Account Issue & A Bug Fix

Those of you who have either played alpha or Pre-Commercial Salem and have decided to recently come back and play may have find that they are unable to transfer their old Paradox accounts over to the new system.
loftar said that Paradox Connect has stopped responding as of October 2nd, and TotalyMoo confirmed that Connect is down permanently. If you are unable to play the game now, but were able to before should try contacting TotalyMoo at with your account details, although you will most likely lose your original account name.

Forum thread

Ass_Kraken, also known as DDDsDD999, has managed to uncover a new server crashing bug involving looms on Sunday, October 14th, reported in IRC.
Fortunately loftar was around when Kraken accidentally crashed the server and was able to fix this bug immediately.

He had tried to contact loftar earlier in IRC about this strange and serious bug before the bug managed to crash the server. Well done, Kraken!
Let us congratulate you on your beta testing ability, please accept this fancy memorial loom picture as a gift!
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