Halloween Celebration in Salem!

Players gathered around in Boston in order to celebrate the first Halloween ever in Salem Beta. They decorated Boston Centre with harvested pumpkins, skeletons, and other various items, where they proceeded to party for hours.

The party host, colesie aka JordanColes, said “Big thank you to everyone who showed up and for these two for contributing pumpkins, masks, and the cauldron. Really helped it liven things up.”

Unfortunately, it seems that there are those who are envious of other people having fun and have to ruin the fun of others.

Darwoth and Makestro were these envious souls tonight. They arrived to the party, not to celebrate, but to try and ruin the fun of others. They got in the way of fellow pilgrims, stole the decorations, and attempted to bully the owner of the cauldron, who had kindly rented it out for this occasion. Chat logs have been posted of these two bullies, along with pictures of them “proudly” destroying the cauldron. It is unfortunate that the only way these two can attract attention is by ruining the fun of others.

It is also sad that none of the Boston guards would deal with such douchebaggery. We may need some baby-sitters in Boston to give special care for the immature population, if Boston is to remain “safe”.
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Salem’s Latest and Greatest Fashion- This is halloween

Congratulations to those who entered the spirit of Salem and Halloween by posting these extremely fashionable costumes!

Trisda (inspired by Sevenless) showed us this extremely witchy lady’s outfit. Terrifyingly stylish. These player’s wardrobes are clearly ready for incoming witchcraft updates.

Jorb‘s costume is simple yet effective – this would scare off any visitors to his claim more than the threat of the God Fork. Or is he summoning the God Fork in some arcane ritual in this picture?

Spazzmaticus, a well known fishing enthusiast, dressed for the occasion. We hear he spends 90% of the time dressed like this now, as his previously full wardrobe was recently sold off. Goes to show that even a simple outfit can be made much more stylish by the addition of simple accessories.

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Synnværd’s Saga



There was a man named Synnværd, who was the son of Krystun The Wall-less, and he dwelt in Phallodelphia until it was destroyed by unknown enemies while he slept. Synnværd was tall and strong, skilled in battle, but quick to anger and very proud. He was known to many as Vigilance, for he was always alert.

Synnværd slept for so long that all evidence of the destruction of Phallodelphia dissipated, so he decided to move to be close to his friend Karl-Evert. By chance also living nearby Karl-Evert was a humble farmer whom Synnværd had known as a friend in the Old World, Gunnar. Finding Karl-Evert’s homestead abandoned and rather inhospitable, Synnværd decided to live with Gunnar, who welcomed him happily with an exhilarating bear wrestle and a hearty feast.

It happened that during the feast Gunnar mentioned that a group of bandits had moved in nearby, known to the world as The Ragers Of the Lumberwoods (TROL). They had threatened to take control of his land, and threatened to rob him, but being a man of calm character, Gunnar was not worried and knew that he would be strong enough when the time came. Due to earlier conflict with a town called Trinity, Gunnar could have simply handed the coordinates of The Ragers’ fortress to any number of powerful kingdoms, but being a man of honour he did not.

When Synnværd heard of these TROLs, he became excited at the prospect of battle, and picked up his axe and ran out of the feasting hall. He had long wished to kill Yasso, leader of the TROLs, and also Coonman, a very loud mouthed and annoying TROL. Gunnar, not understanding what Synnværd would do, decided to continue building the wall around his farm as preparation for battle sometime in the distant future.


The Ragers of the Lumberwoods

There was a cunning warrior known as Jordan Coles who had recently arrived in the New World. He decided to live with the TROLs, since they were very impressed with his fame in the Old World, and he planned to use them to become powerful here as well. He was great friends with Synnværd due to their shared love of battle, and he was labouring inside the TROL fortress when he saw Synnvaerd approach.

Greeting each other warmly, the two warriors came up with a plan. Synnværd stripped off his clothes to appear similar to the notorious child killer Chief Poop, known for being unable to kill any decent players. At the same time Synnværd called to Gunnar for support, asking him to help him.

Jordan Coles then attempted to wake up the other TROLs, but the only two who answered were Coonman and Arcanist. However they did not leave the fortress, being too scared of Synnværd dressed as Chief Poop to try to fight. Instead Coonman sent a message to Gunnar, who had been overtly friendly towards the Ragers, asking for his help in killing Synnværd.

