Salem’s Latest and Greatest Fashion- This is halloween

Congratulations to those who entered the spirit of Salem and Halloween by posting these extremely fashionable costumes!

Trisda (inspired by Sevenless) showed us this extremely witchy lady’s outfit. Terrifyingly stylish. These player’s wardrobes are clearly ready for incoming witchcraft updates.

Jorb‘s costume is simple yet effective – this would scare off any visitors to his claim more than the threat of the God Fork. Or is he summoning the God Fork in some arcane ritual in this picture?

Spazzmaticus, a well known fishing enthusiast, dressed for the occasion. We hear he spends 90% of the time dressed like this now, as his previously full wardrobe was recently sold off. Goes to show that even a simple outfit can be made much more stylish by the addition of simple accessories.

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Salem’s Latest and Greatest Fashion- The Hermit

Practical Hermit Woman

Practical Hermit Man

Odd Hermit male in a schoolgirl dress

Why not? Who is going to see you? You’re a Hermit. Without pants your man-parts are free to dangle in the breeze as nature intended, and if you’re looking at your blurry reflection in a lake, well that’s free adult entertainment right there. ^_^

Halloween is almost here, please post your best Halloween look!

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Salem’s Latest and Greatest Fashion: The Style of a Fine Man

Hello Fashion lovers! Ready to drool at the hot Salem men? I hope you will enjoy the two of the sexiest male looks I’ve found. I was thinking about putting a picture of a man in just snake boots and belt but without a penis it just looks sad.

~ The Indiana Jones Look ~

I love this look. It says fun, adventurous, loaded, and it makes a man look damn fine. I can just see this guy running from a giant tumbleweed.

To pull off this look is going to take a bit of work on your part. You are going to need a Plymouth Frock, nobleman’s Jacket, pilgrim’s hat, trapper boots, pants and torch

Modeled by Spazzmaticus

~ The Manly Green Pirate ~
Now just because you don’t have much doesn’t mean you can’t look fine. Most of this look is made with snake skins that you can find for free in old tree stumps. To look like this fine man you will need a snake skin coat, snake skin boots, snake skin belt, tan pants, a Spanish sabre, and a tricorne hat.

Modeled by Mary

If you think you have a fashion forward look please post in the forum thread if I like it I may just mite write about it.

Salem’s Latest and Greatest Fashion Ensembles

Hello Salem fashion lovers! Here are a few looks I’ve found to be very popular in Boston.

~The Evil Mad Hatter~

A good look to intimidate others with.
To pull this look off you need a Wicked Wicker man mask, a storm hat, a pilgrim’s coat, tan pant and adventurer’s boots.

Modeled by Red Rose on the left and Mary on the right.

~The Conquistador March Hare~

The Darko Mask with the Conquistador’s hat is a look seen often in the streets Boston. This look screams “I’m a powerful metal trader”.
For this look you will need a Conquistador’s Hat, a Spanish Sabre, Darko Bunny Mask, a Cotton Shirt, Farmer’s Pants, Snakeskin Belt and Boots.

Modeled by Red Rose

If you think you have a fashion forward look please post in the forum thread.