Plymouth: A Cult in the New World

The colony of Plymouth has been shocked by the recent increase in murders, which was precisely the opposite of what was expected when new colonies opened. This violence seems to be being justified religiously by the perpetrators, which to men and women of science like you, O Noble Readers, is surely a most barbaric folly, and yet it appears to have captured the imagination of certain Boston residents. Just the other day a furtive looking man smelling strongly of waffles [1] approached me and surreptitiously handed me a leatherbound book, entitled “THE FIRST BOOK OF HUSTLINGUISTICS”. This tome appears to be a religious text of the worshippers of the Oddgod, and I shall share its contents with you, since it provides both a concise account of recent events and a fascinating insight into the mind of the Cultist. My annotations and notes will be provided at the bottom of this article.


I. And so it came to pass that Moo removed Potjeh’s curse on Chief RunsLikeWind [2], thus allowing him to speak once more, spreading his heresy thickly across the lands, just as the farmer spreads manure upon the new fields. For the Oddgod moves in mysterious ways.

II. For verily, Chief RunsLikeWind did instantly attempt to graffiti the shop of the Dutch Outpost [3], now knowing himself to be untouchable. A Magic Man repaired the damage however, and was slapped by Oddgod for his good deeds, for Oddgod is an odd god.

Obnoxious Trolls

Evil Natives

III. At the same time, Chief RunsLikeWind did set up a Reservation for new Pilgrims, in order that they might cook him many Mushroom and Pumpkin Pies, and plentiful Cabbage Cakes, that his Great Spirit might bless him with Moderately Highish Humours.

Its easier to kill people if you hold them still first.

Not the real Tonkyhonk

IV. This reservation was a terrible place, for the Chief must kill once per day, lest he have to start Photoshop or kill his own kin, and thus many who refused to join the Reservation perished. Slapacookie, a loyal servant of the Chief, was slain in cold blood on the reservation itself, while attempting in vain to read a sign [4].

V. And yet the worst was not to come for the captives. For Mushibag, a bloodthirsty Knight of Jorb, battered down the flimsy fence of the Reservation, putting the Chief and his Braves to flight and butchering the captives rather than allow them to continue baking for the Tribe.

Salem: Total War

Massacre at the reservation

VI. And thus the attention of the Tribe [5] was drawn to the city of Gallows Hill, also known by the foolish as Gallow Hills, where a huge Temple to Jorb, whose high priest was Jordan Coles was under construction. Knowing that the soldiers of Gallows Hill were distracted by the new Colony of Roanoke, the Tribe marshalled their forces to attack.

VII. Chief RunsLikeWind and his braves fell upon Jordan Coles as he was working to build the Temple, immobilising him with a cunning legal trick and cleaving him in two before he could even put down his heavy burden to draw a sword [6].

Noob down

The Death of JordanColes, High Priest of Jorb

VIII. He then argued to the Crown that he had a strong Claim on a large part of the town of Gallows Hill, since Mushibag had destroyed the Reservation, and he needed somewhere to rebuild it.


Tribe’s Claim

IX. Thus Chief RunsLikeWind proved to be more of a Lawyer than a Warrior, for upon the arrival of three soldiers of Gallows Hill, the Chief lived up to his name and ran like the wind.

X. The Chief then sent many new Colonists to their deaths at the hand of the soldiers at this new Reservation, in order to distract them from his true plan, which was to break into the centre of Gallows Hill, that he might kill all of the soldiers in their sleep.

XI. Chief RunsLikeWind began to break Compost Bins in Gallows Hill, perhaps thinking that like him, the Knights of Jorb derived their power from the Earthworm.

XII. In a powerful show of strength and urged on by his braves, the Chief managed to break down part of the central Citadel of Gallows Hill, but nonetheless did not manage to breach the keep fully, for the Great Spirit was no match for Jorb, who is beloved of Oddgod.

Not quite

Siege Nearly Succeeds

XIII. For many days, the Chief continued to irritate the Knights of Jorb on the outskirts of Gallows Hill, sending hundreds of Indian children to their deaths in the damaged parts of the town.

Cannon Fodder

XIV. Seeing that he had awakened the wrath of the Knights, the chief then withdrew in search of easier targets, while keeping the claim on the outskirts of the town.

XV. At this time a man named Nyogtha of Hustlinguistics came to Gallows Hill. Being both bold and holy, he urged the knights to pursue Chief RunsLikeWind and his Braves, and was thus blessed with a Quest by the Oddgod: if he killed Chief RunsLikeWind, he would become the Champion of Oddgod, with all the fame (a little) and wealth (none) that that position entailed.

XVI. Taking up his musket, Nyogtha fired into the air, exhorting the sluggish Knights of Jorb to avenge their High Priest Coles, and three brave Crusaders joined him in his hunt:

XVII. Mushibag the Bloody, from a long line of fierce warriors, Captain America, arrogantly named after the whole continent, and Maelstrom, an experienced theologian.

XVIII. And so the fellowship of four warriors set off from Gallows Hill, following the foul-smelling trail left by Chief RunsLikeWind and his Braves, with the Wind of Oddgod behind them, and the Blessings of Jorb upon their sword arms.

The Fellowship

XIX. The Fellowship fell upon Chief RunsLikeWind and his Braves at the town of New Roanoke [7], whereupon the Natives scattered in all direction, much as flies will scatter, disturbed from a dungheap [8].

XX. Two of the Fellowship pursued the chief, while the other two followed the Brave known as Mean Mike McCoy. Nyogtha called upon the Oddgod and the Creator Jorb to bless his musket, swiftly shooting the chief in the back [9].

XXI. Mushibag called upon his beloved Jorb for aid also, and quickly Mean Mike McCoy tired of all Braves’ favourite activity, running, and was run through with Mushibag’s sword.

The Death of Mean Mike McCoy

XXII. Nyogtha, swiftly pursuing Chief RunsLikeWind, was aided by a Miracle sent from Oddgod, as he floated through the air, and was thus able to keep up with the Champion Runner of the New World.

Pursuing the Chief

XXIII. Even when another Brave joined the battle on the Chief’s side, they were no match for Nyogtha’s Oddgod-given martial prowess, and the chief was eventually struck down.

XXIV. Eyes full of the Rapture of the Oddgod, Nyogtha ritually sacrificed the Chief to the Almighty, uttering this prayer:


The Death of Chief RunsLikeWind

XXVI. These word rang out across the land of Plymouth, and all unbelievers who heard them were afraid; for they knew that the Chosen of Oddgod had arrived, and they were no longer safe worshipping their false Spirits, nor ignoring Oddgod in favour of the Lesser Gods.

