Encouragement from the Crown and Company

England has declared its interest in the New World. With this newest introduction of more colonies, clear guidance and additional fashions to Salem, The English Government together with the Board of Directors of Hudson Bay Trading Company have provided funds and beginner’s gears for those puritans who registered their interests in the Company. For a small sum of money, players are entitled to one of the 3 packs that provides unique items as well as clothing for the coming adventures. Be it a pioneer pack or a fisherman’s parcel, which boasts magnificent help for newbies to land whales, puritans will have a firmer foothold in Salem. Of course, all packages aren’t raider proof so be aware.

Here are a couple of screenshots of these magnificent outfits which come with the packages.
Adventurer outfit with rapier
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Espionage or just plain Stupidity?

Death to spies
Folks murdered
Devious plots thicken
Over the Blind King


An attempt at raiding is carefully camouflaged, sugar coated as rescue mission. Rangers turned raiders or otherwise? Or was the whole thing just a farce to finish off the notorious noob killer, Chief Peepookaka?

A rescue message was sent out by Raoul_Duke, a member of Blind The King town (BTK), stating that he was being held by the villainous villagers, begging for help with a bounty of 10k silver for BTK’s destruction.

Bait, Salem’s famous ranger, accepted the contract. This was later revealed to be a grim prospect for BTK’s citizens as Raoul, the supposedly wronged victim, and Bait were actually on the same boat and had worked out the plan for BTK’s demise a long time ago.

Casus belli being a spy from BTK had infiltrated their town, Bait, Staxjax, Dallane, and others had come up with a counter scheme in which Raoul plays the bug while Bait comes in as white knight on horseback. In defense of BTK, gregl26, said, “I fully admit I made a post to join towns. I wanted to see what setups other ppl had. I was impressed by your town btw.”

But is this statement as innocent as it appears?

Both sides claim victory and casualties at one point ranged from 2-1 in favor of BTK to 5-1 on Staxjax’s side. A short interview with baronbowden, mayor of the besieged town, helps shed some light on the matter:

  Blackadder: A couple of your ss, something about the current siege and some of Bait, Dallane, the Chief, Staxjax and Raoul if you have. And a detailed account of the story if you please.
  Baronbowden (whole story from BTK’s point of view):”-Raoul_Duke contacted us through our recruitment forum thread approximately 5 days after we booted Pain with a story about how he was comming back from alpha testing and wanted to play in a group.
-Let him in and gave him access to my claim until he got set up with an assigned claim.
-We fed him (treated him like all new recruits essentially) went inactive very quickly after joining, would show up briefly once a day for a few mins. Said he was looking for work etc.
-I log out one day when he is in and log back in 4 hours later and my entire claim has been cleaned out. Everything.
-We know its him but nobody witnessed the actual crime (were busy on their claims) so we wait a few days to see if he even bothers showing back up.
-He does so I explain over skype he is being removed from the village over theft. He denies etc.
-Posts the bounty for 10k.
-He attempts to sell the contract to the chief but we happen to have friendly trading relations with chief so he declines to take the contract
-Bait who is actually in Raoul’s village pretends he is taking the contract since the chief wouldn’t and pretends its because we have done wrong by kicking out Raoul from the village and Pain
-3 days later or so Raoul logs in comes to my claim and asks to be let out of the village (we had changed keys) I say sure, he attacks and bait comes through a gate.
-They camp a claim trying to get us to Duel them we decline with farming chars.
-We stay inside walls they wander around all day until we log.
-One of our other actives Logs his combat char tries to take on 2-3 of them (they say it was only two which is possible) and dies. 60 humour murder alt.
-Next day they come back start razing inactive claims on the outskirts of the town. We stay inside claims avoid giving scents get them to keep having to bust onto our claims.
-While breaking down a gate mushibag KO’s. (100 humour char)
-We cement an alliance with Chief by giving him the kill (since he has so much drama with them) and avoid losing another murder alt to scents.
-They try and abuse a mechanic by pilling up dead alt bodies around the char they are trying to protect. (Bait Dallane Mushibag) unsuccessfully
-Mushibag’s alt dies too
-Stax and his town come clean that they had stolen everything from my claim and pretend they did it because greg having a spy in their village. To my knowledge this isn’t true. I can confirm he did join them because he was thinking about leaving us due to pain’s leadership. He definetely told them about the char and was booted out after we had removed pain and he no longer wanted to leave.
-Pain alleges he set them up to this. They havn’t confirmed.
-We moved valuables offsite to a secret location we had already prebuilt. Business is back to usual but now with full intentions of not forgetting stax’s band of griefers.”


As I type these words the siege is still raging on, although Baronbowden states that his town will stand against the bullies of Salem. Chief Peepookaka, still a noob killer and an enemy of some, has honoured his alliance with White Men in defending the town, killing several alts in a skirmish. Mushibag and Raoul of Staxjax’s town were slain in midst of the chaos.

A question still stands: Will there ever be true rangers in Salem or just a collection of rag tag soldiers who are bored and find amusement in others’ miseries?

Eventually, Painhertz, the notorious butthurt old man of Salem, has given hints of his help in this shamble. His reason being a sweet revenge on the backstabbers of his village. Pain was BTK’s headman and, as I suspect, a loud mouthed man as well. Stay tuned for more juicy drama and remember, payback is a bitch.