Special Report : Brazier Radius Revealed!

Our special reporter Tonkyhonk got a word in with loftar and sent us the following transcript. Enjoy!

Tonky > will the range of braziers be kept secret? or are you willing to reveal it to the public?
loftar > Um, yes, the intention is that the brazier radius should be shown in the client. There just isn’t any support for that yet.
loftar > Their radius is 250 “pixels”.
loftar > By which I mean map length units.
Tonky > oh pixels. i never understand that
loftar > 11×11 of which make up a tile.
loftar > That of torchposts, by the way, is 200 units.
Tonky > torchposts have smaller range?
loftar > Yes
Tonky > i hate math
loftar > Since one tile is 11 units wide, 10 tiles would make 110 units. ;)
Tonky > is the range a circle?
loftar > Yes
Tonky > so its like about 20~ tiles altogether
Tonky > and in a circle
loftar > Closer to 23, but yes. :)
loftar > 23 * 11 = 253. ;)

According to the other parts of the transcript, the multi-server support is coming along steadily, and loftar is hoping to get it done soon.

The Great Expedition

On the 1st of August one brave adventurer by the name of Qukatt  made a new thread called “New Map Project” asking for help exploring and mapping out all of Salem.

Although this task had already been attempted in previous worlds, they were largely left incomplete. With the start of a new world came the chance to finally achieve a completed global map.

Many people offered their help in this great expedition, early to assist were: TotalyMoo, APXEOLOG and grayrat. After brainstorming and working out the the technicalities, the project started to take shape.

Of course with all new projects there’s those who stand for and against the idea. A forum thread called “plz block the maping tools” by radkid1 was posted stating that the map would be used by raiders to easily find people’s homes instead of working to find the places themselves (and making a lot of people’s big, obvious homes a target).

(Left -Top Map Contributors. Right – The current progress so far.)

The main replies from people were stating that it would not be possible to stop people using such clients and if they weren’t public, then private groups and towns would just make private clients and maps causing them to have a large advantage over other players.

Speaking to concerns about the Googlemap project Qukatt had these words of advice:

Ok so:

1/ the world map project is fuelled by the users sending in their map data. if you wish your tile where your place is to stay “clean” then you need to take the tile from your map saving file and delete it before you send the data. it will NOT show up when the world map gets updated.

2/ You can send this map data from the vanilla client as well as the BD and Ender ones, it’s nothing to do with the custom clients.

3/ You could keep old tiles of where you built in a separate folder and send them in if you see another pilgrim has mapped your area and updated the world to reset them. It’s also perhaps an idea you can give Greyrat the co-ords of your place and request that the tile there doesn’t update. However people will see this empty tile and go “there! we can build there! Next to that very cool looking lime deposit/swamp/beach!” and you’ll end up getting neighbours regardless.

4/ the old world mapping project could zoom in a hell of a lot more in greater detail. be glad this map project doesn’t have that crazy accuracy yet :D

If you wish to contribute to the project, or just want look at the progress being made, you can check out the map here:



New map project thread
Qukatts quote
Plz block the mapping tools thread
Global Map Project

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live

“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
~Oscar Wilde

It all started with a simple question by sefer looking for help finding a witch book. Droj had posted a screenshot of a hidden skill, “Basic Curses”, which was said to be posted by Glennfinnan in IRC.

While Glenn keeps his secrets to himself, TotalyMoo has confirmed it to be real. People have begun looking for the book on the darkness, in tree stumps, hollow logs…

Basic CursesSome adventurers including painhertz, alloin, Sevenless, and dullahx, have started looking but with no luck so far . Later Droj and Bollilo showed signs of joining in this adventure, but no progress has been seen yet.

TotalyMoo out of nowhere italicized a rumour he had: “I’ve heard you might be able to potentially find it inside a specific fish that is in a specific biome in the darkness”.

He assured the community he was not trolling, but was taunting the curious adventurers.