XXVII. Heed this message well, and offer thanks and praise to Oddgod and his Prophet Nyogtha. Here endeth the First Book of Hustlinguistics.

[1] He then said he was an “xpireicned hnh playr” and asked “can i join ur village”. I would urge the reader to beware of any unusual requests from unknown people, especially if their name has anything to do with waffles.

[2] As we all know, this refers to the notorious child-killer Chief Poop. The heresy spoken of here is the belief in the Great Spirit, which appears to have certain similarities to both Jorb and loftar, but is rather different in other respects.

[3] He attempted to hijack the Dutch Outpost trade thread after raiding their base, but was rescued by MagicManICT.

[4] has relevance to verses IV and V. A theatrical production detailing the killing at the reservation is .

[5] It is worth noting at this point that the Tribe is not truly native to the New World, but are merely Colonists driven mad by the strange environment they find themselves in. The true natives appear to have become extinct (or they are exceptionally well hidden!) some time ago, leaving only archaeological traces of their noble hunter-gatherer existence for the careful explorer to find.

[6] Relevant information at

[7] Ironically, this town was founded before the colony of Roanoke. Thread at

[7] Here we can see traces of the writing of another author, perhaps Mushibag?

[9] The gunpowder we have at present in the new world is mouldy and weak at present, but an accurate shot can mysteriously prevent escape into other dimensions.

This Book of Hustlinguistics is a fascinating insight into the mind of the Oddgodian cultist, but I cannot help but wonder if there will be conflict in the future between those who believe in the primacy of the Oddgod and those who believe the Jorb and loftar are the deities who most deserve worship. Let us hope that it does not come to civil war between these two factions.


ith the new colonial towns open, some players have given up on their old homes and conflicts, in order to restart their Salem lives on a newer server. King Charles and his Tax Collectors said they were were moving to Roanoke, as did the members of The Rager of Lumberwoods. Wishy, aka alloin, said in IRC “I will behave on this server btw”. Its as if he just admitted he was not behaving well on Plymouth. HasseKebab, a member of TROL posted a picture showcasing their first march hare on the Roanoke server.

Forum post

On the other hand, Darwoth suggested that he was going to move to the Jamestown server. He was quoted as saying “jamestown shall not be destroyed by the russian zerg force” and showed off his cash awaiting to be spent.
Forum thread
AAlex, known to be a faithful servant of Dis zerg queen in the Old World, has revealed their existence in Jamestown humbly as to call it a casual hermitting, enjoy playing a little man.
Forum thread
The most notorious Russian community, likely formed by Apxeolog and Co., seem to have stationed themselves on the Roanoke server, despite many assumptions of them being on Jamestown. According to our source, more than half of the stalls in Roanoke belong to them, netting them a lot of silver. It is also said that they are building a big fortress in the darkness secretly. However, it is said that they also plan to keep their empire on Plymouth, along with their 100% purity crops. While maintaining alliances with a few towns there, forming a decent guild with many members, and awaiting for the cross-server trip.

The MM tribe, with their wanna-be-indian group members are of course planning to stay on Plymouth. They will continue on their newb/alt hunting near Boston. Gallows Hill, or Fortress of Lies, featuring Captain America, also plan to maintain their prescence on Plymouth. They won’t stop until they destroy the MM tribe. A rumour claims that they have 37 more to go.

new map project has been started by Maxeusz and The Cartographer’s Bay Pilgrims. They have collected over 26.500 tiles so far, and have listed the top 10 contributors in their thread.
Forum thread

ive stream event was held by Paradox on November 8th, starring jorb from Seatribe, and nafastus & TotalyMoo from Paradox, but loftar was absent.

They first showed the basic how-to for beginners, including how jorb could cheat with his godly power, then moved on to live Q&A session, accepting all who sent jorb a request to kin in Boston.

During the Q&A session, jorb trolled hard in Boston, leveling the ground here and there, spawning lots of un-implemented creatures in Boston, along with aggressive snakes. He even attacked one of the players and killed alloin for the show (but of course revived him later.)

kaktytywasvas summoned jorb

After the fun party stream, however, someone decided to use the scent jorb left in Boston to either track him or summon him. Poor jorb had totally forgotten that he had not had his homestead and died to the insta-kill feature he had implemented earlier to punish scent abusers.

As a result, he ended up giving some lucky players his treasury items for free; Rapier, Witch’s Broom, and Cthulhu Mask, for the most notables, along with an axe, a breastplate, Swiss Guard Outfit, a helmet and his lovely Seaweed mask. MrEllu who got lucky to get the broom, however, ended up losing it later by crashing the server on his broom flight.
Forum thread
MrEllu’s story post
Live stream video

lennfinann, one of the celebrated explorers by the Courant, has spotted a major water fall in Salem. His report seems to have amaze and please jorb with their map generation. This is surely going to make another popular sightseeing spot for new colonists. (click to expand pics)

L33LEE, aka Retribution also found a huge lime mound, most likely in the darkness of Roanoke. However, unlike a waterfall, this mound would not last long for sightseeing, considering the high lime demand for the new colony.
Forum post
Forum post
Ornery seems to have found a secret bug, which he used to build his fancy Water Castle on a lake. It must surely take a long time to build stuff on water. Since he would need to be swimming, while building and use up even more phlegm than usual. (Attentions, New players, do not even intend to try this because you will be disappointed!)
Forum post

ome players have been claiming that we may have a serious bug. Players have been unable to wake up after 24 hours from unconscious status after being KO’ed on unpermitted claim. imrielle says he has already been down for over 48 hours. bob even claims its been 72 hours. It has been reported on the bug tracker, but has not received loftar‘s attention yet. It may have something to do with the last update.
Forum thread
Bug Tracker page
Editor’s note : This was confirmed by devs later and has already been fixed.

illertomas keeps on rocking. He got tired of being scammed, and joined the  MM Tribe, wishing to be on the scamming side this time. One of his first scamming attempts involved trying to sell “slave” keys that belonged to Yasso, who is either inactive or hiding in Roanoke. Killertomas must believe everyone else is as dumb as he is, why else would he try to get offers on a slave key?

