careful explorer to find.

[6] Relevant information at

[7] Ironically, this town was founded before the colony of Roanoke. Thread at

[7] Here we can see traces of the writing of another author, perhaps Mushibag?

[9] The gunpowder we have at present in the new world is mouldy and weak at present, but an accurate shot can mysteriously prevent escape into other dimensions.

This Book of Hustlinguistics is a fascinating insight into the mind of the Oddgodian cultist, but I cannot help but wonder if there will be conflict in the future between those who believe in the primacy of the Oddgod and those who believe the Jorb and loftar are the deities who most deserve worship. Let us hope that it does not come to civil war between these two factions.


ith the new colonial towns open, some players have given up on their old homes and conflicts, in order to restart their Salem lives on a newer server. King Charles and his Tax Collectors said they were were moving to Roanoke, as did the members of The Rager of Lumberwoods. Wishy, aka alloin, said in IRC “I will behave on this server btw”. Its as if he just admitted he was not behaving well on Plymouth. HasseKebab, a member of TROL posted a picture showcasing their first march hare on the Roanoke server.

Forum post

On the other hand, Darwoth suggested that he was going to move to the Jamestown server. He was quoted as saying “jamestown shall not be destroyed by the russian zerg force” and showed off his cash awaiting to be spent.
Forum thread
AAlex, known to be a faithful servant of Dis zerg queen in the Old World, has revealed their existence in Jamestown humbly as to call it a casual hermitting, enjoy playing a little man.
Forum thread
The most notorious Russian community, likely formed by Apxeolog and Co., seem to have stationed themselves on the Roanoke server, despite many assumptions of them being on Jamestown. According to our source, more than half of the stalls in Roanoke belong to them, netting them a lot of silver. It is also said that they are building a big fortress in the darkness secretly. However, it is said that they also plan to keep their empire on Plymouth, along with their 100% purity crops. While maintaining alliances with a few towns there, forming a decent guild with many members, and awaiting for the cross-server trip.

The MM tribe, with their wanna-be-indian group members are of course planning to stay on Plymouth. They will continue on their newb/alt hunting near Boston. Gallows Hill, or Fortress of Lies, featuring Captain America, also plan to maintain their prescence on Plymouth. They won’t stop until they destroy the MM tribe. A rumour claims that they have 37 more to go.

new map project has been started by Maxeusz and The Cartographer’s Bay Pilgrims. They have collected over 26.500 tiles so far, and have listed the top 10 contributors in their thread.
Forum thread

ive stream event was held by Paradox on November 8th, starring jorb from Seatribe, and nafastus & TotalyMoo from Paradox, but loftar was absent.

They first showed the basic how-to for beginners, including how jorb could cheat with his godly power, then moved on to live Q&A session, accepting all who sent jorb a request to kin in Boston.

During the Q&A session, jorb trolled hard in Boston, leveling the ground here and there, spawning lots of un-implemented creatures in Boston, along with aggressive snakes. He even attacked one of the players and killed alloin for the show (but of course revived him later.)

kaktytywasvas summoned jorb

After the fun party stream, however, someone decided to use the scent jorb left in Boston to either track him or summon him. Poor jorb had totally forgotten that he had not had his homestead and died to the insta-kill feature he had implemented earlier to punish scent abusers.

As a result, he ended up giving some lucky players his treasury items for free; Rapier, Witch’s Broom, and Cthulhu Mask, for the most notables, along with an axe, a breastplate, Swiss Guard Outfit, a helmet and his lovely Seaweed mask. MrEllu who got lucky to get the broom, however, ended up losing it later by crashing the server on his broom flight.
Forum thread
MrEllu’s story post
Live stream video

lennfinann, one of the celebrated explorers by the Courant, has spotted a major water fall in Salem. His report seems to have amaze and please jorb with their map generation. This is surely going to make another popular sightseeing spot for new colonists. (click to expand pics)

L33LEE, aka Retribution also found a huge lime mound, most likely in the darkness of Roanoke. However, unlike a waterfall, this mound would not last long for sightseeing, considering the high lime demand for the new colony.
Forum post
Forum post
Ornery seems to have found a secret bug, which he used to build his fancy Water Castle on a lake. It must surely take a long time to build stuff on water. Since he would need to be swimming, while building and use up even more phlegm than usual. (Attentions, New players, do not even intend to try this because you will be disappointed!)
Forum post

ome players have been claiming that we may have a serious bug. Players have been unable to wake up after 24 hours from unconscious status after being KO’ed on unpermitted claim. imrielle says he has already been down for over 48 hours. bob even claims its been 72 hours. It has been reported on the bug tracker, but has not received loftar‘s attention yet. It may have something to do with the last update.
Forum thread
Bug Tracker page
Editor’s note : This was confirmed by devs later and has already been fixed.