Some new ideas included: desecrating a Bible, using one on fire, leaving one somewhere for a while and expect it to transform into an evil book.

alloin said he experimented putting a Bible in a tree stump and leaving it for over a week, and also in a cauldron in the darkness, but neither worked.

Dedicated players must have already checked out the “witch craft” video, released last November. The video showed us that we would be needing some eyes of newt, toes of frogs and other “witch” items to craft curses, but we have yet to see any newts or frogs in game.
jorb showing eyes of newt and other materials

It’s yet to be seen if any settlers are going to continue in any serious way to finding a witch’s book.

Forum thread

As of September 18th discussion related to witchcraft has moved to a thread by ShadowAtlan, another adventurer looking for the witch’s book. No progress has been made at the time of posting.

Forum thread


jorb, loftar, and someone faking to be loftar

TotalyMoo addresses new role at Paradox



TotalyMoo announced his new position at Paradox as Community Developer on Thursday, September 13th.
“Game Master was too mainstream,” says Moo. “But I am most likely going to change title a few more times.”

He currently moderates the forums in pink, often chats in Salem IRC, or relaying official messages, or takes messages from the community to his colleagues, while also managing silver deals for the Company.

Easy access to IRC Channel by Mibbit

Salem’s Latest and Greatest Fashion Ensembles

Hello Salem fashion lovers! Here are a few looks I’ve found to be very popular in Boston.

~The Evil Mad Hatter~

A good look to intimidate others with.
To pull this look off you need a Wicked Wicker man mask, a storm hat, a pilgrim’s coat, tan pant and adventurer’s boots.

Modeled by Red Rose on the left and Mary on the right.

~The Conquistador March Hare~

The Darko Mask with the Conquistador’s hat is a look seen often in the streets Boston. This look screams “I’m a powerful metal trader”.
For this look you will need a Conquistador’s Hat, a Spanish Sabre, Darko Bunny Mask, a Cotton Shirt, Farmer’s Pants, Snakeskin Belt and Boots.

Modeled by Red Rose

If you think you have a fashion forward look please post in the forum thread.


ome players have been enjoying their monopoly on Boston stalls. Unfortunately,Salem currently does not have the monopoly prohibition law, and players will have to suck it up and wait patiently for the devs to implement more stalls or make some fixes to allow taking over inactive stalls.

Boston square with 2 windmills & 9 stalls, SS by Superiodity

First attempt of buying stalls
Split thread for discussion

ait and Oin32 reported how darnokpl or Darnokus in game, the mayor of Verde Selva, betrayed them when they were supposed to be allies. darnokpul says Oin32 lied. A typical drama of paranoia and overreactions, where Oin’s friend, Drevin, started a crime without Oin’s consent, and darnokpul overreacted and destroyed the whole camp only to get himself murdered as well merely after 2 hours.

A scene from Oin32’s streamed vid ~ being murdred by Darnokus

“I understand the murder of Drevin,” Oin says in one of his posts, “but to set up a town bell in our claim and then steal and pilage says something completly different”. darnokpul, on the other hand, expects others would think the same as him and would “raid smaller camp, suspecting their hostility, before they will get more dangerous”.

darnokpul being known for advertising himself and his town to be clean since pre-commercial beta drew more attentions of others to these events. Oin’s stream may win some players’ sympathy, and RobSyl has expressed his disgust how Verde Selva looks as if it were representing Polish players.