Another fine post by killertomas is his “TOMAS’S TP OF WISDOM” thread. In it we can see him practicing Simlish, or perhaps its Pingu? Either way it is a clear example as to why his posts should be avoided, unless of course you don’t value your brain. For the sake of a pain free mind, remember to avoid these 3 names, killertomas2, Waffles72, and coonman.
Forum thread
Forum thread

peaking of a scammer, self-claiming professional scammer, greg0418 has used his “main” account, Slander, to post his trade thread. Although he was so confident on how he could scam others, he seems unable to open a trade thread of his own. Who knew having a scammer name associated with a trade thread would be a bad idea? Those who dislike big mouth scammers, or those who are not confident enough not to get scammed, you have heard my warning.
Forum thread
Editor’s Note : It’s said that Slander has appealed to mods that he and greg0418 are not the same person but just the same IP users. Thus, they are supposed to be just family members or friends sharing flat or school mates playing at same school or whatsoever. It is your choice what to believe and what not to.

ishy, aka alloin has started a trailer contest. He is planning to give away some packages and silvers to the winners, and since he did say he was going to behave this time around, hopefully those rewards are not scented nor coming from his tax collecting.
Forum post
Editor’s Note : TotalyMoo has added rewards, courtesy of Paradox Interactive.

evenless has made a new quick guide for new players. Those who can’t be bothered to read his long and detailed guide for a kick start, try this shorter piece instead. It may be helpful for those DIY people who would rather enjoy finding things out on their own, just to get to know the basic skills.
Forum thread

ne of the new players, scypheroth, has lost his newly bought beginner’s pack in Boston. This is due to an angry bear that was lead to town by some nasty griefer. The Town Centre is suppose to be a safe haven from PvP, however it is currently not safe from animals, nor jorbtar. Animals can knock you out, causing you to drop all items in your inventory, and jorb can even kill players there if he so pleases  – though he would most likely revive you.

In this case, it seems that scypheroth was chatting with his friend, just after having received his pack from the mailman, when an angry bear engaged combat upon him. His low humoured character was no match for the bear, and as a result he lost all his items, including his newly bought pack. This pack was then looted by the griefer, free of scents and any attachments.

He had been posting some whiny posts prior to this (and even more after this), but it does not of course mean that he should lose newly bought items in Boston right when he received them. However, many forumers felt uncomfortable with his claim and flamed him horribly. A moderator felt it was a good idea to then move this Help thread to HoB to allow others to flame on, rather than locking the thread after he supposedly received the reply he sought.

He e-mailed and was able to claim reimbursement, much to our relief and to some the dismay of others. He has received a new pioneer pack from Paradox for compensation.

by TotalyMoo » Thu Nov 29, 2012
Even though I love the idea of animals ravaging around in Boston and we all know that Jorbtar does too with spawning snakes just for fun we can’t allow for item loss like this at the pick-up point.

Boston is indeed somewhat of a safe-zone and should therefore be at least safe to pick up purchased items in.

Hopefully the devs will put forth a solution as soon as possible, so that events like this will never happen again. Otherwise, each town centre would be an exploiter-free zone instead of safe zone as intended, words would spread and just scare away customers from buying items to support the game.
Forum thread
Forum thread
Editor’s Note: Animals no longer attack players in each Town Centre.

aggetry not allowed in Salem. Right after the devs put forth a solution to animal abuse in the Tow Centres, Trenial, or Sitting Bull reported another case of abuse. Some players felt the need to grief others by blocking the entrances to the public mills, demanding a silver fee be payed to enter.

Luckily, jorb was around and responded to this immediately. He proceeded to drown these highwaymen, and it seems their accounts were also banned as well. Usernm raged about the bans and challenged jorb, asking the community to make griefer alts and to continue where he left off at. Usernm even went as far to provide a link for people to obtain more beta keys, in order to prove that there would be no solution to griefing.
Forum thread

onkyhonk has finally decided to quit larping Silence Dogood after publishing this issue. Whoever decides to take over the Courant should talk to sabinati on the forums.

Synnværd’s Saga



There was a man named Synnværd, who was the son of Krystun The Wall-less, and he dwelt in Phallodelphia until it was destroyed by unknown enemies while he slept. Synnværd was tall and strong, skilled in battle, but quick to anger and very proud. He was known to many as Vigilance, for he was always alert.

Synnværd slept for so long that all evidence of the destruction of Phallodelphia dissipated, so he decided to move to be close to his friend Karl-Evert. By chance also living nearby Karl-Evert was a humble farmer whom Synnværd had known as a friend in the Old World, Gunnar. Finding Karl-Evert’s homestead abandoned and rather inhospitable, Synnværd decided to live with Gunnar, who welcomed him happily with an exhilarating bear wrestle and a hearty feast.

It happened that during the feast Gunnar mentioned that a group of bandits had moved in nearby, known to the world as The Ragers Of the Lumberwoods (TROL). They had threatened to take control of his land, and threatened to rob him, but being a man of calm character, Gunnar was not worried and knew that he would be strong enough when the time came. Due to earlier conflict with a town called Trinity, Gunnar could have simply handed the coordinates of The Ragers’ fortress to any number of powerful kingdoms, but being a man of honour he did not.

When Synnværd heard of these TROLs, he became excited at the prospect of battle, and picked up his axe and ran out of the feasting hall. He had long wished to kill Yasso, leader of the TROLs, and also Coonman, a very loud mouthed and annoying TROL. Gunnar, not understanding what Synnværd would do, decided to continue building the wall around his farm as preparation for battle sometime in the distant future.


The Ragers of the Lumberwoods

There was a cunning warrior known as Jordan Coles who had recently arrived in the New World. He decided to live with the TROLs, since they were very impressed with his fame in the Old World, and he planned to use them to become powerful here as well. He was great friends with Synnværd due to their shared love of battle, and he was labouring inside the TROL fortress when he saw Synnvaerd approach.

Greeting each other warmly, the two warriors came up with a plan. Synnværd stripped off his clothes to appear similar to the notorious child killer Chief Poop, known for being unable to kill any decent players. At the same time Synnværd called to Gunnar for support, asking him to help him.

Jordan Coles then attempted to wake up the other TROLs, but the only two who answered were Coonman and Arcanist. However they did not leave the fortress, being too scared of Synnværd dressed as Chief Poop to try to fight. Instead Coonman sent a message to Gunnar, who had been overtly friendly towards the Ragers, asking for his help in killing Synnværd.

Gunnar replied saying that he was coming to help, and that Coonman should be ready to help him fight off the attacker. When Gunnar arrived, he pretended to fight Synnværd outside the fortress for a long time, until Coonman worked up the courage to come out. Synnværd then ran from Gunnar and Coonman, turning around once they were far enough from the fortress.

Being a coward, Coonman then fled, abandoning Gunnar and Arcanist to what he must have thought was certain death. So Gunnar and Synnvaerd tried to pull the same trick again, fighting for a much longer time and making it seem that Synnværd was losing and was rather weak, in plain view of Coonman and Jordan Coles cowering inside the fortress. It was at this time that Arcanist was struck to the ground.

