Latest Update: Rooting thy Native Oak

“When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace
and the seeds of hope”
– Wangari Muta Maathai

Tree planting has finally arrived! Now you can make your own tree farm and continue your board industry without worrying about deforestation.

To grow trees, you will first need to learn Forestry, strike cuttings from trees, plant them in pots, then plant the survived sprouts and wait for about a week. Relevant proficiencies for this are Frontier & Wilderness, Natural Philosophy, and Stocks & Cultivars. Make sure you give a decent space for each sprout to grow.

Cuttings planted in pots by Usernm

Personal Claims now requires upkeep to the tune of 4s + (Claimed Area / 300)s per day. Do not be weary though, because this is a good silver sink to support the game, besides, now abandoned settlements won’t be a bother any more. Town claim upkeep now has a big meaning as well.

Those of you, who had built too big a claim(s) prior to this and now regretting, you can recover 75% of the invested silver (deposited in bank) when declaiming for one week. Don’t forget that this is an exception only applied until the next update which is likely coming in a week.

Good news for the new players out there is that animals in Boston or each town centre do not attack players any more, unless jorb and loftar decide to grief us again on an occasion. You can feel safe to receive your items from the mailman there without worries, although I still would not recommend you to afk anyways.

Refer to the announcement thread for the details and some other small updates.
Announcement thread

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