The reputation of Verde Selva has fallen down to the ground for the time being.
Bait’s report thread
Verde Selva diplomacy thread

kocim and Korion, both from Verde Selva, confirmed themselves to be raiders and they are trying to convince their customers that their goods aren’t blood stained. The same old, same old.
Confirmation post

kpeip has offered a nice bounty of 1,500 silver or equivalent items for a raider’s head, but nobody has taken it yet. Ikpeip already has the coords to the raider’s residence, but an experienced individual or group of hunters shall be required. The reward is negotiable, according to his thread, and bonus payment is promised for the extra work dealt for the task.
Forum thread

allane has made a come back after a long silence, but seems to be going nuts. Please get well soon, Dallane!
Valley of Hinnom

hief PeePooKaka has revealed himself to be just another raider who wanted lame excuses to raid others. I avail myself of this opportunity to emphasize that his larping is horribly disrespectful to some minority groups and we, the members of the editorial board, are aware that he or his group never represents what they try to mimic. Further reports on the filthy larper’s fate shall be expected with Superiodity exposing the coords, but nobody seems to have found it worthwhile to deal with him.
Forum thread
Forum thread
Forum thread
Forum thread

As of September 20th, jwhitehorn, who plays as Chief PeePooKaka, has earned a 2 day ban and a clear warning for his act, according to our source.

whole map of Boston is provided by MvGulik. Click for the original sized map.

The Fist of Jorb is Back

Jorb (Artist's Rendition)

Jorb (Artist’s Rendition)

The Boston cupboard mentioned in the last issue was cleaned away by jorb last week. We may have another player challenging this again, but jorb has given us a strict warning as follows.

by jorb » Thu Sep 05, 2012 9:09 pm

Any shit you put in Boston is bound to get deleted. I don’t have to write rules for what the game already explicitly tells you by the no-build rule &c. The fact that you can exploit some loopholes in the rules by bending over backwards and twiddling your thumb in a counter-clockwise-motion while standing on one leg and clucking like a retarded chicken on ritalin does *not* in fact, contrary to popular opinion, preclude my right to delete those objects.

Hopefully we can keep Boston Centre clean for anyone to teleport in with ease.
Forum thread


The Boulders of Boston

Many of you may have seen the boulders across the river just north of Boston, and if you have not then you may want to check it out and see what new creations people may have created using the boulders.
I’ve seen the boulders being placed in the form of Russian names, smiley faces and of course phallic shapes (some more detailed than others).

photo by Superiodity

Though as I write this, the boulders are set in just a straight line with a square/diamond above them, it’s the small things like this that can turn an average trek along the beach into something mildly amusing or interesting and I hope to see more things done with the boulders of Boston. (SP)



RAGERS of the lumberwood, an uplifting tale of natural selection by Darwoth

Forum thread
Darwoth’s whole story : external link to his webpage

Darwoth has finally managed to crop his pictures and published his side of the story, while praying to the gods to allow us all to see through people’s strength by learning some magical abilities.

The story is amazingly long, very dedicated, and well-written, but in short, “Retards need retards to feel less retarded” would probably sum it up. I’ll quote one of his lines and put an end to reporting this disgusting drama. “holy shit killing this fucking moron was about as satisfying of a kill as i have ever gotten in any game i have played.” ~Darwoth.
If indeed it was the best he could get out of his gaming life, I cannot help but feel sorry for him. (S.D.)


Boston is a mysterious town with wonders. Glennfinnan has reported barrels being stacked every corner of the town center, but none that we know of are capable of putting a barrel on top of others. It is highly possible that Boston has a hidden witch in disguise who puts curses on each barrel to give magical protections. Whether players can gain the ability to stack barrels or not in the near future remains to be seen. (S.D.)
stack barrels
Forum thread

According to our anonymous source, a large band of Russian speaking raiders were seen to the west of Boston, killing and looting anyone that got in their path last Monday. They may have moved further away from Boston, but those who reside to the west of the town might want to be alert, in case they come back. (S.D.)