The Death of Coonman

Once more, Coonman decided that the odds were favourable enough and charged out of the fortress. This time, once he was far enough out of the fortress, Gunnar swiftly attacked Coonman. Surprised, Coonman was stabbed several times by Synnværd before fleeing, only to be felled by Gunnar’s sword. Synnværd then taunted Coonman and separated his head from his body as he begged for mercy. Part of this battle can be seen in Coonman’s video, “Gunnar-Dallane Gank”. He appears to have thought that Synnværd was in fact another infamous man, Dallane. He also accused Gunnar of using witchcraft to “change his damage.”

“The Derpfort” – lead Architect: Vigilance

After the battle was won, Gunnar and Synnværd realised that Gunnar’s farm was completely vulnerable to attack while they were sleeping, if Yasso or any other Ragers were to wake up and take revenge. Synnværd took it upon himself to fortify the farm while Gunnar slept, with disastrous results for Gunnar’s agricultural pursuits and the aesthetic balance of the place. It is now known as the Derpfort.

When Yasso discovered that his beloved Coonman was dead, he flew into a rage, and vowed that he would break into the Derpfort and kill Vigilance and Gunnar while they slept. Luckily Gunnar heard of this and practiced very hard at both armed and unarmed combat, and managed to drive Yasso and his henchman Tim from the walls merely by being awake. When Synnværd awoke, he and Gunnar went to challenge Yasso and Tim to a duel to the death. However long they waited, Yasso and Tim did not emerge.

The Deaths of Yasso and Tim

Synnværd became bored and went back to sleep, and Gunnar pretended to sleep outside the Rager’s fortress, but still Yasso would not attack him. Eventually Gunnar truly fell asleep from boredom, as did Yasso and Tim, but then Synnværd awoke, and after gorging himself on delicious pumpkin pies, battered down the walls of The Rager’s fortress and killed Yasso and Tim single-handedly.

The Deaths of Gunnar and Synnværd

The next day, due to the death of Yasso, Jordan Coles discovered that Yasso’s relatives in Boston had revoked the privileges he previously enjoyed on Yasso’s claim, and decided to put the next part of his cunning plan in motion. Knowing that Synnværd had many enemies, he decided to make a forum thread about his predicament. Yasso’s relatives were contacted by soldiers from the town of Gallows Hill, lead by Mushibag. Yasso’s son, also called Yasso, handed the coordinates to Mushibag, who led a platoon of soldiers to the Derpfort, easily breaking inside and killing both Gunnar and Synnværd for their crimes. Thus Jordan Coles’ plan came to fruition, and he announced the founding of the town of WOW stop, and that he was now the King of the region, as every other developed colonist had been slain.

This was related to my by my father, the Gunnar in this tale, and thus his good name is attached to the article. I have inherited his claim, and Gallows Hill have returned his beloved hat and mask to me. To my knowledge, The Ragers of the Lumberwoods have finally been driven from the New World, although they have vowed to return once more scientific progress has been made in this as yet barren land. I await their return, while sharpening the sword that once belonged to Yasso. Vengeance will be mine. Meanwhile Jordan Coles sits safe for now, atop his throne of blood.

– Skarphedin Gunnarson

Forum thread

Misplaced posts

Forum thread



lennfinnan, the famous explorer who always brings something new to the community, brought us another great sight-seeing spot: a hill fort!

The town on top of the hill seems to be located wisely to exploit a rise in elevation for a defensive advantage. It would take a lot of phlegm to even go in and out of this fortification. For the people who live there taking a walk outside the walls must not be easy, that is unless the residents are either very high-leveled humoured players, or lock themselves in their own town and only visit Boston for interacting with others. A very interesting site indeed, and let me applaud the builders with respect!
Forum thread

illertomas has offered a 1200s bounty on HopeSlayer‘s head for raiding his iron mine on a daily basis. HopeSlayer was not aware of who killertomas was, and proceeded to offer double the silver to anyone who could track him by using the scents killertomas has. Hopeslayer puts up this offer with the claim that he has never left scents for his iron. The bounty was, however, put on hold as killertomas said “im not stupid enogh to attack it. atleast not for awile(sic)”.

killertomas is known for his claims of being a constant scam victim, with at least 3 instances known to the public. He is also known for complaints against other merchants, badgering them to keep their prices high. He may have been scammed before, but I cannot be sure if all of his claims and complaints are true, especially after seeing how he talks in IRC, with his constant spamming, along with his “let’s fix prices” talks. It is possible that killertomas was only accusing HopeSlayer because they sold the same percentage ores, however, it is also possible that HopeSlayer is pretending to be innocent. Or, it also may be possible that someone is pretending to be HopeSlayer, causing the easily deceived killertomas to accuse the wrong person.

On his bounty thread, he is asking for the taker to present absolute proof of the killing with either photographic evidence, or a video of his death, even though he has yet to provide any evidence of the crime scene at all. The story still remains a mystery, since he continues to refuse to present us with the evidence, and the coordinates he claims to have tracked to.
Bounty thread
HopeSlayer’s trade thread
Misplaced posts

olesie, or JordanColes, is asking to be oathed in order to be a Boston citizen so that he could level around the Boston town bell. But I’m afraid that the Boston mayor would not approve him either for his dumb attitude, or perhaps maybe for his horrible taste in music. “He shall have to live with the not-completely-flat town center as a visitor,” the Bank teller sighed.
Forum thread
Music thread

hief Poop has started a new trend. He lures unsuspecting new players outside the Boston claim, and proceeds to kill them. Afterwards he eagerly hounds the forum, waiting for a new post relating to the player’s death to appear. He then begins to troll the thread, offering ranging services for his own head. This trolling seemed to be a challenge to forum moderation.

The first noticeable victim of this sad attempt for attention seems to be ramuller. He was lured outside the claim, killed, and proceeded to make a thread about his death. Shortly after Chief Poop made an appearance in the thread, and began his trolling.

The second victim appears to be a player named Boogin, who is now trying to find a place to settle after his death. Just like ramullar, he was lured outside the Boston claim, believing he could buy a cheap backpack. Chief Poop once again began to troll Boogin’s P&P thread, with his familiar trolling.

However, it seems that Chief’s challenge appeared to have backfired on him in the end. The banhammer was turned into a guillotin, and Chief shall never be seen on the forums again, although players may still be in danger of his in-game tricks. That is, of course, if he still finds killing newbs as fun without the attention.
ramueller’s Forum thread in CuH
Boogin’s Forum thread in P&P

any pilgrims are worried about the steady decline of population in Salem. Some place this blame on the perma-death and PvP, raiders are killing off new players and discouraging from the game, before they even begin. Others believe that the unfriendly nature of the UI and client are to blame for this decline. Even more find that the real cause is the unfriendly community. Nevertheless, the real culprit is the lack of content, there is just not much implemented to play with.

