Boston has got a cupboard as a new silver sink. Some player most likely wanted a safe container for trading or storage, and decided to bring their cupboard into Boston center. More of these may appear soon for different reasons, but we all know jorb and loftar will have fun smashing them sooner or later. Owners of the Boston cupboards may have to buy more Company glass panes once that happens. (S.D.)
Boston cupboard
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Dshaded was scammed 400 silver by Severis Snape. Although he has offered a bounty on this scammer, Dshaded was also griefed locked in his own homestead. He was seeking a high level helper who could help him out by bashing his own walls, an anonymous vigilante volunteered and was successful in freeing him and killing the griefer. The community is glad to learn that we have a ‘Spiderman’ or two in our community, helping out the community. (S.D.)
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Rololas lost a snakeskin coat taken without payment by feuer, while trying to trade.
And Superiodity claims to have seen a scammer with a metal hat on. This scammer has stolen 200-300s from others. (S.D.)
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Azkanan, aka Projeear, is working on a Motte and Bailey project. It may become the first sightseeing spot in Salem. Don’t forget to check it out before it gets too major! (S.D.)
Motte and bailey
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Salem VIP on Fire

TotalyMoo’s Out of Town Ballsack resulting his Death
Our GM, TotalyMoo, had confessed his ballsack to be extraordinary long. He claimed to have his 5 hours away from him, in another town where his girlfriend lives. His girlfriend did not need to miss him at all while living far away with his children.

Maybe that was the cause of his sudden death on September 3rd, “I’m dead. Tell my children I love them. The treasure is under the rock, they’ll know what you mean by that”, he said with his last might. Now people of Salem are wondering if any of his children have inherited his long ballsack to get his job done.

If that was not the case, all we could hope for is that at least one of his children remembers to poke Paradox with whatever the mean he/she has, to implement more stalls in Boston for traders, and the new surprise content promised by jorb, while waiting for the multi-server support. (S.D.)

Loftar adresses serious concerns about his haircut
loftar: Ah, well, I’ve seen, in passing, people discussing me being late for the witchcraft video for a haircut.
loftar: But that’s actually not true.
loftar: I was stuck in traffic for that.
Tonky: lol
Zou: But were you getting a haircut before that?
DDDsDD999: So jorb is a liar?
loftar: I was, but that was several hours in advance.
DDDsDD999: And you must eat his heart?
DDDsDD999: To gain all the hair creme his hair has absorbed?
loftar: I eat his heart anyway.