ith the new colonial towns open, some players have given up on their old homes and conflicts, in order to restart their Salem lives on a newer server. King Charles and his Tax Collectors said they were were moving to Roanoke, as did the members of The Rager of Lumberwoods. Wishy, aka alloin, said in IRC “I will behave on this server btw”. Its as if he just admitted he was not behaving well on Plymouth. HasseKebab, a member of TROL posted a picture showcasing their first march hare on the Roanoke server.

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On the other hand, Darwoth suggested that he was going to move to the Jamestown server. He was quoted as saying “jamestown shall not be destroyed by the russian zerg force” and showed off his cash awaiting to be spent.
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AAlex, known to be a faithful servant of Dis zerg queen in the Old World, has revealed their existence in Jamestown humbly as to call it a casual hermitting, enjoy playing a little man.
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The most notorious Russian community, likely formed by Apxeolog and Co., seem to have stationed themselves on the Roanoke server, despite many assumptions of them being on Jamestown. According to our source, more than half of the stalls in Roanoke belong to them, netting them a lot of silver. It is also said that they are building a big fortress in the darkness secretly. However, it is said that they also plan to keep their empire on Plymouth, along with their 100% purity crops. While maintaining alliances with a few towns there, forming a decent guild with many members, and awaiting for the cross-server trip.

The MM tribe, with their wanna-be-indian group members are of course planning to stay on Plymouth. They will continue on their newb/alt hunting near Boston. Gallows Hill, or Fortress of Lies, featuring Captain America, also plan to maintain their prescence on Plymouth. They won’t stop until they destroy the MM tribe. A rumour claims that they have 37 more to go.

new map project has been started by Maxeusz and The Cartographer’s Bay Pilgrims. They have collected over 26.500 tiles so far, and have listed the top 10 contributors in their thread.
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ive stream event was held by Paradox on November 8th, starring jorb from Seatribe, and nafastus & TotalyMoo from Paradox, but loftar was absent.

They first showed the basic how-to for beginners, including how jorb could cheat with his godly power, then moved on to live Q&A session, accepting all who sent jorb a request to kin in Boston.

During the Q&A session, jorb trolled hard in Boston, leveling the ground here and there, spawning lots of un-implemented creatures in Boston, along with aggressive snakes. He even attacked one of the players and killed alloin for the show (but of course revived him later.)

kaktytywasvas summoned jorb

After the fun party stream, however, someone decided to use the scent jorb left in Boston to either track him or summon him. Poor jorb had totally forgotten that he had not had his homestead and died to the insta-kill feature he had implemented earlier to punish scent abusers.

As a result, he ended up giving some lucky players his treasury items for free; Rapier, Witch’s Broom, and Cthulhu Mask, for the most notables, along with an axe, a breastplate, Swiss Guard Outfit, a helmet and his lovely Seaweed mask. MrEllu who got lucky to get the broom, however, ended up losing it later by crashing the server on his broom flight.
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MrEllu’s story post
Live stream video

lennfinann, one of the celebrated explorers by the Courant, has spotted a major water fall in Salem. His report seems to have amaze and please jorb with their map generation. This is surely going to make another popular sightseeing spot for new colonists. (click to expand pics)

L33LEE, aka Retribution also found a huge lime mound, most likely in the darkness of Roanoke. However, unlike a waterfall, this mound would not last long for sightseeing, considering the high lime demand for the new colony.
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Ornery seems to have found a secret bug, which he used to build his fancy Water Castle on a lake. It must surely take a long time to build stuff on water. Since he would need to be swimming, while building and use up even more phlegm than usual. (Attentions, New players, do not even intend to try this because you will be disappointed!)
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ome players have been claiming that we may have a serious bug. Players have been unable to wake up after 24 hours from unconscious status after being KO’ed on unpermitted claim. imrielle says he has already been down for over 48 hours. bob even claims its been 72 hours. It has been reported on the bug tracker, but has not received loftar‘s attention yet. It may have something to do with the last update.
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Bug Tracker page
Editor’s note : This was confirmed by devs later and has already been fixed.

illertomas keeps on rocking. He got tired of being scammed, and joined the  MM Tribe, wishing to be on the scamming side this time. One of his first scamming attempts involved trying to sell “slave” keys that belonged to Yasso, who is either inactive or hiding in Roanoke. Killertomas must believe everyone else is as dumb as he is, why else would he try to get offers on a slave key?