Espionage or just plain Stupidity?

Death to spies
Folks murdered
Devious plots thicken
Over the Blind King

An attempt at raiding is carefully camouflaged, sugar coated as rescue mission. Rangers turned raiders or otherwise? Or was the whole thing just a farce to finish off the notorious noob killer, Chief Peepookaka?

A rescue message was sent out by Raoul_Duke, a member of Blind The King town (BTK), stating that he was being held by the villainous villagers, begging for help with a bounty of 10k silver for BTK’s destruction.

Bait, Salem’s famous ranger, accepted the contract. This was later revealed to be a grim prospect for BTK’s citizens as Raoul, the supposedly wronged victim, and Bait were actually on the same boat and had worked out the plan for BTK’s demise a long time ago.

Casus belli being a spy from BTK had infiltrated their town, Bait, Staxjax, Dallane, and others had come up with a counter scheme in which Raoul plays the bug while Bait comes in as white knight on horseback. In defense of BTK, gregl26, said, “I fully admit I made a post to join towns. I wanted to see what setups other ppl had. I was impressed by your town btw.”

But is this statement as innocent as it appears?

Both sides claim victory and casualties at one point ranged from 2-1 in favor of BTK to 5-1 on Staxjax’s side. A short interview with baronbowden, mayor of the besieged town, helps shed some light on the matter:

  Blackadder: A couple of your ss, something about the current siege and some of Bait, Dallane, the Chief, Staxjax and Raoul if you have. And a detailed account of the story if you please.
  Baronbowden (whole story from BTK’s point of view):”-Raoul_Duke contacted us through our recruitment forum thread approximately 5 days after we booted Pain with a story about how he was comming back from alpha testing and wanted to play in a group.
-Let him in and gave him access to my claim until he got set up with an assigned claim.
-We fed him (treated him like all new recruits essentially) went inactive very quickly after joining, would show up briefly once a day for a few mins. Said he was looking for work etc.
-I log out one day when he is in and log back in 4 hours later and my entire claim has been cleaned out. Everything.
-We know its him but nobody witnessed the actual crime (were busy on their claims) so we wait a few days to see if he even bothers showing back up.
-He does so I explain over skype he is being removed from the village over theft. He denies etc.
-Posts the bounty for 10k.
-He attempts to sell the contract to the chief but we happen to have friendly trading relations with chief so he declines to take the contract
-Bait who is actually in Raoul’s village pretends he is taking the contract since the chief wouldn’t and pretends its because we have done wrong by kicking out Raoul from the village and Pain
-3 days later or so Raoul logs in comes to my claim and asks to be let out of the village (we had changed keys) I say sure, he attacks and bait comes through a gate.
-They camp a claim trying to get us to Duel them we decline with farming chars.
-We stay inside walls they wander around all day until we log.
-One of our other actives Logs his combat char tries to take on 2-3 of them (they say it was only two which is possible) and dies. 60 humour murder alt.
-Next day they come back start razing inactive claims on the outskirts of the town. We stay inside claims avoid giving scents get them to keep having to bust onto our claims.
-While breaking down a gate mushibag KO’s. (100 humour char)
-We cement an alliance with Chief by giving him the kill (since he has so much drama with them) and avoid losing another murder alt to scents.
-They try and abuse a mechanic by pilling up dead alt bodies around the char they are trying to protect. (Bait Dallane Mushibag) unsuccessfully
-Mushibag’s alt dies too
-Stax and his town come clean that they had stolen everything from my claim and pretend they did it because greg having a spy in their village. To my knowledge this isn’t true. I can confirm he did join them because he was thinking about leaving us due to pain’s leadership. He definetely told them about the char and was booted out after we had removed pain and he no longer wanted to leave.
-Pain alleges he set them up to this. They havn’t confirmed.
-We moved valuables offsite to a secret location we had already prebuilt. Business is back to usual but now with full intentions of not forgetting stax’s band of griefers.”


As I type these words the siege is still raging on, although Baronbowden states that his town will stand against the bullies of Salem. Chief Peepookaka, still a noob killer and an enemy of some, has honoured his alliance with White Men in defending the town, killing several alts in a skirmish. Mushibag and Raoul of Staxjax’s town were slain in midst of the chaos.

A question still stands: Will there ever be true rangers in Salem or just a collection of rag tag soldiers who are bored and find amusement in others’ miseries?

Eventually, Painhertz, the notorious butthurt old man of Salem, has given hints of his help in this shamble. His reason being a sweet revenge on the backstabbers of his village. Pain was BTK’s headman and, as I suspect, a loud mouthed man as well. Stay tuned for more juicy drama and remember, payback is a bitch.

“There you go again”

Just the same old same old.

There you go again!

Cheif Poop is still rambling on about his newb killing spree even after he was killed multiple times. Badich and Co. seem to have had a lot of fun with it, damaging The Apple pretty harshly, but it’s just another key to the midway; the Scalping thread still goes on forever with fabulous tribal photo-shopping (or MS-paint) skills.
Forum thread

Big Apple bitten by Samsung

“Round 2″ of Russians vs Chief, that Wildvlad mentioned in MrEllu’s trap thread proved to be a fake, and it seems it had nothing to do with the Chief at all, unfortunately for them. Hopefully we will hear of a real Round 2 soon.
Forum thread


There you go again!

Just another boring rehash of Chief’s rampage is told by alloin, known under a multitude of names such as Wishy, Zacchaeus, TaxCollector, King Charles and so on.

Thank You town, darkness modified by MvGulik

The difference, though, is that this self-appointed King and his slaves hide deep in the darkness town called Thank You. They claim to be collecting taxes from us puritans, who are no longer subjects after Cromwell cut Charles’ head off at Whitehall on 30 January 1649 and ended the absolute monarch forever.

Taxation without Representation

But just like Chief, they only go after the poor players for taxes and never visit rich towns even after staxjax invited them officially by giving away his coordinates for free.
Forum thread
Forum thread

~ Editorial Notice ~
We regret to inform our readers of the cancellation of the article “Interview with the Dead” dealing with the vile child-killer known as Chief Poop, and 2 other articles on BTK due to a strange epidemic of coma attacking all three writers in charge. We suspect some foul magic is at work here.


lennfinan said he had spotted a Conquistador in Boston. But with no plate, tall boots, nor gloves.

