Update : Swimming and Boats Implemented

The long awaited update has finally arrived and gifted us the ability of swimming and row boats to navigate through waterways in Salem world.

Announcement thread

Some players are saddened to hear that they could not walk on water like Jesus any more, but many others stepped in deep water to congratulate and enjoy this new feature. You would love this swimming animation for sure, as long as you have enough phlegm not to drown and get KO.

above – beautifully made video recorded by Lusewing

The severity of the phlegm use is rather mild compared to the one of the Old World, and unfortunately it does not seem to be lethal enough to drown a witchy woman for her innocence as King James I of England suggested in his book THE DAEMONOLOGIE.

Some players built boats right away and enjoyed their first voyages here and there.
First Voyage by Droj
Forum thread by Droj

In case your graphics are not behaving well with boats, Jorb mentioned to update clients for a better experience. Also, don’t forget, “Ctrl + Click” to get off the boat.

Bugfix: Porta-alts & Tracking

Summoning a character without a homestead will now instantly kill that character.
by jorb » Wed Sep 25

The fix is implemented due to the abusive porta-alts, which raiders seem to have used for carrying loots back and forth quickly until very the fix. Many raiders had taken it as a feature, but this new patch shows it was never intended to exist for that purpose.

When in doubt, report!
Announcement thread
First thread that brought up the potential abuse of alts by painhertz

(On Tracking bug)
This bug should be fixed now.
by TotalyMoo » Wed Sep 26

According to many in the community, there was a tracking bug where you could track by using one clue alone. It was promptly fixed as soon as it was known to exist.

“This is still a beta so you are supposed to report these things as you find them, not use them for personal gain!” Said TotalyMoo in regards to bug abuse.
the split thread for the tracking bug

The MPD Award

It is with great pride we announce that Realak has been awarded the very first Most Pathetic Douchebag (MPD) Award.

MPD trophy designed by Sacre

The MPD Award is an award that recognizes exceptional douchebaggery worldwide who actively share their  in-game activities and/or forum posts with others.

The editorial board of the Tumbleweed Courant offically recognize and appreciate Realak’s extraordinary contributions and want to take this opportunity to share our appreciation with all the subscribers.

Realak, known to be an ex-fanboi of Painhertz, set out on his vision quest to be a bigger douche than his master last March, and was said to be spamming dozens of fan letters and stalking the veteran douche, asking to live with him in game.

When Realak realized his master was too scared of being surpassed, he started his new vision quest; harrassing his master.

He tried hiding his real identity to join his master’s town (but exiled shortly after being found out), revealing the coordinates of his whereabouts, exposing private skype logs, &c. His incredible adventure includes walking around randomly in Salem world until he actually bumped into his old master’s new claim, in order to kiss someone else’s arse (most likely Darwoth’s, mentioned later) by giving out the info.

The most notable achievement Realak has made during his vision-quest to shame himself so far is when he claimed to have summoned, fought and murdered Darwoth, another douche-master newb-killer. While Realak couldn’t even kill his old master Painhertz himself.

He also accused the rightful persecutors of Darwoth as some randoms asking for the reward with fake proof.

Realak’s imaginary talk in one of the related thread, time stamp@utc+9

Our agent has succeeded in making contact with the real persecutor group of dignified rangers, who successfuly hunted down and murdered Darwoth but wish to stay anonymous for their humility. They confirmed their work as well as the fact that Realak never belonged to this group.

Upon informing Realak of this honoroble award he was to receive, we had him visiting in our thread. He said enthusiastically and proudly,
“Considering all the spies I have in most of the “big” active towns, pretty sure I’ll be just fine. I’ll know your coming. You know that guy that works hard and logs in now and then, but isn’t truly active? yeah, that’s me.”
He never fails to entertain.

Congratulations to Realak. We are excited to recognize your amazing accomplishments and are proud that we selected you over your masters for this award. Even legendary names such as xweetok and shadowchris in Old World cannot match your douchiness!

Warning to the Community:
Realak of course has an alt account or two on the forums. Be very careful when you recruit a stranger. You wouldn’t want this idiot in your village now would you?

Realak’s latest douche thread
Raoul’s bounty and Realak’s another fiction attempt
Urughak’s thread with Realak’s Salem debut as a douche
(Realak’s amusing fictions in the above thread)
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RAGERS of the lumberwood thread, derailed madness
Realak’s wonderful critique on The Tumbleweed Courant
Hinnomed gibberish
Realak’s another fiction on his own ip ban

Special thanks to Painhertz and the anonymous rangers who accepted our interviews.

Special Report : Brazier Radius Revealed!

Our special reporter Tonkyhonk got a word in with loftar and sent us the following transcript. Enjoy!

Tonky > will the range of braziers be kept secret? or are you willing to reveal it to the public?
loftar > Um, yes, the intention is that the brazier radius should be shown in the client. There just isn’t any support for that yet.
loftar > Their radius is 250 “pixels”.
loftar > By which I mean map length units.
Tonky > oh pixels. i never understand that
loftar > 11×11 of which make up a tile.
loftar > That of torchposts, by the way, is 200 units.
Tonky > torchposts have smaller range?
loftar > Yes
Tonky > i hate math
loftar > Since one tile is 11 units wide, 10 tiles would make 110 units. ;)
Tonky > is the range a circle?
loftar > Yes
Tonky > so its like about 20~ tiles altogether
Tonky > and in a circle
loftar > Closer to 23, but yes. :)
loftar > 23 * 11 = 253. ;)

According to the other parts of the transcript, the multi-server support is coming along steadily, and loftar is hoping to get it done soon.

