lennfinan said he had spotted a Conquistador in Boston. But with no plate, tall boots, nor gloves.

According to Glenn, this mysterious Conquistador, who could possibly be checking if there were any demands for slaves, offered to sell his red-and-yellow-striped outfit to Glenn for a million silver and his “soul”. It’s a relief that he didn’t accept the offer, or our colony could have been doomed.


Vigilance had some fun stealing peaks. He might tell us what he was peeking at in later news. We do not know what yet, but he should be entertaining us all, hopefully.
Forum thread


ometimes players surprise us with how charitable they are, but often you forget such surprises after running across horrible events or taking a look at the most active threads.

anox, a pious puritan doing good deeds in the New World, has tried to share such random acts of compassion on the forums. However, the thread hasn’t gained the sympathy of many and is stuck at one page. These actions may be too common for some puritans to talk about, but if you ever feel like sharing such experiences with others, feel free to share. No matter how much we love drama, it is nice to feel warm about your fellow players sometimes.
Forum thread

Tumbleweed Rolling

he race for the next MPD award has been more heated than we had expected. Several candidates are pushing hard to win one in the forums every day, getting hinnomed one by one, but none seem to give up. Who would you vote for the next MPD award?
Forum thread
The MPD Award

cammers seem to be prospering in Boston. Since most traders use alts, kinning before transaction does not seem to help. However, making a list of scammer’s names is not a bad thing and posting their names should be more encouraged. A describe option would really help as well, and hopefully we will see that implemented very soon.

The best thing you can do right now to stop scammers is to ask for their identity through forum pms and look through their posting history before making a deal. Confirm that the individual you are messaging on the forums is the same guy you are trading with in game. Many trustworthy traders make use of the forum, and value their reputations there. Still, there are some traders who love to be “notorious”, or may have many alt accounts, and will try to trick you. Following these steps will help bring us one step closer to eradicating scammers, even if it is a slow process.
Forum thread
Forum thread for discussion
Failed thread but nonetheless

Flying Brazier spotted by Charmander

he Ragers of Lumberwood, yet again let rogoku, aka coonman, create another thread despite knowing his horrible reputation on the forums and IRC. According to the thread, rogoku and his mates have been threatening his neighbors of Trinity where wrath lives. Wrath is known to be naughty, “borrowing” stuff from neighbors without consent, so it is entirely possible that rogoku was only trying to re-obtain what belonged to him after being robbed.

coonman is dead again

People of Trinity do not seem to read the forums and did not respond nor ask for help from available rangers, all of which wanted a reason to smack rogoku. In the end, rogoku and Arcanist were tricked into a fight and killed by Vigilance disguised as Chief and Gunnar.

Vigi vs Yasso & Tim

Yasso, the leader of TROL has promised me on IRC that we would be seeing some new entertainment presented by them on the forums in the near future. I only hope that he will not let rogoku write up their story this time.

As of October 24th, Vigilance and Gunnar were summon-killed by Mushibag. Hopefully we can present you another story on this in the next issue.
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Misplaced posts
Forum thread

exar is currently looking for a ranger to take care of a robber. He has posted a bounty of “900 gold”, people are still unclear if he means to offer 900 silver, or some other unknown currency. I hope some noble rangers will help you, no matter what you are offering, Lexar!
Forum thread

arwoth and his crew planned a trap, and it seems they managed to catch a few Russian players in it. MrEllu started a thread showing the site of the crime and put a stress on one of them saying “Entering Trinsic“, which is the name of one of the bases Darwoth was using, and shows a screenshot of this familiar hermit base as the criminal’s home.
The thread itself was pretty strange from the start when MrEllu was mentioning Chief Poop in OP and more so when one of the russians, Wildvlad said “Russia VS Cheif round 2″, because most forumers who had read the thread knew that this place did not belong to Chief, unless of course he was playing with Darwoth. “Oh forum drama… first thing to read when i woke up”, MrEllu once said in IRC. How can he pretend to be unknowing, and leave his rangers uninformed?
“Russian mafia hitmen are an endless resource”, MrEllu said in one of his posts after Darwoth successfully killed those Russian rangers. Would a noble citizen choose such a phrase to talk about the noble rangers he hired with his petty amount of silver? I cannot help but doubt it.
Forum thread

