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The Tumbleweed Courant is a community project by voluntary forumers, talking about the news and events happening in Salem. We are proud to call this Yellow Press and we are not going to take any responsibilities of the contents here being truth (in-game-wise) or not.

We mainly collect news and events we happen to see or hear from the Salem forums, IRC game chat and elsewhere (so busy players can read this to follow in-game events, but with the subjective views by writers and editors in charge), and accept submissions and/or materials from temporal volunteers or anonymous info providers who play the game.

Just like Tumbleweeds, the news may roll around the Salem world, gathering weeds and branches to grow into big puffballs, or it may just be picked up by a passer-by, get consumed or released and be bygones. We hope we can manage to grow some nothingness into good dramas and laughs. We might even get suppressed by some super-powers arise in game too, if we succeed.

Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy our “talking trash” here!
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The Tumbleweed Courant is named after “The New-England Courant” published by Franklin brothers back in the 18th century in Boston, and an in-game item, Tumbleweed, that players can catch in game from grassland tiles to study for learning experiences.


~ About the Game ~


Salem is a sandbox MMO featuring open PvP & Permadeath with crafting elements, produced by Paradox Interactive. Its duo-developers, SeaTribe, remade their predecessor, Haven and Hearth, into 3D commercial MMO set in Colonial New England. It is now in closed Commercial-Beta status, waiting for it to be open sometime during 2012. Currently you will need to obtain a beta key to register both for the game and the forums.

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Silence Dogood (9/5~12/2)
Editor, Writer

Samuel Winthrop (9/10~
Layout design, Editor, Writer

Monkeytofu (9/5~12/2)

Rawrz (9/5~12/2)
Editor, Layout design

Gunnar Kveldúlfsson (10/24~ )

Yarn Fish (9/10~10/24)

Superiodity (9/10~10/1)

Vigilance (9/10)

Blackladder (11/3~)

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Salem is a registered trademark of Paradox Interactive.
Many of the images used on this site are copyrighted and owned by Paradox Interactive, and some are player creations or from public domains. If you ever want to use anything on this site, please contact us by Comment feature at the bottom of this page.

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