Etherdrifter was robbed by unknown raiders who reside at [-176,132] in Mordor. The raiders seem to have their condominium at [2~4,100] by the beach as well. Uronoros also reported to have been robbed by the same group of raiders, and showed more details on the raider’s lair. (S.D.)
Forum thread

Some people choose to go a douche way when they are “righteous” enough to cry for help, but instead just post a coordinate of the raiders with stories untold as if they never cared. neored9 is one of them, only leaving [3, 100].
Mushibag and his tracking group went to investigate the spot only to have the whole group killed while checking out the raider’s nest. the coordinates to the raider’s base is reported to be at [-26,94] and their huge town at [3, 100] by the sole survivor of the tracking group, Mushibag. (S.D.)
Forum thread

jwhitehorn, self-claimed Native chief of MM Tribe introduces himself as Chief PeePooKaKa, crying about the scattered human skeletons and animal corpses, and deforestation caused by recently arrived pilgrims. He seems to be interested in our work and call us “ManyLetters”. The tribe has captured a young female recently arrived in Boston named jenngrll, who has been forced to work as a slave. (S.D.)
Chief PeePooKaKa
Forum thread

Further closure to the tale of Dshaded has been revealed, as the identity of the barbarian who committed the heinous heist has sworn revenge upon Dshaded. Let us take this time to honor the now-deceased criminal, Krystun, for even evil deserves sacred rest.
However, they say, upon his tombstone, it is written that “Seven’s Seven” shall arise. Pilgrims, be wary, for this may be the destruction of the last semblence of safety you have held onto. (Vg)
Forum Thread

Badich’s trading thread threatened by accusations

Badich, a Russian trader, is suffering from his reputation. His trading thread has been flamed and accused of selling blood-stained, scented items due to the fact that he was an infamous raider in the Old World.

One of his friends, Apxeolog, who is well-known to the whole Salem community for his excellent client, tried defending him by posting how decent he is, but both their reputation as raiders and exploiters, along with hanging around together has made the defending post rather unconvincing. Vigilance, while having his reputation too as another naughty pvp-er himself, assured in his post that the trade with him would be safe and sound, except that he would not question where the items came from.

Moderators tried extinguishing the fire to avoid further derailment of the thread with their ban-hammers, but some forumers wouldn’t be satisfied with it being too clean. The items on sale may have once belonged to the raid victims. Nobody knows the truth but the sellers. (S.D.)
Forum thread


The Trade Wind Market Report

I’ve compared the prices on about 90 items from over 30 different traders to bring you this week’s Market Report.  In the future I’ll be able to note the average prices over time, but since this is the first report, I’ll just give an overview of the current state of the trade forum.

The top most offered items are:

  1. Metal Shovel: 100-150 silver, average 122.8
  2. Lime: 2-3 silver, average 2.6
  3. Metal Axe: 120-175 silver, average 143.7
  4. Spanish Sabre: 80-150 silver, average 109.4
  5. Bar of Iron: 85-125 silver, average 104.3
  6. Nails: 20-25 silver, average 20.6
  7. Backpack: 50-90 silver, average 74.1
  8. Conquistador helmet: 100-125 silver, average 110
  9. Flower Arrangement: 12-15 silver, average 14.5
  10. Mineralogical Survey: 10-15 silver, average 13.1
  11. Witch’s Hat: 3-6 silver, average 4.6
  12. Lover’s Locket
    1. Base or unspecified:110-130 silver, average 121.2
    2. 1.76 multiplier: 200 silver
    3. 2.1 multiplier: 110 silver
    4. 2.73 multiplier: 300 silver
  13. Charcoal: 0.5-2 silver, average 1.6
  14. Singing Old Log: 10-15 silver, average12.8
  15. Clay: 1-2 silver, average 1.25
  16. Cotton Seeds (50): 50-100 silver, average 68.7
  17. Lavender Blewit: 3-4 silver, average 3.25
  18. Coarse Salt: 3 silver
  19. Brain: 15-30 silver, average 21.6
  20. Cereal Seeds (50): 65-100 silver, average 85

Number of items offered varied from 1 to 27 items, with the average being about 6.6.  There are a few people buying items or accepting barter, but the majority are dealing solely with silver.  There isn’t a lot of prepared food being sold, but there were a few people selling baked goods and meat dishes.

The most expensive item offered was a 12% purity dowsing rod for 600 silver, and the second most expensive was a sturdy sled for 500 silver.