aoul_Duke is offering a bounty of 10,000 silver for destroying the whole town of Blind The King, now run by baronbowden. He was exiled from BTK and was trapped inside, and is looking for someone to rescue him.

On the other hand, baronbowden says they are quite certain that Raoul is a thief, taking advantage of the claim permissions. Whether it was a false accusation is blurred by MPD award holder Realak taking on the mission.

Raoul said that jwhitehorn, aka Chief Poop, had agreed to take the contract, but recently changed his mind.

“I can’t believe the Chief backed out. I thought for sure he was going to be able to handle it, as big as he talks,” Said Raoul in IRC.

In attempt to excuse his actions, jwhitehorn finally admitted his own death caused by Bait.

Bait said that he would take on the mission if nobody else did within 24 hours and continued killing more of Chief’s Doppelgängers.
Forum thread

rath, one of the IRC regulars, claims to have started building walls on South Boston Beach. He is considering of putting up a sign that reads, “all pass here die”. Wrath was looking for a well-secured fortress to settle in while trying to bug new players with his walls when he was killed last Friday.

South Boston Beach after an alt massacre

Despite the situation on South Boston Beach, Wrath said that the bodies piling up at the beach, where he was suposed to have his walls up, were not because of him. Some randoms killed alts for lolz calling it the “Milky Way”. Cause of Wrath’s death is for a yet unknown and unrelated problem.

the final moment of wrath

He was known to steal from unguarded settlements nearby. He was trading in Boston Centre for overpriced wheat seeds when fate finally caught up after his crime buff disappeared.

T-T-T, or Tyrone Tyrese Thomson, provided the picture and said, “Guess theres no retarded fence going around Boston”.

T-T-T, however, denied persecuting him. “Only pmed him to go to Boston”, he said.

reg0418, who lost 3 iron bars due to an unlucky encounter with a bear, scammed someone else in Boston for 5 iron bars with 10% higher purity, and called the victim “an idiot” last Tuesday. He claims to have scammed about 1500 silver in the last few days.

“The only people who get scammed for a lot are just idiots who deserve it. I’ve been scammed before, but never for more than like 50s,” he said.

He often appears in IRC and Trade Winds, and readers who ever decide to trade with him should be wary. His bragging in IRC gets more exaggerated by the day. Just last Saturday he changed his talk about scamming as to average 1k silver a day, and added his highest as 7k.
greg0418’s post

n the last issue of the Courant, I reported about the raid on Oin32 and his friends by Verde Selva as part of a Potpourri article. darnokpl objected to the event I described and left a complaint on the article and in the Courant thread.

He was not happy about the line, “destroyed the whole camp” and challenged the town bell feature by making Oin32 or a friend of his become the rightful mayor of the town bell he placed when he raided them.

In Pre-com Beta world, Sevenless had issues with a town bell whose charter belonged to someone else.  Although we have not heard any news on this bugfix so far, darnokpl claimed it was already fixed.

I promise my sincerest apology when/if darnokpl proves the feature to be fixed already and succeeds in making Oin32 or his friend a mayor.

We do not know, however, if Oin32 has agreed to this testing, nor if darnokpl has made any progress.
The said article of the last issue with comments
Forum thread where the wager is made
Sevenless’s Paradoxplaza thread on town bell issue

here has been some confusion on certain criminal acts as to which crime leaves what kind of scents. According to an unnamed source, jorb has confirmed that the “Waste” skill in Salem is the equivalent of “Vandalism” in Haven, thus vandalizing acts such as harvesting from claimed farms or digging soil from claimed land would be using “Waste”.

However, there seems to be an oversight on mining feature and currently mining ore from a claimed mine does not leave any scents. A prompt fix is expected.

unnar, known as one of the friendliest and most trustworthy players in Old World, has written the very first piece of Salem literature recently, after his long awaited come-back.

He gives his thanks to the kind hermit Stellar, who rescued him from a cricket and gifted him a backpack.
Gunnar’s comeback thread
Salem’s first literature

  ranger collected the bounty Ikpeip had offered and the deed was dealt.The background story is not known.

The perpetrator resided in town of AS, located at South end of the lake at [-26, 95] according to his thread. Lesser bounties for damaging the town and towns people are still available.
Ikpeip’s bounty thread

rakuleg is looking for a man with the nickname Owyn. Orakuleg’s village was attacked and he was killed. He unfortunately does not remember the name of Owyn’s village, but should start with “New Kv ***”.
Forum thread

our NPCs in the game are appealing to be named, according to Dallane. Three of them stay at the port of England to see you off to the New World, wishing you luck, another stands in front of bank in Boston, helping you for your silver needs.

Tylan has shown his talent of giving them well-thought out names. Whether he will be the Godfather of the NPCs or not is yet to be seen.

jorb said, “We’re going to eventually personalize and diversify the ingame shops a bit. Names will be had at one point or another”.
Forum thread

he man pretending to be loftar, that I mentioned in one of the articles in last issue of the Courant, turned out to be an important person of Paradox.

Gordon Van Dyke is head producer of WotR and industry veteran, according to TotalyMoo.

It seems Swedes love plaid shirts so much that the community became confused.
Silence Dogood might be in a deep trouble.
Check the pic at the bottom of the page
Gordon Van Dyke

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