illertomas keeps on rocking. He got tired of being scammed, and joined the  MM Tribe, wishing to be on the scamming side this time. One of his first scamming attempts involved trying to sell “slave” keys that belonged to Yasso, who is either inactive or hiding in Roanoke. Killertomas must believe everyone else is as dumb as he is, why else would he try to get offers on a slave key?

Another fine post by killertomas is his “TOMAS’S TP OF WISDOM” thread. In it we can see him practicing Simlish, or perhaps its Pingu? Either way it is a clear example as to why his posts should be avoided, unless of course you don’t value your brain. For the sake of a pain free mind, remember to avoid these 3 names, killertomas2, Waffles72, and coonman.
Forum thread
Forum thread

peaking of a scammer, self-claiming professional scammer, greg0418 has used his “main” account, Slander, to post his trade thread. Although he was so confident on how he could scam others, he seems unable to open a trade thread of his own. Who knew having a scammer name associated with a trade thread would be a bad idea? Those who dislike big mouth scammers, or those who are not confident enough not to get scammed, you have heard my warning.
Forum thread
Editor’s Note : It’s said that Slander has appealed to mods that he and greg0418 are not the same person but just the same IP users. Thus, they are supposed to be just family members or friends sharing flat or school mates playing at same school or whatsoever. It is your choice what to believe and what not to.

ishy, aka alloin has started a trailer contest. He is planning to give away some packages and silvers to the winners, and since he did say he was going to behave this time around, hopefully those rewards are not scented nor coming from his tax collecting.
Forum post
Editor’s Note : TotalyMoo has added rewards, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.

evenless has made a new quick guide for new players. Those who can’t be bothered to read his long and detailed guide for a kick start, try this shorter piece instead. It may be helpful for those DIY people who would rather enjoy finding things out on their own, just to get to know the basic skills.
Forum thread

ne of the new players, scypheroth, has lost his newly bought beginner’s pack in Boston. This is due to an angry bear that was lead to town by some nasty griefer. The Town Centre is suppose to be a safe haven from PvP, however it is currently not safe from animals, nor jorbtar. Animals can knock you out, causing you to drop all items in your inventory, and jorb can even kill players there if he so pleases  – though he would most likely revive you.

In this case, it seems that scypheroth was chatting with his friend, just after having received his pack from the mailman, when an angry bear engaged combat upon him. His low humoured character was no match for the bear, and as a result he lost all his items, including his newly bought pack. This pack was then looted by the griefer, free of scents and any attachments.

He had been posting some whiny posts prior to this (and even more after this), but it does not of course mean that he should lose newly bought items in Boston right when he received them. However, many forumers felt uncomfortable with his claim and flamed him horribly. A moderator felt it was a good idea to then move this Help thread to HoB to allow others to flame on, rather than locking the thread after he supposedly received the reply he sought.

He e-mailed and was able to claim reimbursement, much to our relief and to some the dismay of others. He has received a new pioneer pack from Paradox for compensation.

by TotalyMoo » Thu Nov 29, 2012
Even though I love the idea of animals ravaging around in Boston and we all know that Jorbtar does too with spawning snakes just for fun we can’t allow for item loss like this at the pick-up point.

Boston is indeed somewhat of a safe-zone and should therefore be at least safe to pick up purchased items in.

Hopefully the devs will put forth a solution as soon as possible, so that events like this will never happen again. Otherwise, each town centre would be an exploiter-free zone instead of safe zone as intended, words would spread and just scare away customers from buying items to support the game.
Forum thread
Forum thread
Editor’s Note: Animals no longer attack players in each Town Centre.

aggetry not allowed in Salem. Right after the devs put forth a solution to animal abuse in the Tow Centres, Trenial, or Sitting Bull reported another case of abuse. Some players felt the need to grief others by blocking the entrances to the public mills, demanding a silver fee be payed to enter.

