Updates: Zero Hour, Boards, Shops & Thanksgiving

Zero Hour, Nov 5th

Announcement thread

Multi-server support is finally finished, and along with this new feature comes two major updates, and some minor updates. Two new servers, Roanoke and Jamestown are now open up, and with these new servers comes a new GUI. Among the minor updates are the implementation of capes, pickaxes, and new usages for turkey feathers. Also with these are changes to crime and mining, mining on someone else’s claim will leave vandal scents.

An interesting thing to note is that the pricing of player stalls were set differently on the new servers, the stalls closer to the town bell are more expensive than the ones further away. It also appears that these new stalls are already all occupied. Late comers will once again have to wait for the devs to introduce more stalls, or attempt to buy one from the current owner.

Loads of beta keys were also given out go alongside the opening of the new servers, this has led to a dramatic increase in player population.

GamerZakh‘s vid, excited at official music being played and new GUI
(Actually, GamerZakh, you are one of the very few who said “No” to the musician :P)

Eegorevids’ vid, showing some of the new stuff such as capes, pickaxes, etc…



Boarded Up Feelings, Nov 15th

Announcement thread

The new update here features Carpentry. Yes, a Board Industry! Building 2-story townhouses and sheds to stock items sound really nice, and I’m sure many will love the new emotes you can unlock by learning skills.

Hitori, feeling boarded up “too close, but good looking”

Acquiring boards is a rather tedious and long process, filled with both rewards, and failures. In order to produce dry boards, you will need to wait 5 days to dry fresh boards through a timber pile. If you succeed you will be awarded dry boards, or moldy boards should you fail. You then can use the dry boards to build a Carpenter’s Bench which will allow you make planed boards, or wood choppings if you fail, the success rate is influenced by your Hammer and Nail skill. Afterwards you use the planed boards to build an oiling trough, and through this you can make oiled boards, which takes 2 days and will either give you an oiled board, or a warped board which can be used to make planed boards or wood chopping.

Factors such as your skill in Hammer and Nail, along with the placement of the timber piles (don’t imitate the above pic) will determine your success in the board making process. Moreover, you will need to acquire lots of boards for the various things you can now build. (Yet, no tree-planting skill exists. Boo!)

by jorb » Tue Nov 20, 2012
“My own first three piles yielded 64 dry boards, of which I have 23 left after throwing down press, trough, bench, 8 planed boards for the trough and one woodknot (which is terrible, don’t study any, they will be significantly buffed). I have 42 H&N.”

Although luck has a bit of an effect on the success rate, players soon started to enjoy figuring out the optimal placement for timber piles. This appears to be tricky, since the mold from one pile may contaminate the boards of another nearby pile. Currently it is said that you will most likely want to keep the timber piles 5 tiles away from each other to avoid contamination. The discussion is still on going, and can be seen at the above announcement thread.


Criminally Thanksgiving & Shop, Nov 22nd

Announcement thread
Announcement thread

Mushibag stealing a new table

Mushibag enjoying the table

Lots of new items for thanksgiving were given out and sold. Many enjoyed them, much suffered from them, and most re-learned what this meant. It has turned out that Thanksgiving in Salem is not a day you give or receive thanks, but a day when a lot of us realize that this is an open pvp game where players try to force you to drop thanks. It is a day players are officially encouraged to commit crimes to obtain “gifts” from those who have them.

This update was accompanied by a new tougher type of walls, along with updates to the crime debuff. The new type of walls appear to look very nice, but in order to have these walls, you will need to pay a hefty price in both time and materials. The new crime debuff update also seems to be giving some raiders a harder time. Criminals now have to walk decently far away from the crime spot in order to reduce the debuff, and regenerate their biles.

The devs are still trying to find the best balance, so if you have any good records of detailed results or logical opinions on the new debuff system and feel like it is not balanced, feel free to share it on the announcement thread and discuss.

by jorb » Sat Nov 24, 2012
“Arguing that it takes too long does not mean arguing against the system. What I primarily need to know is whether the mechanic of having to put some distance between yourself and the crime is viable. Specific numbers and edge cases (100s of leantos) can obviously be adjusted for, and do not constitute fundamental arguments about the fundamental incentives the system puts in place.

I’m not saying that it isn’t interesting to know about those edge case, but “the system sucks, I had to wait for a really long time when X, Y and Z” is not what I am primarily interested in.”

Eegorevids’ vids on the last two updates in more details. More are coming later according to him. (I won’t blame you for not showing crime debuff ;))

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