Gunnar replied saying that he was coming to help, and that Coonman should be ready to help him fight off the attacker. When Gunnar arrived, he pretended to fight Synnværd outside the fortress for a long time, until Coonman worked up the courage to come out. Synnværd then ran from Gunnar and Coonman, turning around once they were far enough from the fortress.

Being a coward, Coonman then fled, abandoning Gunnar and Arcanist to what he must have thought was certain death. So Gunnar and Synnvaerd tried to pull the same trick again, fighting for a much longer time and making it seem that Synnværd was losing and was rather weak, in plain view of Coonman and Jordan Coles cowering inside the fortress. It was at this time that Arcanist was struck to the ground.

The Death of Coonman

Once more, Coonman decided that the odds were favourable enough and charged out of the fortress. This time, once he was far enough out of the fortress, Gunnar swiftly attacked Coonman. Surprised, Coonman was stabbed several times by Synnværd before fleeing, only to be felled by Gunnar’s sword. Synnværd then taunted Coonman and separated his head from his body as he begged for mercy. Part of this battle can be seen in Coonman’s video, “Gunnar-Dallane Gank”. He appears to have thought that Synnværd was in fact another infamous man, Dallane. He also accused Gunnar of using witchcraft to “change his damage.”

“The Derpfort” – lead Architect: Vigilance

After the battle was won, Gunnar and Synnværd realised that Gunnar’s farm was completely vulnerable to attack while they were sleeping, if Yasso or any other Ragers were to wake up and take revenge. Synnværd took it upon himself to fortify the farm while Gunnar slept, with disastrous results for Gunnar’s agricultural pursuits and the aesthetic balance of the place. It is now known as the Derpfort.

When Yasso discovered that his beloved Coonman was dead, he flew into a rage, and vowed that he would break into the Derpfort and kill Vigilance and Gunnar while they slept. Luckily Gunnar heard of this and practiced very hard at both armed and unarmed combat, and managed to drive Yasso and his henchman Tim from the walls merely by being awake. When Synnværd awoke, he and Gunnar went to challenge Yasso and Tim to a duel to the death. However long they waited, Yasso and Tim did not emerge.

The Deaths of Yasso and Tim

Synnværd became bored and went back to sleep, and Gunnar pretended to sleep outside the Rager’s fortress, but still Yasso would not attack him. Eventually Gunnar truly fell asleep from boredom, as did Yasso and Tim, but then Synnværd awoke, and after gorging himself on delicious pumpkin pies, battered down the walls of The Rager’s fortress and killed Yasso and Tim single-handedly.

The Deaths of Gunnar and Synnværd

The next day, due to the death of Yasso, Jordan Coles discovered that Yasso’s relatives in Boston had revoked the privileges he previously enjoyed on Yasso’s claim, and decided to put the next part of his cunning plan in motion. Knowing that Synnværd had many enemies, he decided to make a forum thread about his predicament. Yasso’s relatives were contacted by soldiers from the town of Gallows Hill, lead by Mushibag. Yasso’s son, also called Yasso, handed the coordinates to Mushibag, who led a platoon of soldiers to the Derpfort, easily breaking inside and killing both Gunnar and Synnværd for their crimes. Thus Jordan Coles’ plan came to fruition, and he announced the founding of the town of WOW stop, and that he was now the King of the region, as every other developed colonist had been slain.

This was related to my by my father, the Gunnar in this tale, and thus his good name is attached to the article. I have inherited his claim, and Gallows Hill have returned his beloved hat and mask to me. To my knowledge, The Ragers of the Lumberwoods have finally been driven from the New World, although they have vowed to return once more scientific progress has been made in this as yet barren land. I await their return, while sharpening the sword that once belonged to Yasso. Vengeance will be mine. Meanwhile Jordan Coles sits safe for now, atop his throne of blood.

– Skarphedin Gunnarson

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lennfinnan, the famous explorer who always brings something new to the community, brought us another great sight-seeing spot: a hill fort!

