RAGERS of the lumberwood, an uplifting tale of natural selection by Darwoth

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Darwoth’s whole story : external link to his webpage

Darwoth has finally managed to crop his pictures and published his side of the story, while praying to the gods to allow us all to see through people’s strength by learning some magical abilities.

The story is amazingly long, very dedicated, and well-written, but in short, “Retards need retards to feel less retarded” would probably sum it up. I’ll quote one of his lines and put an end to reporting this disgusting drama. “holy shit killing this fucking moron was about as satisfying of a kill as i have ever gotten in any game i have played.” ~Darwoth.
If indeed it was the best he could get out of his gaming life, I cannot help but feel sorry for him. (S.D.)

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