Announcing the Honours List

Hereby, we are honoured to announce the Honours List of those who have contributed to the Tumbleweed Courant. Thank you everyone, this newspaper couldn’t have started without your works!


The Order of Senryū

sabinati (for the sample in op)
Sevenless (Sept 5th, Sept 22th, Dec 2nd)
Ass_Kraken (Sept 10th, Nov 3rd)
darnokpl (Oct 1st)
staxjax (Oct 1st)
Rololas (Oct 24th)
jorb (Oct 24th ~as Word of God)
TotalyMoo (Nov 3rd)
DonnEssime (Dec 2nd)

The Order of Obituary

Vigilance (Sept 10th)
Tylan (Oct 1st)
pushedx (Oct 1st)
Ass_Kraken (Oct 24th)
Jalpha (Dec 2nd)
alloin (Dec 2nd)
Bait (Dec 2nd)
Tonkyhonk (Dec 2nd)

The Order of Fashion

TrisDa, aka Yarn Fish
Gunnar Kveldúlfsson
Spazzmaticus, aka Karl-Evert
jorb (Nov 3rd)
greg0418 (Dec 2nd)
Mushibag (Dec 2nd)
Dallane (Dec 2nd)
colesie, aka Jordan Coles (Dec 2nd)

The Order of Art

Sacre (for bottom logo, Senryū symbol, MPD statue)
Paradox Interactive (for concept arts)
Lusewing (for video)
GamerZakh (for video)
Eegorevids(for video)

The Order of Exploration


The Order of News

Samuel Winthrop
Gunnar Kveldúlfsson
Yarn Fish
Silence Dogood

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