Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live

“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
~Oscar Wilde

It all started with a simple question by sefer looking for help finding a witch book. Droj had posted a screenshot of a hidden skill, “Basic Curses”, which was said to be posted by Glennfinnan in IRC.

While Glenn keeps his secrets to himself, TotalyMoo has confirmed it to be real. People have begun looking for the book on the darkness, in tree stumps, hollow logs…

Basic CursesSome adventurers including painhertz, alloin, Sevenless, and dullahx, have started looking but with no luck so far . Later Droj and Bollilo showed signs of joining in this adventure, but no progress has been seen yet.

TotalyMoo out of nowhere italicized a rumour he had: “I’ve heard you might be able to potentially find it inside a specific fish that is in a specific biome in the darkness”.

He assured the community he was not trolling, but was taunting the curious adventurers.

Some new ideas included: desecrating a Bible, using one on fire, leaving one somewhere for a while and expect it to transform into an evil book.

alloin said he experimented putting a Bible in a tree stump and leaving it for over a week, and also in a cauldron in the darkness, but neither worked.

Dedicated players must have already checked out the “witch craft” video, released last November. The video showed us that we would be needing some eyes of newt, toes of frogs and other “witch” items to craft curses, but we have yet to see any newts or frogs in game.
jorb showing eyes of newt and other materials

It’s yet to be seen if any settlers are going to continue in any serious way to finding a witch’s book.

Forum thread

As of September 18th discussion related to witchcraft has moved to a thread by ShadowAtlan, another adventurer looking for the witch’s book. No progress has been made at the time of posting.

Forum thread


jorb, loftar, and someone faking to be loftar

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