Luckily, jorb was around and responded to this immediately. He proceeded to drown these highwaymen, and it seems their accounts were also banned as well. Usernm raged about the bans and challenged jorb, asking the community to make griefer alts and to continue where he left off at. Usernm even went as far to provide a link for people to obtain more beta keys, in order to prove that there would be no solution to griefing.
Forum thread

onkyhonk has finally decided to quit larping Silence Dogood after publishing this issue. Whoever decides to take over the Courant should talk to sabinati on the forums.

Salem’s Latest and Greatest Fashion – Gangster Style

With the release of the wonderful “emotes” update, many of the morally questionable denizens of the New World have exhibited their own unique fashion sense. From scammers to murderers, nothing is more important to the criminal mind then showing off.

“The Evil Admiral”

Greg0418, the infamous scammer, shows how profitable his cowardly criminal activities have been with an admiral’s uniform, with an Aspen on his head to appear “evil”. We feel that the metal axe rather spoils the look, as surely a true criminal mastermind wouldn’t need to chop wood? Perhaps his bark is worse than his bite, in reality…

“I’m so unconcerned, but I’mma get you, mofo.”

Mushibag, the infamous murderer, looks extremely “gangster” here. We hear that he is in fact very flamboyant, and recently posed for a very long, extended photoshoot by killertomas2. However, we have to ask, why the bare feet? It’s the little details like this that set the truly stylish apart from the merely rich and famous.

“Flamboyant Troll”

We feel that this outfit really suits Dallane, and he was kind enough to stop spamming for a minute and give us the full list so that you, the Reader, might recreate this outfit: Latest from Paris, Nobleman’s Jacket and Pants, Plymouth Frock, Snakeskin Boots, and a Wicked Wickerman mask. We especially like the sexy pose.

“Classic Vampire, or Itinerant Preacher?”

Jordan Coles, High Priest of Jorb, a famous ex-gangster from the Old World, is wearing a Plymouth Frock over the classic starter shirt, topped with a Musketeer’s Hat. Superficially, we think he does fit the part of a travelling preacher rather well, but for the odd light around his eyes. He himself has linked this to the Curse of Vampirism, and we hope that loftar can cure this plague before it is too late for us all…


“I call this one Moco”

Stylish Workclothes

In contrast to the gauche ruffians above, Karl-Evert once again returns to the Fashion page, spotted on the left by our correspondent, relaxing against his windmill in a supremely stylish Gentleman’s jacket over a farmer’s vest. On the right we see him in a more playful outfit, comprised of a core trio of cotton shirt, cotton cape, and adventurer’s vest.


Karen's public domain imageOn the blustery shores of a modest lake, forever drenched in murky twilight, a result of the towering pines all around, there was a town, nondescript… Peaceful.

It happened to be that on this day I was perusing a cookbook, salivating over the new recipes I beheld. Deep in concentration I had not noticed the approach of a party of natives, their numbers and the sounds of their movement concealed by the wind in the trees and the burbling of a nearby brook.

Startled from my reverie by the horrid screech and crash of the gate behind me giving way I spun, too late, they were upon me. Whirling wildly around me, their barbaric costumes a confusing swirl of hide and bared flesh punctuated brutally by sprays of my own blood.

I ran, or tried to, a gate ahead… Shut. I opened it and expired, one arm stretched forth towards life. An odd beam of light shone down, and my soul took its joyous flight, ecstatic to be freed from the bonds of life.

R.I.P. Jalpha
Missed by his only son.

by Jalpha » Sun Nov 11, 2012

Karen's public domain imageNear the door
He paused to stand
As he tried to protect me
Off the hypocrit’s hand
All went so fast
Killing blow …
and it was past

R.I.P. Retri
only guy whom i trust now

by alloin » Wed Nov 14, 2012

Karen's public domain imageR.I.P, good Sir.

by Bait » Wed Nov 14, 2012

Karen's public domain image

O He gives to us His joy,
That our grief He may destroy:
Till our grief is fled and gone
He doth sit by us and moan.