ylan started his literature in CoH, called “A Pilgrim’s Journal” and it currently has 5 entries. It deals with the traumatic misadventures of a young pilgrim, related in the form of a diary. The Courant eagerly awaits the next episode of this dark tale.
Forum thread

re our volunteer moderators abusing their power on the forums? Maybe, maybe not. You can laugh out loud with sabinati‘s new thread in CoH on this and you may be able to find out if they are actually abusing or not. You find it bizarre? Maybe you need to learn the true fun of trolling and being trolled!
Forum thread

amerZakh started making his videos again. One of his latest videos introduced the Courant in it! Thanks, GamerZakh! (you cannot die from swimming though! you get KO’d when you run out of phlegm.)

GamerZakh’s youtube video

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  • MrEllu

    Comment About the factual correctness of the article about me and my thread.

    I feel the article may be misleading to a person who has not read my thread or is new here.

    Ok, so the my side of the story goes about like this: I wake up one morning seeing that my base has been raided, all my stuff is gone. I had not been so active in couple of weeks so I figured this was a reason to get back to the game. So with my humours being still at only 40ish and only black skills that I had were trespassing and larceny I decided that at least I could track him down and post it to forums to inform people. And so I made the first posting, I decided to make it not so serious kinda casual, making it more enjoyable to people, so I made a joke about a dead bear I found on the way to raiders base, implying that Chief PeePooKaka (jwhitehorn) would be horrified to see the sight of wasted meat. after that I found the base of the raider called “Trinsic” at this time I had no idea who the base belonged so I just took some pictures and finished up my first post: http://forum.salemgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1472

    My petty bounty: only 750s all the money I had as a solo hermit at this time, I just promised that because I though it was at least something.
    After a while comment like “Darwoth is up to no good again” started appearing, I did not pay much attention to them at first, cause I had not been so active on ingame politics so I did not recognize the claim in question belonging to Darwoth.
    During that time that I was sleeping Wildvlad posted a pic where he was raiding Trinsic, saying something about the chief, which confused me: http://forum.salemgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1472&start=10

    During the night the raider had also changed locations so I tracked him again: http://forum.salemgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1472&start=20 After Darwoth himself started posting it soon became clear that he was the raider in question. I was in Trinsic observing the destruction that had been caused by Wildvlad, while I were there collecting some useful stuff that had been left behind, I was suddenly ambushed by two russians, they KO:d me and then asked: if I were MrEllu, I said yes, they introduced themselves as Wildvlad and he’s teammates, and asked me for the evidence, which I provided for them.

    Quicly after that my thread became many pages long Darwoth vs Painherz drama. then Darwoth made a post about how he fought off “horde of russian zerglings (4)” and posted a pics about it, 3 of them apparently managed to escape but one was summon killed by Darwoth for not having a homestead. Darwoth slightly annoyed that because of my thread russians raided trinsic and tried to kill him too at his base, decided to redecorate my claim destroying almost all structures and buildings. http://forum.salemgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1472&start=80 (pages 9 to 11)

    After that I responded saying that I was about to move anyways and I thanked him for “making things more environment friendly” I had made enough iron for my new base. So I announced the location of my old base that people could if they wanted get some Darwoth scents from there.
    Darwoth at his post on page 11 said talking about me how I send hitmen from russian mafia after him, I made a joke about it: “Russian mafia hitmen are an endless resource : )” and some Senryu’s as well http://forum.salemgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1472&start=110 After many pages of Painherz and Darwoth drama, the thread was closed by a moderator.

    At this point I still thought the joke was harmless, but apparently some people took it as disrespectful towards the Russians. So when Tonky informed me that this was the case, I decided to make an apology to people who felt this way, I did not mean to be disrespectful, but sometimes I just don’t realize it. http://forum.salemgame.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=787&start=200

    Aftermath is: Darwoth is still alive, I left far far away to start a new settlement. The fate of the Russians is at the moment still a mystery, there has not been any new information since the thread was closed. I hope this cleared some things up, if you have questions you can PM me at forums.

  • http://sabinati.com sabinati

    test comment

  • Silence_D

    > The fate of the Russians is at the moment still a mystery, there
    has not been any new information since the thread was closed.

    You hired them, but they do not provide you with such information?

    Or did the contract die as one of the rangers got summon-killed?