Halloween Celebration in Salem!

Players gathered around in Boston in order to celebrate the first Halloween ever in Salem Beta. They decorated Boston Centre with harvested pumpkins, skeletons, and other various items, where they proceeded to party for hours.

The party host, colesie aka JordanColes, said “Big thank you to everyone who showed up and for these two for contributing pumpkins, masks, and the cauldron. Really helped it liven things up.”

Unfortunately, it seems that there are those who are envious of other people having fun and have to ruin the fun of others.

Darwoth and Makestro were these envious souls tonight. They arrived to the party, not to celebrate, but to try and ruin the fun of others. They got in the way of fellow pilgrims, stole the decorations, and attempted to bully the owner of the cauldron, who had kindly rented it out for this occasion. Chat logs have been posted of these two bullies, along with pictures of them “proudly” destroying the cauldron. It is unfortunate that the only way these two can attract attention is by ruining the fun of others.

It is also sad that none of the Boston guards would deal with such douchebaggery. We may need some baby-sitters in Boston to give special care for the immature population, if Boston is to remain “safe”.
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