According to Glenn, this mysterious Conquistador, who could possibly be checking if there were any demands for slaves, offered to sell his red-and-yellow-striped outfit to Glenn for a million silver and his “soul”. It’s a relief that he didn’t accept the offer, or our colony could have been doomed.


Vigilance had some fun stealing peaks. He might tell us what he was peeking at in later news. We do not know what yet, but he should be entertaining us all, hopefully.
Forum thread


ometimes players surprise us with how charitable they are, but often you forget such surprises after running across horrible events or taking a look at the most active threads.

anox, a pious puritan doing good deeds in the New World, has tried to share such random acts of compassion on the forums. However, the thread hasn’t gained the sympathy of many and is stuck at one page. These actions may be too common for some puritans to talk about, but if you ever feel like sharing such experiences with others, feel free to share. No matter how much we love drama, it is nice to feel warm about your fellow players sometimes.
Forum thread

Tumbleweed Rolling

he race for the next MPD award has been more heated than we had expected. Several candidates are pushing hard to win one in the forums every day, getting hinnomed one by one, but none seem to give up. Who would you vote for the next MPD award?
Forum thread
The MPD Award

cammers seem to be prospering in Boston. Since most traders use alts, kinning before transaction does not seem to help. However, making a list of scammer’s names is not a bad thing and posting their names should be more encouraged. A describe option would really help as well, and hopefully we will see that implemented very soon.

The best thing you can do right now to stop scammers is to ask for their identity through forum pms and look through their posting history before making a deal. Confirm that the individual you are messaging on the forums is the same guy you are trading with in game. Many trustworthy traders make use of the forum, and value their reputations there. Still, there are some traders who love to be “notorious”, or may have many alt accounts, and will try to trick you. Following these steps will help bring us one step closer to eradicating scammers, even if it is a slow process.
Forum thread
Forum thread for discussion
Failed thread but nonetheless

Flying Brazier spotted by Charmander

he Ragers of Lumberwood, yet again let rogoku, aka coonman, create another thread despite knowing his horrible reputation on the forums and IRC. According to the thread, rogoku and his mates have been threatening his neighbors of Trinity where wrath lives. Wrath is known to be naughty, “borrowing” stuff from neighbors without consent, so it is entirely possible that rogoku was only trying to re-obtain what belonged to him after being robbed.

coonman is dead again

People of Trinity do not seem to read the forums and did not respond nor ask for help from available rangers, all of which wanted a reason to smack rogoku. In the end, rogoku and Arcanist were tricked into a fight and killed by Vigilance disguised as Chief and Gunnar.

Vigi vs Yasso & Tim

Yasso, the leader of TROL has promised me on IRC that we would be seeing some new entertainment presented by them on the forums in the near future. I only hope that he will not let rogoku write up their story this time.

As of October 24th, Vigilance and Gunnar were summon-killed by Mushibag. Hopefully we can present you another story on this in the next issue.
Forum thread
Misplaced posts
Forum thread

exar is currently looking for a ranger to take care of a robber. He has posted a bounty of “900 gold”, people are still unclear if he means to offer 900 silver, or some other unknown currency. I hope some noble rangers will help you, no matter what you are offering, Lexar!
Forum thread

arwoth and his crew planned a trap, and it seems they managed to catch a few Russian players in it. MrEllu started a thread showing the site of the crime and put a stress on one of them saying “Entering Trinsic“, which is the name of one of the bases Darwoth was using, and shows a screenshot of this familiar hermit base as the criminal’s home.
The thread itself was pretty strange from the start when MrEllu was mentioning Chief Poop in OP and more so when one of the russians, Wildvlad said “Russia VS Cheif round 2″, because most forumers who had read the thread knew that this place did not belong to Chief, unless of course he was playing with Darwoth. “Oh forum drama… first thing to read when i woke up”, MrEllu once said in IRC. How can he pretend to be unknowing, and leave his rangers uninformed?
“Russian mafia hitmen are an endless resource”, MrEllu said in one of his posts after Darwoth successfully killed those Russian rangers. Would a noble citizen choose such a phrase to talk about the noble rangers he hired with his petty amount of silver? I cannot help but doubt it.
Forum thread

ylan started his literature in CoH, called “A Pilgrim’s Journal” and it currently has 5 entries. It deals with the traumatic misadventures of a young pilgrim, related in the form of a diary. The Courant eagerly awaits the next episode of this dark tale.
Forum thread

re our volunteer moderators abusing their power on the forums? Maybe, maybe not. You can laugh out loud with sabinati‘s new thread in CoH on this and you may be able to find out if they are actually abusing or not. You find it bizarre? Maybe you need to learn the true fun of trolling and being trolled!
Forum thread

amerZakh started making his videos again. One of his latest videos introduced the Courant in it! Thanks, GamerZakh! (you cannot die from swimming though! you get KO’d when you run out of phlegm.)

GamerZakh’s youtube video


aoul_Duke is offering a bounty of 10,000 silver for destroying the whole town of Blind The King, now run by baronbowden. He was exiled from BTK and was trapped inside, and is looking for someone to rescue him.

On the other hand, baronbowden says they are quite certain that Raoul is a thief, taking advantage of the claim permissions. Whether it was a false accusation is blurred by MPD award holder Realak taking on the mission.

Raoul said that jwhitehorn, aka Chief Poop, had agreed to take the contract, but recently changed his mind.

“I can’t believe the Chief backed out. I thought for sure he was going to be able to handle it, as big as he talks,” Said Raoul in IRC.

In attempt to excuse his actions, jwhitehorn finally admitted his own death caused by Bait.

Bait said that he would take on the mission if nobody else did within 24 hours and continued killing more of Chief’s Doppelgängers.
Forum thread

rath, one of the IRC regulars, claims to have started building walls on South Boston Beach. He is considering of putting up a sign that reads, “all pass here die”. Wrath was looking for a well-secured fortress to settle in while trying to bug new players with his walls when he was killed last Friday.

South Boston Beach after an alt massacre

Despite the situation on South Boston Beach, Wrath said that the bodies piling up at the beach, where he was suposed to have his walls up, were not because of him. Some randoms killed alts for lolz calling it the “Milky Way”. Cause of Wrath’s death is for a yet unknown and unrelated problem.

the final moment of wrath

He was known to steal from unguarded settlements nearby. He was trading in Boston Centre for overpriced wheat seeds when fate finally caught up after his crime buff disappeared.

T-T-T, or Tyrone Tyrese Thomson, provided the picture and said, “Guess theres no retarded fence going around Boston”.