The town on top of the hill seems to be located wisely to exploit a rise in elevation for a defensive advantage. It would take a lot of phlegm to even go in and out of this fortification. For the people who live there taking a walk outside the walls must not be easy, that is unless the residents are either very high-leveled humoured players, or lock themselves in their own town and only visit Boston for interacting with others. A very interesting site indeed, and let me applaud the builders with respect!
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illertomas has offered a 1200s bounty on HopeSlayer‘s head for raiding his iron mine on a daily basis. HopeSlayer was not aware of who killertomas was, and proceeded to offer double the silver to anyone who could track him by using the scents killertomas has. Hopeslayer puts up this offer with the claim that he has never left scents for his iron. The bounty was, however, put on hold as killertomas said “im not stupid enogh to attack it. atleast not for awile(sic)”.

killertomas is known for his claims of being a constant scam victim, with at least 3 instances known to the public. He is also known for complaints against other merchants, badgering them to keep their prices high. He may have been scammed before, but I cannot be sure if all of his claims and complaints are true, especially after seeing how he talks in IRC, with his constant spamming, along with his “let’s fix prices” talks. It is possible that killertomas was only accusing HopeSlayer because they sold the same percentage ores, however, it is also possible that HopeSlayer is pretending to be innocent. Or, it also may be possible that someone is pretending to be HopeSlayer, causing the easily deceived killertomas to accuse the wrong person.

On his bounty thread, he is asking for the taker to present absolute proof of the killing with either photographic evidence, or a video of his death, even though he has yet to provide any evidence of the crime scene at all. The story still remains a mystery, since he continues to refuse to present us with the evidence, and the coordinates he claims to have tracked to.
Bounty thread
HopeSlayer’s trade thread
Misplaced posts

olesie, or JordanColes, is asking to be oathed in order to be a Boston citizen so that he could level around the Boston town bell. But I’m afraid that the Boston mayor would not approve him either for his dumb attitude, or perhaps maybe for his horrible taste in music. “He shall have to live with the not-completely-flat town center as a visitor,” the Bank teller sighed.
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Music thread

hief Poop has started a new trend. He lures unsuspecting new players outside the Boston claim, and proceeds to kill them. Afterwards he eagerly hounds the forum, waiting for a new post relating to the player’s death to appear. He then begins to troll the thread, offering ranging services for his own head. This trolling seemed to be a challenge to forum moderation.

The first noticeable victim of this sad attempt for attention seems to be ramuller. He was lured outside the claim, killed, and proceeded to make a thread about his death. Shortly after Chief Poop made an appearance in the thread, and began his trolling.

The second victim appears to be a player named Boogin, who is now trying to find a place to settle after his death. Just like ramullar, he was lured outside the Boston claim, believing he could buy a cheap backpack. Chief Poop once again began to troll Boogin’s P&P thread, with his familiar trolling.

However, it seems that Chief’s challenge appeared to have backfired on him in the end. The banhammer was turned into a guillotin, and Chief shall never be seen on the forums again, although players may still be in danger of his in-game tricks. That is, of course, if he still finds killing newbs as fun without the attention.
ramueller’s Forum thread in CuH
Boogin’s Forum thread in P&P

any pilgrims are worried about the steady decline of population in Salem. Some place this blame on the perma-death and PvP, raiders are killing off new players and discouraging from the game, before they even begin. Others believe that the unfriendly nature of the UI and client are to blame for this decline. Even more find that the real cause is the unfriendly community. Nevertheless, the real culprit is the lack of content, there is just not much implemented to play with.

Espionage or just plain Stupidity?

Death to spies
Folks murdered
Devious plots thicken
Over the Blind King


An attempt at raiding is carefully camouflaged, sugar coated as rescue mission. Rangers turned raiders or otherwise? Or was the whole thing just a farce to finish off the notorious noob killer, Chief Peepookaka?

A rescue message was sent out by Raoul_Duke, a member of Blind The King town (BTK), stating that he was being held by the villainous villagers, begging for help with a bounty of 10k silver for BTK’s destruction.

Bait, Salem’s famous ranger, accepted the contract. This was later revealed to be a grim prospect for BTK’s citizens as Raoul, the supposedly wronged victim, and Bait were actually on the same boat and had worked out the plan for BTK’s demise a long time ago.

Casus belli being a spy from BTK had infiltrated their town, Bait, Staxjax, Dallane, and others had come up with a counter scheme in which Raoul plays the bug while Bait comes in as white knight on horseback. In defense of BTK, gregl26, said, “I fully admit I made a post to join towns. I wanted to see what setups other ppl had. I was impressed by your town btw.”

But is this statement as innocent as it appears?