The Fist of Jorb is Back

Jorb (Artist's Rendition)

Jorb (Artist’s Rendition)

The Boston cupboard mentioned in the last issue was cleaned away by jorb last week. We may have another player challenging this again, but jorb has given us a strict warning as follows.

by jorb » Thu Sep 05, 2012 9:09 pm

Any shit you put in Boston is bound to get deleted. I don’t have to write rules for what the game already explicitly tells you by the no-build rule &c. The fact that you can exploit some loopholes in the rules by bending over backwards and twiddling your thumb in a counter-clockwise-motion while standing on one leg and clucking like a retarded chicken on ritalin does *not* in fact, contrary to popular opinion, preclude my right to delete those objects.

Hopefully we can keep Boston Centre clean for anyone to teleport in with ease.
Forum thread


Badich’s trading thread threatened by accusations

Badich, a Russian trader, is suffering from his reputation. His trading thread has been flamed and accused of selling blood-stained, scented items due to the fact that he was an infamous raider in the Old World.

One of his friends, Apxeolog, who is well-known to the whole Salem community for his excellent client, tried defending him by posting how decent he is, but both their reputation as raiders and exploiters, along with hanging around together has made the defending post rather unconvincing. Vigilance, while having his reputation too as another naughty pvp-er himself, assured in his post that the trade with him would be safe and sound, except that he would not question where the items came from.

Moderators tried extinguishing the fire to avoid further derailment of the thread with their ban-hammers, but some forumers wouldn’t be satisfied with it being too clean. The items on sale may have once belonged to the raid victims. Nobody knows the truth but the sellers. (S.D.)
Forum thread


The Trade Wind Market Report

I’ve compared the prices on about 90 items from over 30 different traders to bring you this week’s Market Report.  In the future I’ll be able to note the average prices over time, but since this is the first report, I’ll just give an overview of the current state of the trade forum.

The top most offered items are:

  1. Metal Shovel: 100-150 silver, average 122.8
  2. Lime: 2-3 silver, average 2.6
  3. Metal Axe: 120-175 silver, average 143.7
  4. Spanish Sabre: 80-150 silver, average 109.4
  5. Bar of Iron: 85-125 silver, average 104.3
  6. Nails: 20-25 silver, average 20.6
  7. Backpack: 50-90 silver, average 74.1
  8. Conquistador helmet: 100-125 silver, average 110
  9. Flower Arrangement: 12-15 silver, average 14.5
  10. Mineralogical Survey: 10-15 silver, average 13.1
  11. Witch’s Hat: 3-6 silver, average 4.6
  12. Lover’s Locket
    1. Base or unspecified:110-130 silver, average 121.2
    2. 1.76 multiplier: 200 silver
    3. 2.1 multiplier: 110 silver
    4. 2.73 multiplier: 300 silver
  13. Charcoal: 0.5-2 silver, average 1.6
  14. Singing Old Log: 10-15 silver, average12.8
  15. Clay: 1-2 silver, average 1.25
  16. Cotton Seeds (50): 50-100 silver, average 68.7
  17. Lavender Blewit: 3-4 silver, average 3.25
  18. Coarse Salt: 3 silver
  19. Brain: 15-30 silver, average 21.6
  20. Cereal Seeds (50): 65-100 silver, average 85

Number of items offered varied from 1 to 27 items, with the average being about 6.6.  There are a few people buying items or accepting barter, but the majority are dealing solely with silver.  There isn’t a lot of prepared food being sold, but there were a few people selling baked goods and meat dishes.

The most expensive item offered was a 12% purity dowsing rod for 600 silver, and the second most expensive was a sturdy sled for 500 silver.

How far you goin’? To the end of this fence!

Some players are having fun raiding, victims are accusing them of abuse and exploits. One of the raiders, Darwoth (aka lootscoot in game) was summon-killed by unknown vigilantes, while he was semi-afking in Boston. The whole story is yet to be known, as Darwoth has promised to give us his side of the story.

Salem is into its second world since the start of Beta testing, and we are once again starting to see some remarkable raider activity. Rangers of The Lumberwoods, now abandoned, is one of the first towns who spoke out in public that they had more than 5 of their farmers* killed. “I will elaborate on this more in the coming days as it is a fairly epic story”, says Darwoth. As of publishing Darwoth still seems to be struggling with cropping pics of the said scenes.

Eyewitness on the scene at Rangers of the Lumberwoods

Eyewitness on the scene at Rangers of the Lumberwoods

Blind the King, a town led by painhertz, also claims to be one of the victims of Darwoth’s raids. On the other hand, gregl26, aka Eulogi, mentions of a different side story to it, claiming himself to be the true victim of the event.

The methods on how to carry stolen items to raiders’ homestead efficiently have not been revealed officially, but there are already posts which talk about some potential ways. According to rumors glitches may allow for exploitation of game mechanics and master masons are aware of one exploit and considering a fix somehow. (S.D.)

Editor’s note
* farmers : a seatribe meme for someone with no combat skills or someone who cannot fight.