T-T-T, however, denied persecuting him. “Only pmed him to go to Boston”, he said.

reg0418, who lost 3 iron bars due to an unlucky encounter with a bear, scammed someone else in Boston for 5 iron bars with 10% higher purity, and called the victim “an idiot” last Tuesday. He claims to have scammed about 1500 silver in the last few days.

“The only people who get scammed for a lot are just idiots who deserve it. I’ve been scammed before, but never for more than like 50s,” he said.

He often appears in IRC and Trade Winds, and readers who ever decide to trade with him should be wary. His bragging in IRC gets more exaggerated by the day. Just last Saturday he changed his talk about scamming as to average 1k silver a day, and added his highest as 7k.
greg0418’s post

n the last issue of the Courant, I reported about the raid on Oin32 and his friends by Verde Selva as part of a Potpourri article. darnokpl objected to the event I described and left a complaint on the article and in the Courant thread.

He was not happy about the line, “destroyed the whole camp” and challenged the town bell feature by making Oin32 or a friend of his become the rightful mayor of the town bell he placed when he raided them.

In Pre-com Beta world, Sevenless had issues with a town bell whose charter belonged to someone else.  Although we have not heard any news on this bugfix so far, darnokpl claimed it was already fixed.

I promise my sincerest apology when/if darnokpl proves the feature to be fixed already and succeeds in making Oin32 or his friend a mayor.

We do not know, however, if Oin32 has agreed to this testing, nor if darnokpl has made any progress.
The said article of the last issue with comments
Forum thread where the wager is made
Sevenless’s Paradoxplaza thread on town bell issue

here has been some confusion on certain criminal acts as to which crime leaves what kind of scents. According to an unnamed source, jorb has confirmed that the “Waste” skill in Salem is the equivalent of “Vandalism” in Haven, thus vandalizing acts such as harvesting from claimed farms or digging soil from claimed land would be using “Waste”.

However, there seems to be an oversight on mining feature and currently mining ore from a claimed mine does not leave any scents. A prompt fix is expected.

unnar, known as one of the friendliest and most trustworthy players in Old World, has written the very first piece of Salem literature recently, after his long awaited come-back.

He gives his thanks to the kind hermit Stellar, who rescued him from a cricket and gifted him a backpack.
Gunnar’s comeback thread
Salem’s first literature

  ranger collected the bounty Ikpeip had offered and the deed was dealt.The background story is not known.

The perpetrator resided in town of AS, located at South end of the lake at [-26, 95] according to his thread. Lesser bounties for damaging the town and towns people are still available.
Ikpeip’s bounty thread

rakuleg is looking for a man with the nickname Owyn. Orakuleg’s village was attacked and he was killed. He unfortunately does not remember the name of Owyn’s village, but should start with “New Kv ***”.
Forum thread

our NPCs in the game are appealing to be named, according to Dallane. Three of them stay at the port of England to see you off to the New World, wishing you luck, another stands in front of bank in Boston, helping you for your silver needs.

Tylan has shown his talent of giving them well-thought out names. Whether he will be the Godfather of the NPCs or not is yet to be seen.

jorb said, “We’re going to eventually personalize and diversify the ingame shops a bit. Names will be had at one point or another”.
Forum thread

he man pretending to be loftar, that I mentioned in one of the articles in last issue of the Courant, turned out to be an important person of Paradox.

Gordon Van Dyke is head producer of WotR and industry veteran, according to TotalyMoo.

It seems Swedes love plaid shirts so much that the community became confused.
Silence Dogood might be in a deep trouble.
Check the pic at the bottom of the page
Gordon Van Dyke

Interview from the dead

There’s been much speculation as to the Chief’s death within Salem but can a character really die if another one returns to take his place? Is there an afterlife for those who have died and if there was a way to communicate with them what would we find out? Find out more in the next issue of The Tumbleweed Courant.
publicdomain image from

The Great Expedition

On the 1st of August one brave adventurer by the name of Qukatt  made a new thread called “New Map Project” asking for help exploring and mapping out all of Salem.

Although this task had already been attempted in previous worlds, they were largely left incomplete. With the start of a new world came the chance to finally achieve a completed global map.

Many people offered their help in this great expedition, early to assist were: TotalyMoo, APXEOLOG and grayrat. After brainstorming and working out the the technicalities, the project started to take shape.

Of course with all new projects there’s those who stand for and against the idea. A forum thread called “plz block the maping tools” by radkid1 was posted stating that the map would be used by raiders to easily find people’s homes instead of working to find the places themselves (and making a lot of people’s big, obvious homes a target).

(Left -Top Map Contributors. Right – The current progress so far.)

The main replies from people were stating that it would not be possible to stop people using such clients and if they weren’t public, then private groups and towns would just make private clients and maps causing them to have a large advantage over other players.

Speaking to concerns about the Googlemap project Qukatt had these words of advice:

Ok so:

1/ the world map project is fuelled by the users sending in their map data. if you wish your tile where your place is to stay “clean” then you need to take the tile from your map saving file and delete it before you send the data. it will NOT show up when the world map gets updated.

2/ You can send this map data from the vanilla client as well as the BD and Ender ones, it’s nothing to do with the custom clients.

3/ You could keep old tiles of where you built in a separate folder and send them in if you see another pilgrim has mapped your area and updated the world to reset them. It’s also perhaps an idea you can give Greyrat the co-ords of your place and request that the tile there doesn’t update. However people will see this empty tile and go “there! we can build there! Next to that very cool looking lime deposit/swamp/beach!” and you’ll end up getting neighbours regardless.

4/ the old world mapping project could zoom in a hell of a lot more in greater detail. be glad this map project doesn’t have that crazy accuracy yet :D

If you wish to contribute to the project, or just want look at the progress being made, you can check out the map here:


New map project thread
Qukatts quote
Plz block the mapping tools thread
Global Map Project

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live

“There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”
~Oscar Wilde

It all started with a simple question by sefer looking for help finding a witch book. Droj had posted a screenshot of a hidden skill, “Basic Curses”, which was said to be posted by Glennfinnan in IRC.

While Glenn keeps his secrets to himself, TotalyMoo has confirmed it to be real. People have begun looking for the book on the darkness, in tree stumps, hollow logs…

Basic CursesSome adventurers including painhertz, alloin, Sevenless, and dullahx, have started looking but with no luck so far . Later Droj and Bollilo showed signs of joining in this adventure, but no progress has been seen yet.

TotalyMoo out of nowhere italicized a rumour he had: “I’ve heard you might be able to potentially find it inside a specific fish that is in a specific biome in the darkness”.

He assured the community he was not trolling, but was taunting the curious adventurers.