Skarphedin Gunnarson, age unknown, who always enjoyed encounters with others and loved having neighbours nearby, bid farewell to the world on Holy Thursday last week. He had lost most of his neighbours to the new towns and committed a suicide at the Reservation. The Braves ran away as they spotted him, only alts with no C&A appeared, and it took him struggling hours to meet a fake chief in order to set himself free.
Rest in Peace, Gunnarson, the Newer world is waiting for you with open arms when you’re back.

by Tonkyhonk » Sun Dec 2nd, 2012

Karen's public domain imageR.I.P. Silence Dogood
Overdose of Salem Forums put her to sleep.
Her mission accomplished, her role on Salem is done.
A note left beside her says; Silence now does better.

by Tonkyhonk » Sun Dec 2nd, 2012

Forum thread

The Winding Road to a Cesspool

On November 7th, TotalyMoo, the head of the Salem forum moderation team and the Paradox Community Developer, announced officially a change in how the forums are moderated.

  • transparency; re-wording the rules of the forum
  • generalization on how they do warnings and bans
  • the matter of moderator behavior, i.e. mods will always act maturely and at their best.

The first two are understandable, but the third gives me some concern. Have our mods been acting so immaturely that this rule had to be made? This is the theory for some of the community members who were very vocal about it and convinced it was what made TotalyMoo enough to write this down.

by TotalyMoo » Thu Nov 07, 2012
We tried the rough style of H&H forums but as many noticed it did not work out in the end. I take full blame for this ordeal as I told the mods that they are users firsthand and mods secondly, a flawed decision in retrospect.

TotalyMoo and some forumers felt some moderator’s posts were as aggressive as those in the days of Haven and Hearth, Seatribe’s previous game, and from a “Business Perspective”, Moo seems to have felt it was not professional enough for Salem. He called it “mods vs the community” as if mods and those who agreed with them were not the part of the community.

With this new direction, Salem forums looked as though they were going to become a friendlier place; where all are equally welcomed as customers and given a safe place to communicate. Although I would love to see idiots taken down, this is a very welcome change.

“Salem is business after all, and Haven is art,” said Potjeh, a well-known moderator and veteran of both Salem and H&H.

Recent events on the forums indicate that these forums have not become friendly enough for all to have a safe time on them.

One infamous incident was when scypheroth put in a claim for reimbursement for a pioneer’s pack he lost in Boston, which is supposed to be a safe zone, due to a bear a griefer brought in town. A moderator who was following Moo’s rules moved this thread from Help section, where no trolling or sharking is allowed, to House of Burgesses, where posters are given more room in posting style.

He said that he did so because “he [scypheroth] refused to acknowledge that I did indeed help him, and continue to rant,” staxjax said.

In the previous Courant Issue, I had written that jwhitehorn aka Chief Poop was perma-banned from the forums for trolling a new player he killed on Planters & Pilgrim thread. However, the ban was lifted and he is on the forums again.

TotalyMoo, speaking as the head of the moderation team, said that the ban was unwarranted because it was “an actual recruitment attempt”, when jwhitehorn posted a picture of “Cage” where he invites new players in to kill them. Moo seems to expect players to know all the politics going on in this game and expects someone would rather just warn personally than an official action being taken there, when new members do not even know whom to trust.

TotalyMoo said:

Yet, it will be all the new player’s fault if he or she falls for such traps and loses his items bought with real money.

Jwhitehorn had his ban lifted previously to this when he was trolling another new player, because the thread was in City Upon a Hill, where people are allowed to troll.

“We can’t take the blame for a player posting in the wrong forum”, said TotalyMoo in IRC private chat.

On November 22nd, jwhitehorn received a 7-day ban, for “offering ranger service” outside City Upon a Hill/House of Burgesses section and for trolling multiple other threads.

While he was banned, there were two rule-breaking threads posted by new players who claimed to have met him in game. Arietty said (s)he was under duress and had to post a message from jwhitehorn to TotalyMoo, in order to avoid getting killed by him. Feartheflames posted an image of what jwhitehorn compiled from what happened with Arietty and said that this was another trade agreement.

Both members were warned and their threads were locked since they broke the forum rules, probably for their first time here. It does not seem jwhitehorn received any punishments as a result from these incidents.

The other side to this could be that jwhitehorn might not have asked them to do these. He could always appeal and say it was not him but someone else pretending to be him.

While It is their fault no matter what happens in-game and no others should be blamed no matter what they have done in-game, there is no reporting function in the game. The options these new players have are either to follow the rules and die, losing characters and items in process, or to be pressured the griefers and end up breaking rules in the process.

I do not know how moderators saw these cases, but seeing how they were missing him on his thread may give you an idea. This seems to have set a very bad precedent for potential player abuse in the future.

