Salem’s Latest and Greatest Fashion – Gangster Style

With the release of the wonderful “emotes” update, many of the morally questionable denizens of the New World have exhibited their own unique fashion sense. From scammers to murderers, nothing is more important to the criminal mind then showing off.

“The Evil Admiral”

Greg0418, the infamous scammer, shows how profitable his cowardly criminal activities have been with an admiral’s uniform, with an Aspen on his head to appear “evil”. We feel that the metal axe rather spoils the look, as surely a true criminal mastermind wouldn’t need to chop wood? Perhaps his bark is worse than his bite, in reality…

“I’m so unconcerned, but I’mma get you, mofo.”

Mushibag, the infamous murderer, looks extremely “gangster” here. We hear that he is in fact very flamboyant, and recently posed for a very long, extended photoshoot by killertomas2. However, we have to ask, why the bare feet? It’s the little details like this that set the truly stylish apart from the merely rich and famous.

“Flamboyant Troll”

We feel that this outfit really suits Dallane, and he was kind enough to stop spamming for a minute and give us the full list so that you, the Reader, might recreate this outfit: Latest from Paris, Nobleman’s Jacket and Pants, Plymouth Frock, Snakeskin Boots, and a Wicked Wickerman mask. We especially like the sexy pose.

“Classic Vampire, or Itinerant Preacher?”

Jordan Coles, High Priest of Jorb, a famous ex-gangster from the Old World, is wearing a Plymouth Frock over the classic starter shirt, topped with a Musketeer’s Hat. Superficially, we think he does fit the part of a travelling preacher rather well, but for the odd light around his eyes. He himself has linked this to the Curse of Vampirism, and we hope that loftar can cure this plague before it is too late for us all…


“I call this one Moco”

Stylish Workclothes

In contrast to the gauche ruffians above, Karl-Evert once again returns to the Fashion page, spotted on the left by our correspondent, relaxing against his windmill in a supremely stylish Gentleman’s jacket over a farmer’s vest. On the right we see him in a more playful outfit, comprised of a core trio of cotton shirt, cotton cape, and adventurer’s vest.