Another fine post by killertomas is his “TOMAS’S TP OF WISDOM” thread. In it we can see him practicing Simlish, or perhaps its Pingu? Either way it is a clear example as to why his posts should be avoided, unless of course you don’t value your brain. For the sake of a pain free mind, remember to avoid these 3 names, killertomas2, Waffles72, and coonman.
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peaking of a scammer, self-claiming professional scammer, greg0418 has used his “main” account, Slander, to post his trade thread. Although he was so confident on how he could scam others, he seems unable to open a trade thread of his own. Who knew having a scammer name associated with a trade thread would be a bad idea? Those who dislike big mouth scammers, or those who are not confident enough not to get scammed, you have heard my warning.
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Editor’s Note : It’s said that Slander has appealed to mods that he and greg0418 are not the same person but just the same IP users. Thus, they are supposed to be just family members or friends sharing flat or school mates playing at same school or whatsoever. It is your choice what to believe and what not to.

ishy, aka alloin has started a trailer contest. He is planning to give away some packages and silvers to the winners, and since he did say he was going to behave this time around, hopefully those rewards are not scented nor coming from his tax collecting.
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Editor’s Note : TotalyMoo has added rewards, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.

evenless has made a new quick guide for new players. Those who can’t be bothered to read his long and detailed guide for a kick start, try this shorter piece instead. It may be helpful for those DIY people who would rather enjoy finding things out on their own, just to get to know the basic skills.
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ne of the new players, scypheroth, has lost his newly bought beginner’s pack in Boston. This is due to an angry bear that was lead to town by some nasty griefer. The Town Centre is suppose to be a safe haven from PvP, however it is currently not safe from animals, nor jorbtar. Animals can knock you out, causing you to drop all items in your inventory, and jorb can even kill players there if he so pleases  – though he would most likely revive you.

In this case, it seems that scypheroth was chatting with his friend, just after having received his pack from the mailman, when an angry bear engaged combat upon him. His low humoured character was no match for the bear, and as a result he lost all his items, including his newly bought pack. This pack was then looted by the griefer, free of scents and any attachments.

He had been posting some whiny posts prior to this (and even more after this), but it does not of course mean that he should lose newly bought items in Boston right when he received them. However, many forumers felt uncomfortable with his claim and flamed him horribly. A moderator felt it was a good idea to then move this Help thread to HoB to allow others to flame on, rather than locking the thread after he supposedly received the reply he sought.

He e-mailed support@paradox.com and was able to claim reimbursement, much to our relief and to some the dismay of others. He has received a new pioneer pack from Paradox for compensation.

by TotalyMoo » Thu Nov 29, 2012
Even though I love the idea of animals ravaging around in Boston and we all know that Jorbtar does too with spawning snakes just for fun we can’t allow for item loss like this at the pick-up point.

Boston is indeed somewhat of a safe-zone and should therefore be at least safe to pick up purchased items in.

Hopefully the devs will put forth a solution as soon as possible, so that events like this will never happen again. Otherwise, each town centre would be an exploiter-free zone instead of safe zone as intended, words would spread and just scare away customers from buying items to support the game.
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Editor’s Note: Animals no longer attack players in each Town Centre.

aggetry not allowed in Salem. Right after the devs put forth a solution to animal abuse in the Tow Centres, Trenial, or Sitting Bull reported another case of abuse. Some players felt the need to grief others by blocking the entrances to the public mills, demanding a silver fee be payed to enter.

Luckily, jorb was around and responded to this immediately. He proceeded to drown these highwaymen, and it seems their accounts were also banned as well. Usernm raged about the bans and challenged jorb, asking the community to make griefer alts and to continue where he left off at. Usernm even went as far to provide a link for people to obtain more beta keys, in order to prove that there would be no solution to griefing.
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onkyhonk has finally decided to quit larping Silence Dogood after publishing this issue. Whoever decides to take over the Courant should talk to sabinati on the forums.

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