Both sides claim victory and casualties at one point ranged from 2-1 in favor of BTK to 5-1 on Staxjax’s side. A short interview with baronbowden, mayor of the besieged town, helps shed some light on the matter:

  Blackadder: A couple of your ss, something about the current siege and some of Bait, Dallane, the Chief, Staxjax and Raoul if you have. And a detailed account of the story if you please.
  Baronbowden (whole story from BTK’s point of view):”-Raoul_Duke contacted us through our recruitment forum thread approximately 5 days after we booted Pain with a story about how he was comming back from alpha testing and wanted to play in a group.
-Let him in and gave him access to my claim until he got set up with an assigned claim.
-We fed him (treated him like all new recruits essentially) went inactive very quickly after joining, would show up briefly once a day for a few mins. Said he was looking for work etc.
-I log out one day when he is in and log back in 4 hours later and my entire claim has been cleaned out. Everything.
-We know its him but nobody witnessed the actual crime (were busy on their claims) so we wait a few days to see if he even bothers showing back up.
-He does so I explain over skype he is being removed from the village over theft. He denies etc.
-Posts the bounty for 10k.
-He attempts to sell the contract to the chief but we happen to have friendly trading relations with chief so he declines to take the contract
-Bait who is actually in Raoul’s village pretends he is taking the contract since the chief wouldn’t and pretends its because we have done wrong by kicking out Raoul from the village and Pain
-3 days later or so Raoul logs in comes to my claim and asks to be let out of the village (we had changed keys) I say sure, he attacks and bait comes through a gate.
-They camp a claim trying to get us to Duel them we decline with farming chars.
-We stay inside walls they wander around all day until we log.
-One of our other actives Logs his combat char tries to take on 2-3 of them (they say it was only two which is possible) and dies. 60 humour murder alt.
-Next day they come back start razing inactive claims on the outskirts of the town. We stay inside claims avoid giving scents get them to keep having to bust onto our claims.
-While breaking down a gate mushibag KO’s. (100 humour char)
-We cement an alliance with Chief by giving him the kill (since he has so much drama with them) and avoid losing another murder alt to scents.
-They try and abuse a mechanic by pilling up dead alt bodies around the char they are trying to protect. (Bait Dallane Mushibag) unsuccessfully
-Mushibag’s alt dies too
-Stax and his town come clean that they had stolen everything from my claim and pretend they did it because greg having a spy in their village. To my knowledge this isn’t true. I can confirm he did join them because he was thinking about leaving us due to pain’s leadership. He definetely told them about the char and was booted out after we had removed pain and he no longer wanted to leave.
-Pain alleges he set them up to this. They havn’t confirmed.
-We moved valuables offsite to a secret location we had already prebuilt. Business is back to usual but now with full intentions of not forgetting stax’s band of griefers.”


As I type these words the siege is still raging on, although Baronbowden states that his town will stand against the bullies of Salem. Chief Peepookaka, still a noob killer and an enemy of some, has honoured his alliance with White Men in defending the town, killing several alts in a skirmish. Mushibag and Raoul of Staxjax’s town were slain in midst of the chaos.

A question still stands: Will there ever be true rangers in Salem or just a collection of rag tag soldiers who are bored and find amusement in others’ miseries?

Eventually, Painhertz, the notorious butthurt old man of Salem, has given hints of his help in this shamble. His reason being a sweet revenge on the backstabbers of his village. Pain was BTK’s headman and, as I suspect, a loud mouthed man as well. Stay tuned for more juicy drama and remember, payback is a bitch.

Open Beta Coming Soon?

salem concept art _ galleon

Salem Concept Art Copyrighted by Paradox Interactive

Directly from the Salem Facebook Announcement:

Future pilgrims and excited colonists to be!

As you might have noticed there are no longer ships leaving daily from England to bring you to the New World. But do not fret!

Our great King Charles I has stated that He, in all His Holiness, “Can’t wait to get rid of those wretched Puritans and criminals!” — which we at court interpreted as “There will be more ships leaving soon, carrying many to the New World!”

Salem Facebook Announcement

Account Issue & A Bug Fix

Those of you who have either played alpha or Pre-Commercial Salem and have decided to recently come back and play may have find that they are unable to transfer their old Paradox accounts over to the new system.
loftar said that Paradox Connect has stopped responding as of October 2nd, and TotalyMoo confirmed that Connect is down permanently. If you are unable to play the game now, but were able to before should try contacting TotalyMoo at support@paradoxplaza.com with your account details, although you will most likely lose your original account name.

