“There you go again”

Just the same old same old.

There you go again!

Cheif Poop is still rambling on about his newb killing spree even after he was killed multiple times. Badich and Co. seem to have had a lot of fun with it, damaging The Apple pretty harshly, but it’s just another key to the midway; the Scalping thread still goes on forever with fabulous tribal photo-shopping (or MS-paint) skills.
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Big Apple bitten by Samsung

“Round 2″ of Russians vs Chief, that Wildvlad mentioned in MrEllu’s trap thread proved to be a fake, and it seems it had nothing to do with the Chief at all, unfortunately for them. Hopefully we will hear of a real Round 2 soon.
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There you go again!

Just another boring rehash of Chief’s rampage is told by alloin, known under a multitude of names such as Wishy, Zacchaeus, TaxCollector, King Charles and so on.

Thank You town, darkness modified by MvGulik

The difference, though, is that this self-appointed King and his slaves hide deep in the darkness town called Thank You. They claim to be collecting taxes from us puritans, who are no longer subjects after Cromwell cut Charles’ head off at Whitehall on 30 January 1649 and ended the absolute monarch forever.

Taxation without Representation

But just like Chief, they only go after the poor players for taxes and never visit rich towns even after staxjax invited them officially by giving away his coordinates for free.
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~ Editorial Notice ~
We regret to inform our readers of the cancellation of the article “Interview with the Dead” dealing with the vile child-killer known as Chief Poop, and 2 other articles on BTK due to a strange epidemic of coma attacking all three writers in charge. We suspect some foul magic is at work here.

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