The Great Expedition

On the 1st of August one brave adventurer by the name of Qukatt  made a new thread called “New Map Project” asking for help exploring and mapping out all of Salem.

Although this task had already been attempted in previous worlds, they were largely left incomplete. With the start of a new world came the chance to finally achieve a completed global map.

Many people offered their help in this great expedition, early to assist were: TotalyMoo, APXEOLOG and grayrat. After brainstorming and working out the the technicalities, the project started to take shape.

Of course with all new projects there’s those who stand for and against the idea. A forum thread called “plz block the maping tools” by radkid1 was posted stating that the map would be used by raiders to easily find people’s homes instead of working to find the places themselves (and making a lot of people’s big, obvious homes a target).

(Left -Top Map Contributors. Right – The current progress so far.)

The main replies from people were stating that it would not be possible to stop people using such clients and if they weren’t public, then private groups and towns would just make private clients and maps causing them to have a large advantage over other players.

Speaking to concerns about the Googlemap project Qukatt had these words of advice:

Ok so:

1/ the world map project is fuelled by the users sending in their map data. if you wish your tile where your place is to stay “clean” then you need to take the tile from your map saving file and delete it before you send the data. it will NOT show up when the world map gets updated.

2/ You can send this map data from the vanilla client as well as the BD and Ender ones, it’s nothing to do with the custom clients.

3/ You could keep old tiles of where you built in a separate folder and send them in if you see another pilgrim has mapped your area and updated the world to reset them. It’s also perhaps an idea you can give Greyrat the co-ords of your place and request that the tile there doesn’t update. However people will see this empty tile and go “there! we can build there! Next to that very cool looking lime deposit/swamp/beach!” and you’ll end up getting neighbours regardless.

4/ the old world mapping project could zoom in a hell of a lot more in greater detail. be glad this map project doesn’t have that crazy accuracy yet :D

If you wish to contribute to the project, or just want look at the progress being made, you can check out the map here:


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