Forum thread

Ass_Kraken, also known as DDDsDD999, has managed to uncover a new server crashing bug involving looms on Sunday, October 14th, reported in IRC.
Fortunately loftar was around when Kraken accidentally crashed the server and was able to fix this bug immediately.

He had tried to contact loftar earlier in IRC about this strange and serious bug before the bug managed to crash the server. Well done, Kraken!
Let us congratulate you on your beta testing ability, please accept this fancy memorial loom picture as a gift!

“There you go again”

Just the same old same old.

There you go again!

Cheif Poop is still rambling on about his newb killing spree even after he was killed multiple times. Badich and Co. seem to have had a lot of fun with it, damaging The Apple pretty harshly, but it’s just another key to the midway; the Scalping thread still goes on forever with fabulous tribal photo-shopping (or MS-paint) skills.
Forum thread

Big Apple bitten by Samsung

“Round 2″ of Russians vs Chief, that Wildvlad mentioned in MrEllu’s trap thread proved to be a fake, and it seems it had nothing to do with the Chief at all, unfortunately for them. Hopefully we will hear of a real Round 2 soon.
Forum thread


There you go again!

Just another boring rehash of Chief’s rampage is told by alloin, known under a multitude of names such as Wishy, Zacchaeus, TaxCollector, King Charles and so on.

Thank You town, darkness modified by MvGulik

The difference, though, is that this self-appointed King and his slaves hide deep in the darkness town called Thank You. They claim to be collecting taxes from us puritans, who are no longer subjects after Cromwell cut Charles’ head off at Whitehall on 30 January 1649 and ended the absolute monarch forever.

Taxation without Representation

But just like Chief, they only go after the poor players for taxes and never visit rich towns even after staxjax invited them officially by giving away his coordinates for free.
Forum thread
Forum thread

~ Editorial Notice ~
We regret to inform our readers of the cancellation of the article “Interview with the Dead” dealing with the vile child-killer known as Chief Poop, and 2 other articles on BTK due to a strange epidemic of coma attacking all three writers in charge. We suspect some foul magic is at work here.


lennfinan said he had spotted a Conquistador in Boston. But with no plate, tall boots, nor gloves.

According to Glenn, this mysterious Conquistador, who could possibly be checking if there were any demands for slaves, offered to sell his red-and-yellow-striped outfit to Glenn for a million silver and his “soul”. It’s a relief that he didn’t accept the offer, or our colony could have been doomed.


Vigilance had some fun stealing peaks. He might tell us what he was peeking at in later news. We do not know what yet, but he should be entertaining us all, hopefully.
Forum thread


ometimes players surprise us with how charitable they are, but often you forget such surprises after running across horrible events or taking a look at the most active threads.

anox, a pious puritan doing good deeds in the New World, has tried to share such random acts of compassion on the forums. However, the thread hasn’t gained the sympathy of many and is stuck at one page. These actions may be too common for some puritans to talk about, but if you ever feel like sharing such experiences with others, feel free to share. No matter how much we love drama, it is nice to feel warm about your fellow players sometimes.
Forum thread

Tumbleweed Rolling

he race for the next MPD award has been more heated than we had expected. Several candidates are pushing hard to win one in the forums every day, getting hinnomed one by one, but none seem to give up. Who would you vote for the next MPD award?
Forum thread
The MPD Award

cammers seem to be prospering in Boston. Since most traders use alts, kinning before transaction does not seem to help. However, making a list of scammer’s names is not a bad thing and posting their names should be more encouraged. A describe option would really help as well, and hopefully we will see that implemented very soon.

The best thing you can do right now to stop scammers is to ask for their identity through forum pms and look through their posting history before making a deal. Confirm that the individual you are messaging on the forums is the same guy you are trading with in game. Many trustworthy traders make use of the forum, and value their reputations there. Still, there are some traders who love to be “notorious”, or may have many alt accounts, and will try to trick you. Following these steps will help bring us one step closer to eradicating scammers, even if it is a slow process.
Forum thread
Forum thread for discussion
Failed thread but nonetheless

Flying Brazier spotted by Charmander

he Ragers of Lumberwood, yet again let rogoku, aka coonman, create another thread despite knowing his horrible reputation on the forums and IRC. According to the thread, rogoku and his mates have been threatening his neighbors of Trinity where wrath lives. Wrath is known to be naughty, “borrowing” stuff from neighbors without consent, so it is entirely possible that rogoku was only trying to re-obtain what belonged to him after being robbed.

coonman is dead again

People of Trinity do not seem to read the forums and did not respond nor ask for help from available rangers, all of which wanted a reason to smack rogoku. In the end, rogoku and Arcanist were tricked into a fight and killed by Vigilance disguised as Chief and Gunnar.