Some new ideas included: desecrating a Bible, using one on fire, leaving one somewhere for a while and expect it to transform into an evil book.

alloin said he experimented putting a Bible in a tree stump and leaving it for over a week, and also in a cauldron in the darkness, but neither worked.

Dedicated players must have already checked out the “witch craft” video, released last November. The video showed us that we would be needing some eyes of newt, toes of frogs and other “witch” items to craft curses, but we have yet to see any newts or frogs in game.
jorb showing eyes of newt and other materials

It’s yet to be seen if any settlers are going to continue in any serious way to finding a witch’s book.

Forum thread

As of September 18th discussion related to witchcraft has moved to a thread by ShadowAtlan, another adventurer looking for the witch’s book. No progress has been made at the time of posting.

Forum thread


jorb, loftar, and someone faking to be loftar

TotalyMoo addresses new role at Paradox



TotalyMoo announced his new position at Paradox as Community Developer on Thursday, September 13th.
“Game Master was too mainstream,” says Moo. “But I am most likely going to change title a few more times.”

He currently moderates the forums in pink, often chats in Salem IRC, or relaying official messages, or takes messages from the community to his colleagues, while also managing silver deals for the Company.

Easy access to IRC Channel by Mibbit


ome players have been enjoying their monopoly on Boston stalls. Unfortunately,Salem currently does not have the monopoly prohibition law, and players will have to suck it up and wait patiently for the devs to implement more stalls or make some fixes to allow taking over inactive stalls.

Boston square with 2 windmills & 9 stalls, SS by Superiodity

First attempt of buying stalls
Split thread for discussion

ait and Oin32 reported how darnokpl or Darnokus in game, the mayor of Verde Selva, betrayed them when they were supposed to be allies. darnokpul says Oin32 lied. A typical drama of paranoia and overreactions, where Oin’s friend, Drevin, started a crime without Oin’s consent, and darnokpul overreacted and destroyed the whole camp only to get himself murdered as well merely after 2 hours.

A scene from Oin32’s streamed vid ~ being murdred by Darnokus

“I understand the murder of Drevin,” Oin says in one of his posts, “but to set up a town bell in our claim and then steal and pilage says something completly different”. darnokpul, on the other hand, expects others would think the same as him and would “raid smaller camp, suspecting their hostility, before they will get more dangerous”.

darnokpul being known for advertising himself and his town to be clean since pre-commercial beta drew more attentions of others to these events. Oin’s stream may win some players’ sympathy, and RobSyl has expressed his disgust how Verde Selva looks as if it were representing Polish players.

The reputation of Verde Selva has fallen down to the ground for the time being.
Bait’s report thread
Verde Selva diplomacy thread

kocim and Korion, both from Verde Selva, confirmed themselves to be raiders and they are trying to convince their customers that their goods aren’t blood stained. The same old, same old.
Confirmation post

kpeip has offered a nice bounty of 1,500 silver or equivalent items for a raider’s head, but nobody has taken it yet. Ikpeip already has the coords to the raider’s residence, but an experienced individual or group of hunters shall be required. The reward is negotiable, according to his thread, and bonus payment is promised for the extra work dealt for the task.
Forum thread

allane has made a come back after a long silence, but seems to be going nuts. Please get well soon, Dallane!
Valley of Hinnom

hief PeePooKaka has revealed himself to be just another raider who wanted lame excuses to raid others. I avail myself of this opportunity to emphasize that his larping is horribly disrespectful to some minority groups and we, the members of the editorial board, are aware that he or his group never represents what they try to mimic. Further reports on the filthy larper’s fate shall be expected with Superiodity exposing the coords, but nobody seems to have found it worthwhile to deal with him.
Forum thread
Forum thread
Forum thread
Forum thread

As of September 20th, jwhitehorn, who plays as Chief PeePooKaka, has earned a 2 day ban and a clear warning for his act, according to our source.

whole map of Boston is provided by MvGulik. Click for the original sized map.

The Boulders of Boston

Many of you may have seen the boulders across the river just north of Boston, and if you have not then you may want to check it out and see what new creations people may have created using the boulders.
I’ve seen the boulders being placed in the form of Russian names, smiley faces and of course phallic shapes (some more detailed than others).

photo by Superiodity

Though as I write this, the boulders are set in just a straight line with a square/diamond above them, it’s the small things like this that can turn an average trek along the beach into something mildly amusing or interesting and I hope to see more things done with the boulders of Boston. (SP)



Boston is a mysterious town with wonders. Glennfinnan has reported barrels being stacked every corner of the town center, but none that we know of are capable of putting a barrel on top of others. It is highly possible that Boston has a hidden witch in disguise who puts curses on each barrel to give magical protections. Whether players can gain the ability to stack barrels or not in the near future remains to be seen. (S.D.)
stack barrels
Forum thread

According to our anonymous source, a large band of Russian speaking raiders were seen to the west of Boston, killing and looting anyone that got in their path last Monday. They may have moved further away from Boston, but those who reside to the west of the town might want to be alert, in case they come back. (S.D.)

Etherdrifter was robbed by unknown raiders who reside at [-176,132] in Mordor. The raiders seem to have their condominium at [2~4,100] by the beach as well. Uronoros also reported to have been robbed by the same group of raiders, and showed more details on the raider’s lair. (S.D.)
Forum thread

Some people choose to go a douche way when they are “righteous” enough to cry for help, but instead just post a coordinate of the raiders with stories untold as if they never cared. neored9 is one of them, only leaving [3, 100].
Mushibag and his tracking group went to investigate the spot only to have the whole group killed while checking out the raider’s nest. the coordinates to the raider’s base is reported to be at [-26,94] and their huge town at [3, 100] by the sole survivor of the tracking group, Mushibag. (S.D.)
Forum thread

jwhitehorn, self-claimed Native chief of MM Tribe introduces himself as Chief PeePooKaKa, crying about the scattered human skeletons and animal corpses, and deforestation caused by recently arrived pilgrims. He seems to be interested in our work and call us “ManyLetters”. The tribe has captured a young female recently arrived in Boston named jenngrll, who has been forced to work as a slave. (S.D.)
Chief PeePooKaKa
Forum thread

Further closure to the tale of Dshaded has been revealed, as the identity of the barbarian who committed the heinous heist has sworn revenge upon Dshaded. Let us take this time to honor the now-deceased criminal, Krystun, for even evil deserves sacred rest.
However, they say, upon his tombstone, it is written that “Seven’s Seven” shall arise. Pilgrims, be wary, for this may be the destruction of the last semblence of safety you have held onto. (Vg)
Forum Thread