To sum it up, the  issue here is that official Paradox staff or the moderators cannot help new players when they post outside Help section. But when they do post in Help section, they are free to move those threads out of Help section so that they can let helpless players get trolled and flamed and even let notorious griefers shark them.

Mods praise the humorous and racist posters because they see them as funny, and defending false “free speech” is more important than trying to protect new comers who have not become familiar with the forums. It is their own fault for being trolled because you are supposed to “Not trust anyone” in Salem.

This kind of behavior encourages sharks to prey on newbs who come into the game with goodies, because of the PvP elements.


Another issue is the rule against racism and discrimination part only applies when people actually decide to make a case out of it. Otherwise, it seems that users are free to be racists and make racism-filled posts in these forums, except for Nazi related actions which may land them in legal trouble. It’s also perfectly fine if they find this behavior funny and humorous.

When mods tell you not to use certain words, then you are able to replace them with other words. What they enforce is only removing racial slurs, but not racism itself, as you can see from jwhiterhon’s posts on the forums and how they appreciate his native american minstrel act as being “funny”.

For those who do not know what H&H is, it is Haven and Hearth, the predecessor game of Salem, developed by the same team, Seatribe, a complete free experimental MMO with the same style on 2D without cash-shops. Its forums are known to be harsh and scared away some people who are too lazy to bother reading stickies or doing a bit of homework before posting critiques or rants or suggestions, or those too unintelligent to bother keeping some basic manners on internet.

In a way, the forums chose posters and prospered with many interesting and smart threads – when devs were still working on the game. Unintelligent posts were shot by multiple forumers and were discouraged. A place where the law of the jungle prevails, but not by swords but by keyboards. Moderators there were the leading predators, but not for the weak, but for the stupid, and they often showed their gems with their smart replies to snipe or friendly replies to help.

Announcing the Honours List

Hereby, we are honoured to announce the Honours List of those who have contributed to the Tumbleweed Courant. Thank you everyone, this newspaper couldn’t have started without your works!


The Order of Senryū

sabinati (for the sample in op)
Sevenless (Sept 5th, Sept 22th, Dec 2nd)
Ass_Kraken (Sept 10th, Nov 3rd)
darnokpl (Oct 1st)
staxjax (Oct 1st)
Rololas (Oct 24th)
jorb (Oct 24th ~as Word of God)
TotalyMoo (Nov 3rd)
DonnEssime (Dec 2nd)

The Order of Obituary

Vigilance (Sept 10th)
Tylan (Oct 1st)
pushedx (Oct 1st)
Ass_Kraken (Oct 24th)
Jalpha (Dec 2nd)
alloin (Dec 2nd)
Bait (Dec 2nd)
Tonkyhonk (Dec 2nd)

The Order of Fashion

TrisDa, aka Yarn Fish
Gunnar Kveldúlfsson
Spazzmaticus, aka Karl-Evert
jorb (Nov 3rd)
greg0418 (Dec 2nd)
Mushibag (Dec 2nd)
Dallane (Dec 2nd)
colesie, aka Jordan Coles (Dec 2nd)

The Order of Art

Sacre (for bottom logo, Senryū symbol, MPD statue)
Paradox Interactive (for concept arts)
Lusewing (for video)
GamerZakh (for video)
Eegorevids(for video)

The Order of Exploration


The Order of News

Samuel Winthrop
Gunnar Kveldúlfsson
Yarn Fish
Silence Dogood

Breaking News : Criminally Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving update has arrived, including the Thanksgiving store update & gifts. Already some QQing is going on about the new criminal debuff from raiders, new players’ cries and shouts echo around Salem caused by the loss of newly obtained items.
Will our thanksgiving be as happy as it should be? We’ll find out soon enough!
(Make sure you play on November 22nd to receive gifts.)

Breaking News : New Towns Open

Long awaited updates have arrived in Salem Beta.
A GUI overhaul and two new towns, Jamestown and Roanoke, have been established, along with quite a few minor changes. The rumour says that there will be another official Beta-key give-away starting tomorrow.

Check out the latest updates and send us nice reports and news for the next issue!
Announcement thread

Also, loftar is expecting all three servers to be crashed by the time he wakes up tomorrow. Dedicated pilgrims, don’t disappoint him!

Roanoke Centre ~ Screenshot by A Farmer (とある農家)