Vigi vs Yasso & Tim

Yasso, the leader of TROL has promised me on IRC that we would be seeing some new entertainment presented by them on the forums in the near future. I only hope that he will not let rogoku write up their story this time.

As of October 24th, Vigilance and Gunnar were summon-killed by Mushibag. Hopefully we can present you another story on this in the next issue.
Forum thread
Misplaced posts
Forum thread

exar is currently looking for a ranger to take care of a robber. He has posted a bounty of “900 gold”, people are still unclear if he means to offer 900 silver, or some other unknown currency. I hope some noble rangers will help you, no matter what you are offering, Lexar!
Forum thread

arwoth and his crew planned a trap, and it seems they managed to catch a few Russian players in it. MrEllu started a thread showing the site of the crime and put a stress on one of them saying “Entering Trinsic“, which is the name of one of the bases Darwoth was using, and shows a screenshot of this familiar hermit base as the criminal’s home.
The thread itself was pretty strange from the start when MrEllu was mentioning Chief Poop in OP and more so when one of the russians, Wildvlad said “Russia VS Cheif round 2″, because most forumers who had read the thread knew that this place did not belong to Chief, unless of course he was playing with Darwoth. “Oh forum drama… first thing to read when i woke up”, MrEllu once said in IRC. How can he pretend to be unknowing, and leave his rangers uninformed?
“Russian mafia hitmen are an endless resource”, MrEllu said in one of his posts after Darwoth successfully killed those Russian rangers. Would a noble citizen choose such a phrase to talk about the noble rangers he hired with his petty amount of silver? I cannot help but doubt it.
Forum thread

ylan started his literature in CoH, called “A Pilgrim’s Journal” and it currently has 5 entries. It deals with the traumatic misadventures of a young pilgrim, related in the form of a diary. The Courant eagerly awaits the next episode of this dark tale.
Forum thread

re our volunteer moderators abusing their power on the forums? Maybe, maybe not. You can laugh out loud with sabinati‘s new thread in CoH on this and you may be able to find out if they are actually abusing or not. You find it bizarre? Maybe you need to learn the true fun of trolling and being trolled!
Forum thread

amerZakh started making his videos again. One of his latest videos introduced the Courant in it! Thanks, GamerZakh! (you cannot die from swimming though! you get KO’d when you run out of phlegm.)

GamerZakh’s youtube video

The Invisible Hand – Market Update

©Paradox Interactive

We have again compiled a database of the items up for trade in the forums. Our selection procedure was as follows: Reject any trade threads which had dropped off the top page, remove any threads which were special requests, leaving only the active, established merchants. The minimum, maximum and average prices for items with a competitive market, as well as the change in average price, are listed below.
5 traders:
  • Nails: 10-20s, average 15.6s, -5s
4 traders:
  • Leather: 10s
  • Brain: 6-10s, average 7.5s, -14.1s
  • 0% pure iron bar: 80-90s, average 85s, -19.3s
3 traders:
  • Spanish Sabre: 65-100s, average 85s, -24.4s
  • Metal Shovel: 75-110s, average 95s, -27.8s
  • Metal Axe: 80-120s, average 100s, -43.7s
  • Pumpkin Pies: 12-15s, average 13.3s
  • Bluebeary: 18-15s, average 22.7s
2 traders:
  • Cotton seeds (price for 50): 25-100s, average 62.5s, -6.2s
  • Rabbit Steak: 2s
  • Venison Steak/2 cuts: 3-5s, average 4s
  • 0% pure ore (price for 24): 30-120s, average 75s
  • Lime (price for 24): 50-60s, average 55s
  • Rattler serum: 150s
  • Mineralogical Survey: 12s, -1.1s
  • Stringy Sinew: 5s
  • Singing Old Log: 10-15s, average 12.5s, -0.3s
  • Lovers Locket (unknown purity, assume 0%): 110-120s, average 115s, -6.2s
  • Backpack: 60-65s, average 62.5s, -11.6s
  • Conquistador Helmet: 100s, -10s
  • Sweet Bambi: 7-8s, average 7.5s
  • Walk on the Wild Side: 9-10s, average 9.5s
  • Lobster Mushroom: 3-4s, average 3.5s
  • Mushroom Pie, 12s
  • Waxing Toadstool, 2s
  • Witches Hat, 4-5s, average 4.5s
  • Cabbage Cakes, 10-12s, average 11s
  • A Side of Venison, 10-12s, average 11s

