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Found bones on a beach,
Made the long walk to the church.
Now my friend can rest.

Goodman Lefalas, 30, died of dysentery earlier this month. Having suffered a sword wound to the stomach, he made it as far as the ocean before expiring upon the sand.

The Goodman was a great lover of inspirationals and exploration. He had dreams of mountain climbing which, alas, will never be fulfilled. He was also highly appreciative of women, and would often idle outside of the unused building in Boston that he insisted would be the town brothel.

Goodman Lefalas is left and mourned by no kin. His friend Tylan extends an invitation to the citizens of Boston to pay their respects during this Sunday’s mass.

by Tylan » Thu Sep 27


Karen's public domain imageR.I.P. Coronado
Was just another hermit trying to mind his own business.
Should have kept up to date on the game announcements.
You got your revenge, escaped the law, but could not outrun karma…

by pushedx » Sat Sep 29


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