ome players have been enjoying their monopoly on Boston stalls. Unfortunately,Salem currently does not have the monopoly prohibition law, and players will have to suck it up and wait patiently for the devs to implement more stalls or make some fixes to allow taking over inactive stalls.

Boston square with 2 windmills & 9 stalls, SS by Superiodity

First attempt of buying stalls
Split thread for discussion

ait and Oin32 reported how darnokpl or Darnokus in game, the mayor of Verde Selva, betrayed them when they were supposed to be allies. darnokpul says Oin32 lied. A typical drama of paranoia and overreactions, where Oin’s friend, Drevin, started a crime without Oin’s consent, and darnokpul overreacted and destroyed the whole camp only to get himself murdered as well merely after 2 hours.

A scene from Oin32’s streamed vid ~ being murdred by Darnokus

“I understand the murder of Drevin,” Oin says in one of his posts, “but to set up a town bell in our claim and then steal and pilage says something completly different”. darnokpul, on the other hand, expects others would think the same as him and would “raid smaller camp, suspecting their hostility, before they will get more dangerous”.

darnokpul being known for advertising himself and his town to be clean since pre-commercial beta drew more attentions of others to these events. Oin’s stream may win some players’ sympathy, and RobSyl has expressed his disgust how Verde Selva looks as if it were representing Polish players.

The reputation of Verde Selva has fallen down to the ground for the time being.
Bait’s report thread
Verde Selva diplomacy thread

kocim and Korion, both from Verde Selva, confirmed themselves to be raiders and they are trying to convince their customers that their goods aren’t blood stained. The same old, same old.
Confirmation post

kpeip has offered a nice bounty of 1,500 silver or equivalent items for a raider’s head, but nobody has taken it yet. Ikpeip already has the coords to the raider’s residence, but an experienced individual or group of hunters shall be required. The reward is negotiable, according to his thread, and bonus payment is promised for the extra work dealt for the task.
Forum thread

allane has made a come back after a long silence, but seems to be going nuts. Please get well soon, Dallane!
Valley of Hinnom

hief PeePooKaka has revealed himself to be just another raider who wanted lame excuses to raid others. I avail myself of this opportunity to emphasize that his larping is horribly disrespectful to some minority groups and we, the members of the editorial board, are aware that he or his group never represents what they try to mimic. Further reports on the filthy larper’s fate shall be expected with Superiodity exposing the coords, but nobody seems to have found it worthwhile to deal with him.
Forum thread
Forum thread
Forum thread
Forum thread

As of September 20th, jwhitehorn, who plays as Chief PeePooKaka, has earned a 2 day ban and a clear warning for his act, according to our source.

whole map of Boston is provided by MvGulik. Click for the original sized map.

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  • Superbat Prime

    Well I guess you know by now the chief is dead… Bait did the job.
    Looks like the paper missed the scoop of the week… :/

    It’s not LARPing btw, it’s just RPing.

    LARP is when you actually leave the house irl and go running around the woods dressed as a wizard.

    • Silence Dogood

      Sorry if my definition of the word is wrong :P
      The point of this paper is re-telling the news or summarizing with our point of view, so the speed is not too important, but thank you for your comment and concerns!

      • Superbat Prime

        No concerns, the paper is awesome. :)

        I can’t wait to read about the Chief’s demise in the next edition and tbh I spoke too soon, we have yet to hear from the villain himself on the forums or in IRC so really the story isn’t finished yet.

        Keep up the good work.

  • Darnokus

    “darnokpul says Oin32 lied”

    What? Where I said that?
    “darnokpul” really?

    And you forgot that Oin admitted there was a thief, so he wasn’t betrayed, but treated as part of the thieves camp and punished.
    Story with a bell is funny coz they have it right now for free:)

    “destroyed the whole camp”

    Screen what was destroyed please or remove this lie.

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