The metal market prices have dropped sharply in the last month, in part to increased competition and increased supply, as we would expect as we continue to discover the abundant mines in the New World. The Courant expects this fall to continue, and urges merchants focusing largely on base metal or metal tools to diversify as soon as possible. The highly competitive and profitable pure metal market is not represented in the above selection, and the intense competition in this sector is also causing prices to drop very rapidly.

Most other markets seem either new or relatively stable, with the exception of the Backpack market, which has dropped significantly, for the same reasons as the base metal market.

In addition to the items listed above, there were 69(!) types of item on offer from only one shop. Due to the limited nature of our data, we cannot tell how well particular items are selling, and we assume that many of the items that are only on offer once are not being sold at all.

We could not find any items which increased in value, so the following “investment tips” are based purely on our instincts and experience. Be aware that the value of your investment may go down as well as up, and the Courant is not liable for any losses incurred by the reader.

  • The pure metal market is one in which increased work (prospecting) will bring hugely increased profits – selling rods may increase competition in the long term, but the purest rods on offer will still be able to be sold for vast sums.
  • We believe there will be a booming trade in food, both base and high purity. This is already evident in the difference in the list of offered items from last month to this month. We encourage budding supermarkets and farmers to streamline their manufacturing techniques, as the profits in this sector depend much more on the efficiency of the production line than in metal. We advice those who can offer pure food to advertise this fact in a prominent location.
  • Similar comments apply to certain types of crafted inspirational, for example Mineralogical Surveys and Flower Arrangements. The market for these appears to be rather stable, but we believe there are still profits to be made here.
  • If there is a sudden influx of new Colonists, due to the Crown relaxing the borders, we expect the base metal and tools market to boom again. We suggest that merchants stay prepared for this eventuality.

There is also trade going on off the forum, conducted through the Salem IRC, for example. It is often possible for consumers to obtain lower prices by checking on the IRC, and merchants may find desperate customers in the same way.


Karen's public domain image
R.I.P. Mushibag
Slain at the hands of Time Warner Cable Internet on October 3rd, along with his alt, Raoul_Duke. Many alts were sacrificed to save him, but it was all in vain.

by Anonymous » Oct 4, 2012


Karen's public domain imageR.I.P.
Pilgrim Robed Player
Your character will be forgotten but your Scalping Screenshot lasts forever

The Chief will never forget the light in your eyes and the pep in your step when promised 200 silver to step off the boston claim. Never has somebody loved by so few provided laughs to so many. May you make it more than 4 hours in your next life.

by jwhitehorn » Fri Oct 19, 2012

Karen's public domain imageHomosexual lovers, Gunnær and Vigilance, age 10 and 58 respectively, were cut down after a night of rough yet tender loving. They were killed with Mushibag‘s sword, Akalimainijahd, given to him by Bait. The two lovers managed to whisper “I love you” to each other before their last breath.

Gunnær enjoyed pumpkin seeds, snake-skin boots and blazing braziers for the light they made while he made love with Vigilance, and for their haunting mooing sound.

Vigilance enjoyed tumbleweeds, pocket watches and singing logs for how they sang Barry White upon request and for their haunting mooing sound.

by Ass_Kraken » Wed Oct 24, 2012

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Salem’s Latest and Greatest Fashion- The Hermit

Practical Hermit Woman

Practical Hermit Man

Odd Hermit male in a schoolgirl dress

Why not? Who is going to see you? You’re a Hermit. Without pants your man-parts are free to dangle in the breeze as nature intended, and if you’re looking at your blurry reflection in a lake, well that’s free adult entertainment right there. ^_^

Halloween is almost here, please post your best Halloween look!

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