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There was a bug where a knocked out criminal would not be sent home after 24 hours. This bug was most likely introduced by the last update, Criminal Thanksgiving. The bug was announced as fixed on November 28th, so unlucky criminals could have been unconscious for up to a week. Or if they were really unlucky, they were just killed and never noticed the bug.
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There is, with the server update, a new “:act lo” command that goes via the server instead. That has the nice advantage that error checking is made and that, therefore, if you cannot log out, you are told so instead of the client just logging out with your character remaining in game perhaps without you knowing about it.

by loftar » Wed Nov 07, 2012

Later that day he has also added in a button for the feature through the options window, so now you do not have to type the command but instead use the Logout button in the option window to properly log out. Make sure that you do NOT click the “x” button at top right of the screen to log out from the game.
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