Karen's public domain imageOn the blustery shores of a modest lake, forever drenched in murky twilight, a result of the towering pines all around, there was a town, nondescript… Peaceful.

It happened to be that on this day I was perusing a cookbook, salivating over the new recipes I beheld. Deep in concentration I had not noticed the approach of a party of natives, their numbers and the sounds of their movement concealed by the wind in the trees and the burbling of a nearby brook.

Startled from my reverie by the horrid screech and crash of the gate behind me giving way I spun, too late, they were upon me. Whirling wildly around me, their barbaric costumes a confusing swirl of hide and bared flesh punctuated brutally by sprays of my own blood.

I ran, or tried to, a gate ahead… Shut. I opened it and expired, one arm stretched forth towards life. An odd beam of light shone down, and my soul took its joyous flight, ecstatic to be freed from the bonds of life.

R.I.P. Jalpha
Missed by his only son.

by Jalpha » Sun Nov 11, 2012

Karen's public domain imageNear the door
He paused to stand
As he tried to protect me
Off the hypocrit’s hand
All went so fast
Killing blow …
and it was past

R.I.P. Retri
only guy whom i trust now

by alloin » Wed Nov 14, 2012

Karen's public domain imageR.I.P, good Sir.

by Bait » Wed Nov 14, 2012

Karen's public domain image

O He gives to us His joy,
That our grief He may destroy:
Till our grief is fled and gone
He doth sit by us and moan.

Skarphedin Gunnarson, age unknown, who always enjoyed encounters with others and loved having neighbours nearby, bid farewell to the world on Holy Thursday last week. He had lost most of his neighbours to the new towns and committed a suicide at the Reservation. The Braves ran away as they spotted him, only alts with no C&A appeared, and it took him struggling hours to meet a fake chief in order to set himself free.
Rest in Peace, Gunnarson, the Newer world is waiting for you with open arms when you’re back.

by Tonkyhonk » Sun Dec 2nd, 2012

Karen's public domain imageR.I.P. Silence Dogood
Overdose of Salem Forums put her to sleep.
Her mission accomplished, her role on Salem is done.
A note left beside her says; Silence now does better.

by Tonkyhonk » Sun Dec 2nd, 2012

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Born on board a ship sailing to Boston, lost father celebrating her birth the very day. Married to a Country Minister/Bachelor for nearly seven years with 2 girls and a boy, until his death. Now remained in a state of widowhood for several years. "I have a natural Inclination to observe and reprove the Faults of others, at which I have an excellent Faculty."