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R.I.P. Mushibag
Slain at the hands of Time Warner Cable Internet on October 3rd, along with his alt, Raoul_Duke. Many alts were sacrificed to save him, but it was all in vain.

by Anonymous » Oct 4, 2012


Karen's public domain imageR.I.P.
Pilgrim Robed Player
Your character will be forgotten but your Scalping Screenshot lasts forever

The Chief will never forget the light in your eyes and the pep in your step when promised 200 silver to step off the boston claim. Never has somebody loved by so few provided laughs to so many. May you make it more than 4 hours in your next life.

by jwhitehorn » Fri Oct 19, 2012

Karen's public domain imageHomosexual lovers, Gunnær and Vigilance, age 10 and 58 respectively, were cut down after a night of rough yet tender loving. They were killed with Mushibag‘s sword, Akalimainijahd, given to him by Bait. The two lovers managed to whisper “I love you” to each other before their last breath.

Gunnær enjoyed pumpkin seeds, snake-skin boots and blazing braziers for the light they made while he made love with Vigilance, and for their haunting mooing sound.

Vigilance enjoyed tumbleweeds, pocket watches and singing logs for how they sang Barry White upon request and for their haunting mooing sound.

by Ass_Kraken » Wed Oct 24, 2012

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