lennfinnan, the famous explorer who always brings something new to the community, brought us another great sight-seeing spot: a hill fort!

The town on top of the hill seems to be located wisely to exploit a rise in elevation for a defensive advantage. It would take a lot of phlegm to even go in and out of this fortification. For the people who live there taking a walk outside the walls must not be easy, that is unless the residents are either very high-leveled humoured players, or lock themselves in their own town and only visit Boston for interacting with others. A very interesting site indeed, and let me applaud the builders with respect!
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illertomas has offered a 1200s bounty on HopeSlayer‘s head for raiding his iron mine on a daily basis. HopeSlayer was not aware of who killertomas was, and proceeded to offer double the silver to anyone who could track him by using the scents killertomas has. Hopeslayer puts up this offer with the claim that he has never left scents for his iron. The bounty was, however, put on hold as killertomas said “im not stupid enogh to attack it. atleast not for awile(sic)”.

killertomas is known for his claims of being a constant scam victim, with at least 3 instances known to the public. He is also known for complaints against other merchants, badgering them to keep their prices high. He may have been scammed before, but I cannot be sure if all of his claims and complaints are true, especially after seeing how he talks in IRC, with his constant spamming, along with his “let’s fix prices” talks. It is possible that killertomas was only accusing HopeSlayer because they sold the same percentage ores, however, it is also possible that HopeSlayer is pretending to be innocent. Or, it also may be possible that someone is pretending to be HopeSlayer, causing the easily deceived killertomas to accuse the wrong person.

On his bounty thread, he is asking for the taker to present absolute proof of the killing with either photographic evidence, or a video of his death, even though he has yet to provide any evidence of the crime scene at all. The story still remains a mystery, since he continues to refuse to present us with the evidence, and the coordinates he claims to have tracked to.
Bounty thread
HopeSlayer’s trade thread
Misplaced posts

olesie, or JordanColes, is asking to be oathed in order to be a Boston citizen so that he could level around the Boston town bell. But I’m afraid that the Boston mayor would not approve him either for his dumb attitude, or perhaps maybe for his horrible taste in music. “He shall have to live with the not-completely-flat town center as a visitor,” the Bank teller sighed.
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hief Poop has started a new trend. He lures unsuspecting new players outside the Boston claim, and proceeds to kill them. Afterwards he eagerly hounds the forum, waiting for a new post relating to the player’s death to appear. He then begins to troll the thread, offering ranging services for his own head. This trolling seemed to be a challenge to forum moderation.

The first noticeable victim of this sad attempt for attention seems to be ramuller. He was lured outside the claim, killed, and proceeded to make a thread about his death. Shortly after Chief Poop made an appearance in the thread, and began his trolling.

The second victim appears to be a player named Boogin, who is now trying to find a place to settle after his death. Just like ramullar, he was lured outside the Boston claim, believing he could buy a cheap backpack. Chief Poop once again began to troll Boogin’s P&P thread, with his familiar trolling.

However, it seems that Chief’s challenge appeared to have backfired on him in the end. The banhammer was turned into a guillotin, and Chief shall never be seen on the forums again, although players may still be in danger of his in-game tricks. That is, of course, if he still finds killing newbs as fun without the attention.
ramueller’s Forum thread in CuH
Boogin’s Forum thread in P&P

any pilgrims are worried about the steady decline of population in Salem. Some place this blame on the perma-death and PvP, raiders are killing off new players and discouraging from the game, before they even begin. Others believe that the unfriendly nature of the UI and client are to blame for this decline. Even more find that the real cause is the unfriendly community. Nevertheless, the real culprit is the lack of content, there is just not much implemented to play with.

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